Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just added translation function to my blog

I have just added the translation of my blog into various language. I have put it on the side bar of my blog. Due to its limitation it will only translate a few post. Its a tools by google. I learn about this features from Vandice blog.

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • French

  • Italian

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Portugese

    • Petrol Price is up again.

      What greets me in the newspaper is a disappointment, although I am not surprise. Petrol is up again by 10 sen. What is going on? I have not seen such continuous rise of Petrol for many years already. I am no genius but I think everybody knows that it will affect us layman as finally the bottom line is that it will cause a domino effect.

      Reason being our salary has not really reflected these changes or shall I say it has yet to catch up. Some of us might say, aiyah just 10 cents only, not much. Civil servant in the country has their salary increased but the private sector is taking this as a “bear” sign that the economy will not be good or its not good, so gotten to tighten their belt "together".

      The seller in the market will definitely have more reason to increase their goods. The normal Char Kuey Teow has increased 30 cents from the last increase. I think it will be another 30 cents up the stair case that leads to nowhere. Now the plain fried mee hon with only a few bean sprouts is already costing Rm1, let’s wait and see if it will breach the Rm1 mark. Or the seller might just reduce the portion.

      I think the next possible increment is price of the newspaper. The best logical steps is to subscribe to an e-paper, it will be more cost effective. Then maybe public transport will increased the fares, parking rates, imported clothes. I guess even local made clothes will follow, shopping complexes might charge patrons a small amount to walk around the place as most of us will try to save some electricity by enjoying free air conds. I think possibly the Air Lines will increase their fares if the newly introduce exchange rates does not really help in the reduction of their daily operation cost.

      Aiyah, my calculator is already calculating a huge “potential” increase in my daily expenses just to survive i.e. eat breakfast, take car halfway & take LRT to work, lunch, return to work by LRT & car, dinner, using broadband to blog, oh…. Look at my payslip the figure has not changed for the past 3 years but the petrol has increased a few times for the past year. Oh! my monthly visit to BKK! Air Asia, please do not increase.

      Luckily the air I inhale is still free.

      Addition to my Blog Roll

      I have added Shiau Lin, my nasi lemak provider in Jakarta, LeeCS Wife and mother to future Asian Tom Cruise...Shiau Lin

      Saturday, July 30, 2005

      Malaysia Mega Sales starts again...

      I have just bought my self a new watch, a swatch. I bought it for 2,200 baht after discount. I have been looking at it since my previous 2 or 3 BKK trips ago. During my trip a week ago, I reached the BKK airport earlier and as usual I walked around the duty free shop. I reached the same shop and the 30s odd boxes of swatch that was on sales in my previous trip seem to be down to only 10 boxes.

      So my brain starts to spin, running to and from the devil and angel again for consultation. I have a total of 3 watches, why in the world do I need another one. I have only 2 hands; the most I could wear is 2 watches at one time. Eeh, I still have 2 legs….. Finally I give in and swap my credit card. Again I am in debts again. The consolation is that the watch is selling for Rm440 back in Malaysia and I have saved Rm200 +. You know lah desperate economic times need desperate saving measures.

      With this and the start of Malaysia Mega Sales, I have already spend Rm220 for a Mareli shoes, a Rm65 Mark & Spencer collar Tees, a RM45 Espirit Round Tees, a Rm16 piere cardin Singlet and a Rm39 Zara Round Tees. Now my sight is set on a RM149 Dockers shoes… umm, I got only a pair of foot, again why do I need to have so many pair of shoes, am I going after Imelda Marcos records or it’s a way to save money and to increase my endorphin level…

      Thursday, July 28, 2005

      Just Born

      As we look back over the years, we were born pure, a tiny creatures crawling out from a slimy path, gasping the first direct breath in a sterile environment. Lights in the operating theatre shinning and blinding us momentarily. We will then immediately get whack at our bottom, letting out a big cry, sucking more oxygen in our tiny unpolluted lungs.

      Traces of blood and the umbilical cord is the only physical reminder of our struggle, our first struggle in this world. And or course our bruise bottom, out initiation to the world, a world that is going to be the place where our 2 strong foot will be firmly planted for the next 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 and if you are lucky enough 90 or 100 years.

