Monday, December 25, 2006

Feel the environment

I was at KLCC on Saturday with the intention of taking pictures of the famous twin towers and also the big Christmas trees at the concourse. I believe the twin towers is one of the most photograph place in Malaysia. Do you believe me if I say photography is a way to relieve stress? Especially landscape photography, all you have with you is a piece of tool that allows you to freeze time, just enough for you to capture the essence of your object.

As I was walking outside, the evening wind was blowing. There are a lot of people sitting outside basking whatever that is left of the sun, families, couples, children, tourist and “photographer” like me. I slowly walk toward the bridge in the centre, along the way I could see a mother taking a photo of her lovely daughter, capturing a beautiful smile. Near the fountain, I already saw a “photographer” shooting away with his DSLR at the majestic towers, without any weapon to defend itself, the tower just surrender by displaying its best views.

As I reached the bridge, I remember the pointers that I read from magazines and internet “Feel the environment” they said. I could see there are already a lot of people taking photos, some with their mobile phones, their point & shoot and some with the SLR or DSLR. There are also those who just stand there and enjoy the view, 2 lovely towers standing tall, pride of the nation deflecting the last shine from the sun. I just hoist myself up the railing and close my eyes, holding my bag, the hiding place of my tools to capture the Twin Towers.

Ksssh, the sound of the shutter, freezing time, below are some photos that I took, I guess it’s not exceptional or excellent but I think it’s not bad for someone who is there to just “Feel the environment”….

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The year is coming to an end, last stop is Christmas. Bright lights, Christmas trees, shopping, gifts and smiling faces could be seen everywhere. I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year with some photos I took yesterday at KLCC, Times Square today and in Bangkok. Try to guess where each of the photo is taken. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Made in China @ Melbourne

We have an “off day” after a tiring few days sight seeing from Fitzroy Garden to Sovereign Hill. We decided that today (27th Oct 2006) will be a shopping day; a day we shop for gifts for relatives and of course our own self. When we read through the brochure that we got from the airport we were interested in a place called Bridge Road at Richmond. It’s a place where a lot of wholesale shop is allocated. We were contemplating on 2 choices, city centre or Bridge Road. We are trying to avoid going to a more expensive place first. We finally decided on Bridge Road. The problem now is how to get there. Take the tram or train?

We decided to take the train. We stopped at Richmond Station. The sky is a bit dark but it did not deter our shopping spirit. We asked for direction and we were told that its less than 10 minutes walk, off we go, walk walk walk, shop shop shop and eat eat eat. Our first impression is that the surrounding building is “tested” with time. It brings out the nostalgia feel.

The direction is simple just walk straight, reach Lincoln Street (I think so cannot remember) and turn left, that will be Bridge Road. We walk, walk and walk. It’s almost half an hour. We passed by old Victorian houses and also houses with graffiti’s but no sign of wholesale shops. We asked another friendly Aussie, “Just turn left and walk until the end”, he said.

Walk and walk, we finally reached bridge road, row of row of wholesale shops, offers everywhere, 50%, 70% discount. The first shop we went in, the quality was quite ok, the design also not bad but Made in China. Are we in China? Blink Blink, we are in Melbourne, but rows of rows of shirts bearing Made in China. We were quite disappointed, we are looking for Made in Australia but it seems this is very rare. Even when we are back in the city center, we went to a lot of main departmental stores such as Myers, we still see made in china although it is designed in Australia. My overall score is one Tee Shirts that is Made in Australia and is those that have the word Australia in front…..hahahaha all the others is Made in China...scratching the head and wonder why...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Morning, what to do leh?

I was walking around the house, thinking what I should do on this bright and sunny Sunday Morning. Cut my hair? A bit long but it still can hold onto its root with some shape when a strong wind come whiz by. As I was reaching the balcony I saw the fortune flower stand lonely on one corner. The plant is still strong but the flower shows sign of dying soon, dropping like its previous ancestor. I took out my 400D and take what could be possibly the last photo for this fortune flower.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Wife Nephew

I was at Bangkok last week and here are some photos of my wife nephew. My wife is chasing after me to post this photo she has not actually seen it.

This is the youngest nephew taken when he was 3 days old. (updated - from 3 years old)

This is him now, totally different.

Below is the older nephew

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