      We will then be put close to something which we are quite familiar to us for the past 9 months, the consistently beautiful rhythm of “Thup Thup...” of our mother heart. The warmth of her hug embraces us, giving us sanctuary from the coldness of the still and dead air blowing from the air conditioner, we continue from what we have been doing for the past 9 months, dreaming ourselves to sleep only to awaken by some brownish little pointing objects being force into our mouth, “Suck Suck….”, a taste of saltiness accompany the white liquid.

      Wednesday, July 27, 2005


      I meet up with Annsyc yesterday (refer to my blogroll) yesterday, she was in town hence she seeks me to for a Teh Tarik Session. She is as jovial as ever and fills with expression, hands moving, and eyes turning and rolling while talking. I have not seen her for quite some time. The last time I seen her was at the KLIA airport whereby she is on her way to Brunei and I am on my way to Jakarta.

      It’s very interesting in meeting up with friends, colleague, relatives and neighbours that you have not meet for a long time. You could see how they have grown and changed. You could see your own changes in them. The features of their face might not change much, maybe there is a few wrinkles or lines somewhere on the forehead or beside the eyes. The once na├»ve, innocent eyes has turned into a mature, street smart human and do not mess with me look.

      I have seen a few of my old neighbours (more than 20 years) walking around KLCC. They walk past me as though we are total strangers but they eyes failed them. When they looked at me, they have those looks that say I know you but I am too busy to stop and chit chat. From far you could see they have changed, they are the same person that goes spider hunting, marble throwing, fireworks fighting with you with their pagoda singlet and Japanese slippers. Now they are wearing ties, with briefcase and possibly Hugo Boss business shirt, pants and their sparkling Clarks. Environment changes, so do human.

      Monday, July 25, 2005

      My photo Blog

      I have created a photo blog for fun.
      Click if you are interested it is called

      Sunday, July 24, 2005

      Weekend Son

      As I was searching for a photo for my previous post, I came across a photo of my father. As I look at the photo and show my wife, the feeling of losing my dad last year came back, tears flow freely. I am not sure what god has in mind for him but taking him away actually took a part of me away. I hope my “detoxification” that I have mention in my previous post is effective.

      Work has reduced me to just purely a week end “son” to my father as I spend most of my time in overseas project. It has been going on for almost 11 years until my Kidney Cancer turns me into more human, grounding me back at home accompany my father for the last 3 month of his life in this earth as my father. I could not turn back the clock but I hope its serves as a reminder to my friends and colleagues, that they are things that money could not buy, that is the relationship of a father and son.

      This is the photo that I was referring to. In this photo my father is actually sewing up his torn shirts, although he has a lot of new shirts in his cupboard but he still prefers to wear this torn shirt. You could see his was smiling as I was coaxing him to look up to the camera…….

      Digital and human touch

      After installing a broadband connection to the internet, I have been surfing the net almost daily, except when I am feeling off the wall. As my wife lay down beside me surfing on her notebook and me surfing on mine, I realise that human has really progress well. Far from the days of living in caves, using fire as light, using round shape rock as wheel, using animals as means of transport, cooling ourselves by water and etc. Now we live in Condominium, bungalows, electricity, cars, LRT, Trains, mobile connection to internet, Fridge, Air Cons and tons of enhancement and invention that provide us comfort.

      But does all this really benefit us human. As I was blog surfing and my wife watching Thai TV online, I felt that it has divided us human. It has logically divided us into cubicle, our own cubicle of thoughts. It has shortened the distance between us but it has set us way back in terms of human touch. We no longer really call or meet up with each other. We update each other via our blog. We message each other through Yahoo messenger, Mobile SMS and etc as all this is just a click away and it’s free together with our unlimited internet connection that we subscribed. I guess this is better than no “communication” or updates at all.

      There are also no longer a clear line between work and leisure. We surf our favourite web site and along the way we answer email related to work. We connect to online radio from another country while we punch away on our “Words” trying to meet our date line. We search for information and knowledge which allows us to strike up some conversation during breaks in between meetings and discussion. I have been there and now I am trying to detoxify myself, making myself back to more human than just some IP address.

      During my path to adulthood, I used to wander along the abandon railway track searching for my ultimate “toys”, spider and fish. The feeling of holding them in my hand and feeling the sweat dropping from my forehead is a feeling that you could not get online. Do you think as our kids grow up, will they catch spiders or surf the net first? As I was writing this post, I am chatting away with my friends and collegue via Yahoo Messenger. I dread the moment when I receive a message via my Yahoo messenger, that reads “Lets go out for lunch” and its from my wife that is sitting beside me surfing on the net……………

      Thai Commercials

      Every time when I was in Thailand I was amaze with their commercial. It shows a high level of creativeness and some were very funny. I have got a link for your guys from

      Saturday, July 23, 2005

      New Additions to my blog roll

      I have added the following blogs to my blog roll.

      **Pat, with her blogs called "Toblerone - T O B L E R L O N E r " and her profile has some interesting rambling.

      Daily routine :

      1. Claire screams into my ears to wake me up. Fall back to sleep after 2mins. Drag myself to the bathroom.

      2. Speed-walk, followed by running for bus, under the rain during winter.

      3. Bio and accts, struggle to stay awake.

      4. Sees patty cakes at the cafeteria. *breaks down into tears* Why why why.. of all fatty oily gross food.. me.. -An*m@hs biting into my skin- owww owwww.

      5. Back home. sIaN 1/2.

      **Gabrielle, with her blog called "Brainless Rambler's Ramblings". She just came back from Hong Kong got some photos to see...

      Ini Banyak Mahal Problem

      I have finally nailed down the wireless connection problem. It’s due to failure of my notebook in identifying the hidden network ID that I have configured in my wireless modem. Although I have manually entered the network ID like what I did for my sister Compaq and my wife Fujitsu but it does not work for mine. I am not sure why, it could be the OS or my PCI built in wireless chip that is the cause or some Unknown Factor (UNFAC). I have now open up and publish the network ID. So the only security left is the 128 Bit Wep Key.

      Now I am able to access the internet wirelessly but it still has a very weak signal that causes it to goes off and on as compare with Fujitsu and Compaq which is stable. I hope I will have some durian runtuh and get rich so that I can change my Ini Banyak Mahal (IBM) to another. (Ini Banyak Mahal, translated in english, this is very expensive) IBM or Lenovo problem or not I guess I will need to live with it for now and like the little ant I will continue to climb and climb....

      Thursday, July 21, 2005

      Wireless means tireless the first time, free thereafter.

      I was at Low Yat yesterday shopping around for my Wireless modem/router. I finally bought it after 2 days of self debating. As usual the devil won. The model I bought was the cheapest around, which is Aztech. I got it for Rm250. It’s a 54mbps/8.112G and its backward compatible with the 8.112b. It’s slightly bulky and less pleasant to the eyes. It does not have the apple colour like linksys or some other brand model. Anyway all I want is a cheap, reliable and hopefully easy to install.

      I spend some time in the office reading the manual, trying to anticipate potential hiccups and headache. I actually narrow it down to 3 parameters which could potentially nail me at the butt, the VCI, VPI and the protocol. So when I start to install the drivers and software, everything was a breeze until I reached the part whereby I was asked to enter the 3 parameters. I choose the default, hoping to strike oil the first time. I click “Finish” and I wait, hoping I will get connected.

      Ting! A sound came out from the small little speaker of my ThinkPad. Yulks! The famous window messages, “Bla Bla Bla, you need to wait for Bla Bla Bla”. With my usual stubborn self, I ignore the message and I start to click onto the “e”. The explorer opens. I continue to enter my blogspot address. Well my little space in the web did not open as usual, instead the usual window “Bla Bla Bla” box opens. This time the famous red “X” rear it’s ugly “X” butt. Back to the 3 inch by 3 inch “friendly” manual.

      I did not make any mistakes, except, the 3 parameters which could be any values. Hence I went in again, try a different combination. Ting! And “Bla Bla Bla” again, I went in and try again. Ting! again, I try continuously for numerous times until I could hear my sister giggling in the background and say “Can work or not”. I blurted helplessly “Try lor” from my mouth but my brain says “I am a software guy, I am not hardware guy”. Ting! This time is not from my ThinkPad, its from my brain to my hand, “Go and dial TmNet Technical support”. I dial and managed to get through. I get the information that I needed and within few minutes I managed to get connected but it’s still not wirelessly. Now the router seems to have the internet lights lighted up which is a good sign.

      I try to set up my ThinkPad to connect wirelessly. 10 minutes went pass, 20, 30, 40 and an hour. I am still clicking the “stupid” access connection which is the proprietary connection software of IBM or shall I say Lenovo. Nothing happens. My enthusiasm starts to run down the slope, turning a few gears down. “WireLess” my foot, my back and my behind. Ting! My brain says “Go and try and set up your sister notebook”. Within 10 minutes my sister notebook is already connected, wirelessly. I guess 3com adapter is much easier to setup than Centrino or my Centrino is not actually working.

      I am still trying now, praying very hard and hoping that I do not need to send my ThinkPad for diagnosis in Tmn Tun. I hope I will be free of wire soon… like a baby having the umbilical cord cut.

      Tuesday, July 19, 2005

      Purge in Blood.

      When I reached Malaysian soil yesterday, I receive a shocking SMS from my wife. My father in law has just been hospitalized. Last Saturday he was having some stomach problem. In actual fact he was having diarrhoea for the later part of the day. However everything seems to be back to normal on Sunday hence the shock when I receive the SMS.

      The SMS said “Father admitted to hospital, purge or waste got blood”. I was quite worry as he has the same symptoms as my father. My father in laws is also taking mini aspirin for his heart condition. He has also been behaving a bit strange, a bit “blur”, loss of appetite and slept frequently. So for those who have parents that are being treated for heart conditions do be more cautious and alert on their behaviour. So far the similarity is sleep frequently, loss of appetitie and a bit “blur”.

      A endoscopy and colonoscopy was done on him. That is after he was given laxative to clear his bowels to enable a clearer image in the colon. He spends almost 5 to 6 hours with frequent purging activities. The result shows that there are multiple ulcers at the stomach and colon. The ulcer in the colon is the one causing the bleeding. There are also 2 tumours found which the doctor has taken some sample for biopsy. The good news is the doctor say based on the physical outlook it looks benign.

      I guess after 2 weeks if I am still facing stomach problem I will go for my endoscopy. I hope my father in law will be fine. He is currently is still in the hospital, again be sensitive and alert on your loved one who is eating daily pills for heart problem. If they are a bit blur, loss of appetite tired and sleep frequently, question them, ask them about their daily toilet activities and “output”. My father in law has finally admitted that he has been purging in blood for quite some time in which he has denied after I request my wife to ask him. Ask and pester them until you felt the answer is sincere…….

      Thursday, July 14, 2005

      Confusing thoughts...

      I am going to Thailand again tomorrow. I am still not my normal self yet hence my lack of updates. As some of you guys know, I have been having stomach problem hence the other day I went and see a gastroenterology specialist. That is after I went and talk to my urologist about my blood result. My blood result shown that I have medium level of cholesterol and according to him it will potentially impact my dear friend “Heart”. It will harden the arteries thus squeezing my dear friend. I used to have a high cholesterol 3 years ago. I did not take any pills.

      I guess that is one of the contributing factors towards my demise of another dear friend of mine called “left kidney” almost a year ago. It was being attacked and colonise by some genes that has gone “crazy” which went around building a “nest” which almost consume my whole kidney. The nest has the size of almost 7cm. It was classify as a stage 2 species. Hence I have been preaching around to most of my friends to reduce eating oily and fried foods.

      Another bad result is from my liver, one of the enzymes called GGT has breach the maximum level, however my urologist said “No need worry, as others indicator shown that you have a good liver”. My mind then say to my brain, “Then what is the use of having a maximum level as an indicator?” Does the doctor know what he is talking about? As he continues to preach about the cholesterol level, I asked him how should I increase my good cholesterol, he says that the best way is to eat the cholesterol diluting pills to reduce the bad cholesterol. He say that I could try to exercise and control the diet but it only could help the body to dilute the cholesterol or increase the good cholesterol by the maximum of 20 to 25 percent only. He even suggested drinking red wine. I know its good but for a cancer patient is like helping the guy to move one step forward to resting for eternity.

      Do you guys know that cholesterol pill could be harmful to your liver? So those who ate pills to control cholesterol should monitor the liver function frequently. This is actually comes from a cardiologist as I have a few cousins who eat this type of pill. The normal physician did not really advice or did not really highlight the potential problem. I guess its either you die of heart attack or liver failure. 2 indicators of kidney function also showed result more than the maximum level. One is Creatinine and the other is uric acid, again the doctor say is ok as I have only one kidney and he says that some “blood test” has higher maximum level. Mine is still below that.

      So when I went and see the Gastro specialist, I was prescribed a pill called Controloc 40 mg. I found out that this pill is not that good for patient with impaired Kidney function. I have told the specialist regarding my medical history but he insisted that the pill will not do any harm as he has prescribed to patient that has kidney failure. Initially he has requested me to do an endoscopes of my stomach which is something that I am trying to avoid. Reason being is that I have seen my father passed away after doing one. I have heard that my aunties also passed away after doing one. Is it confusing? Things that could help could also act as destroyer. I have personally decided to took half of the dosage of controloc prescribe by my doctor as he says that is I have felt ok I could reduce it by half. I guess I live in a confuse world with all this medical thing and the doctor or the professional is not helping either. I have booked an appointment with a gastro specialist in Thailand. In the same hospital which found my “tumour”. I hope I could at last hear some logical answer……

      Wednesday, July 13, 2005

      Caring Malaysian, do help...

      There is an article on Star that highlighted a show calls “Bersamamu” or together with you on TV3. In case2 it highlighted an old couple that live in a wooden house. I felt quite sad looking at the condition of some of this folks. Do click here to look at the article in Star. You as a caring Malaysian could do something to help them. If you are one of those people who use prepaid phone and there are a lot of unused credits, you could help by just SMSing, look at below the article and you could find steps to donate a small amount to this needy folks which could mean a good meal for them and etc. So take out your latest high tech phone and donate some RM to this people. I have paste here if for your reference below.

      Those who wish to contribute via SMS, please type “Tabung” and key in the amount you wish to donate. For example, if the amount is RM2, type Tabung2 and send it to 33533. Donations via SMS can be made in denominations of RM2, RM5 and RM10. (Standard telecommunication rates are applicable per SMS.)

      Monday, July 11, 2005

      My car got broken into and…

      Today someone broke into my car. I have parked it outside my cousin condominium compound. I loss my bag, my company ID, my Tupperware, my lunch box, my house key, my car key and most important my creative MP3 player. The funny thing is that I have purposely opened my bag zip and opened it wide enough. Enough to enable passer by to see what is inside. Only the Tupperware, lunch pack is visible as the MP3 player is hidden somewhere inside. I guess this thief is desperate enough to try his luck.

      I spend the whole evening searching for a shop, to try to fix my car window but none is open. So I have parked my car right in front of the guard house. I have request the guard to keep an eye on it as my phone bill is also inside my bag which listed out my address. So everybody beware and keep all bags safely away from preying eyes, no matter if you have only junks inside it. It’s the hassle and not the loss of physical material that matters. Lets hope the thief is not daring enough to come middle in the night to try and open my gate...…..

      Sunday, July 10, 2005

      A tag about childhood (tagged by Crazy Cat Kelly)

      I miss this "Tag" from almost 2 weeks plus... overlook it. Here goes..

      First, the procedure:
      Remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog name in the #5 spot; link to each of the other blogs for the desired cross pollination effect.

      1. Loose Leaf @
      2. Black Currant Jam @
      3. Pei Yun @ / Caracola @
      4. msfeline @
      5. Soohk @

      Next, is the five things I miss about my childhood:

      1) I miss the times when my family and I spend the morning at Lake Garden. We normally bring along our favourite food, Nasi Lemak Bungkus. We will sit at the wooden tables, munching away our ikan bilis, sambal and cocunut flavour rice, converging in our stomach with some cold water cooling down the heat from the “spice”. We will then went sitting in the sampan and feeding the fish in the lake.

      2) The time I spend catching small fish and spider along the small drain in an abandon railway track (now LRT track) after school hours. That’s how I got all those mosquito bites on my legs. It was a test of skills, catching the fish and keeping them alive until you reach the house. I rare a type of fish that eat small fish. So the fish I catch will be their meal of the day. The spider will be used for fighting. I will normally put this spider in the wooden match box. So when it was time for the "rumble", I will open the matchbox and it will crawl out and fight with another spider, logging heads and claws. The spider that backs away is the loser.

      3) Playing badminton on a windy day. Below my flat, there is open air badminton court. It’s not only a test of badminton skills but it’s also a test of quick wit. As we need to adapt accordingly if it was a windy day. The shuttle could be flying at 10 KM/H....I have once got third placing in a competition. The participants are from 2 flats.

      4) Playing Football along the pave way of the flat. The pave way is a 5 feet pathway, it’s a challenge to get pass your opponents and score. However I score quite often, as I am bigger physically but very agile, hence the nick "Mighty Mouse". The challenge is to get the ball to stay in the playing area, which is from one end of the flat to another end. We live in 4th floor and when we have a throw in it means the ball has actually dropped out and down to the ground floor.

      5) I love lepaking at my loft, which is the top part of a double decker bed. My sister slept at the bottom. I have walls filled with poster of singer like Duran Duran, Spandau ballet, Yazoo, Depeche Mode and etc. I also have my trusted short wave radio, which I will tune and tune until I get a clear channel. I love watching the rains dropped as my loft face the window, the rain clinging away on the window pane, entertaining my childhood life.

      I am suppose to tag people but this time around, I rather have this stop here….

      Saturday, July 09, 2005

      A useful site on everything BKK/Thai...

      I came across this interesting site that has a lot of information on Bangkok and Thai News.... There is some old photos of BKK and a rare pictures of storm in BKK....

      Broad Band and expectation

      Before I decide to subscribe to broadband, there are a few questions that were spinning around my head. First it’s a minimum 12 months subscriptions, meaning that if I were to decide to cancel my subscriptions earlier I will still be charged the full 12 months subscriptions. Second, it’s the speed good enough? As there are comments from fellow friends that it’s not up to expectation.

      Expectation is something that most of us will have. We buy something expecting it to perform to its specification. We visit our doctor hoping that they will cure us. We ate our lunch in a particular shop, hoping that it taste good. We date someone hoping he or she will be the one. The everlasting one, the one that will hold us when we fall. The one that will be on our side, acting as a beacon of lights, leading and directing us in the darkness. How many of us ended up with the “correct” person?

      It’s because of these expectations that we will normally regret later. If events does not happen according to our expectation, we will start the “If else” cycle of thoughts. The thought, which will tie us down, blocking us from moving forward. Who is brave enough to stand up and say that they have never regret doing certain things? I could not; hence I am still sitting down blogging, hahaha. I have been reading books on Dhamma, hoping one day I will be able to learn the ultimate act of letting go. In the mean time, I will continue to use the broadband which actually perform to half of my expectation only. The devil inside me still cursing while the angel is resting……

      Look at the fish, are they regretting that they should not have bite that little brown thing that was on the water surface.

      New addition to my blog roll

      I have added the following blogs to my blog roll.
      **Monica, with her blogs called "Black Olives on my Fingertips."

      **SooYW, he is also a "Soo" but there is no blood relation. He is a colleague who is now in Jakarta. "Travel to Jakarta."

      **Selba, living in Jakarta, possibly a colleague, still not sure.."My feelings."

      Added another 2 bloggers at 3:30 pm ....

      **MelorK, .."Addicted to books. Fond of Internet. Manga and anime maniac. Crazy of Handbags. Likes Debates."

      **Sara, ..interesting sites...with some great pictures..

      Thursday, July 07, 2005

      Me, a drug addict?

      Before I was “grounded” and have my “wing” clipped by my illness, I have been working in Jakarta for around 3 years plus. Before that I have worked in Thailand and in Singapore (for a few months). I will normally have a routine when I am back in Malaysia. A routine which consists of eating food that normally is found in Malaysia only, such as Hokien Mee, Loh Mee, Yee Mee, nasi lemak and of course curries, whether its chicken, squid or fish curries. I am not sure why I love curries especially curries that comes together with nasi lemak and nasi kandar.

      When I was in Thailand, we went around looking for curries and roti canai that is of similar taste to Malaysia. We actually found one within one of the many “Soi” in Silom Road and its run by a Thai Muslim. It was our favourite shop. It’s a place for us to make ourselves feel better, to feel less foreign. We normally have the curries with rice and occasionally with “roti”. We have brought some of our thai colleague to savour it together. They comments is that it’s not their type of food as there is an “India” taste to it. “India” taste or not, to us its “Malaysian” taste.

      With the recent hot topic on Kas-Kas refer to Star, I guess my love for curries might be finally explained. I am not sure is it really because of the addictive nature of Kas Kas that causes the longing for the creamy, spicy, taste bud opener, the ohm! The kick that I get out of it, when the red, brownish liquid linger around my tongue, sipping through my teeth down into my throat. That feeling is like heaven. Once it went into the stomach it will then opens up the sweat pore on my forehead, the sweat will then start dripping which is actually the finale, the “orgasm” due to the union of human and food. I am not sure that will make me a “drug addict” or not as technically it contains poppy. One thing for sure, I am an addict, a curries addict.

      Wednesday, July 06, 2005

      Broadband and missing post.

      Just register for Streamyx, the broadband internet provider in Malaysia. I hope I will be able to use it this weekend or the latest early next week. I guess I need it to search for medical information and of course blogging. I have been thinking of it for quite a while, weighing the advantages and disadvantages. I have been clocking an average 2 hours per day. Using dial up is really stressing, it is slow and sometimes it crawls.

      The package comes with a free modem. I guess my next step is to have a wireless network, this will then allow my sister and my wife to access the internet at the same time as me. Both of them have their own notebook; I guess my family has the most high tech gadgets. My old window 95, Pentium Celeron PC has long time give way to the Pentium 4 and centrino based notebooks that we are using. On a crazy day, you could see 3 notebooks on the dining table, clicking and keyboard punching away.

      Actually I have written an article ready to post during my lunch time yesterday and also today. I have sent it via my “customer” email account. It looks like it has gone missing somewhere in the cyber world and I have actually deleted it hence the lack of updates and I am still not feeling well. My blood result is not what I anticipated hence the search for medical information begins again.

      Sunday, July 03, 2005

      My first night photo with the tripod..

      I was out in KLCC, bringing along my new tripod which I have bought for RM65. Still a bit shy in putting down my tripod and taking photos in open area, hahaha. Its still a bit blur but I think I learn my lesson. So maybe next time, I will have some good ones. Anyway below are some photos I got just now....For more click to my flickr...

      What should we do to a rapist?

      Recently there is a hot news item. It hit front page of most major newspaper in the country. The famous hotel room rapist, he was release not so long ago and he went on a trail of rape and robberies along his way back to KL. He was caught after a CCTV in one of the hotels manages to capture his face. Refer to Star for more details.

      The first thing when I saw the headline that he gets 76 years of jail sentence and 24 caning, I say to myself, so little only. He should be in jail until he dies and he should have more than 24 caning.

      If there are such laws as putting honey in his private parts and let the bees and red ants swarm and bite his “fruits”, it should be done every month of his jail sentence.

      Or if there is a law that say do the same thing on what he does to the victims, and then we should pick the biggest bottle or broom stick.

      Or we propose to have him sitting on a block of ice in 3 am, with nothing on his butts that would be good.

      He has actually ruin life of some innocent victims, especially the 10 year old kid. What will the kid grow up to be after this ordeal?

      For all the girls who travel, please do lock the hotel rooms and ensure that whenever someone knock on the door, do not open the door first, peep in the hole and ask question first to ensure he or she is the correct person.

      Am I a sadist? Oops…karma, gotta be careful about my karma…..

      Saturday, July 02, 2005

      The waiting game continues...

      Yesterday the MRI and X-ray result were good. There are no signs of recurrence at the abdomen and the chest area. As usual I went through half a day of being “attacked” by radio wave and radiation refer to my duck & dead breathing corpse post and also being probe with blue gel, refer to my visit to my urologist post. I guess this is a process that a lot of people would not want goes through. I had seen some pretty sad and anxious looking face in the waiting area of the MRI and CT scan. How they live they life will depend on a few 1 foot plus by 1 foot plus film that is going to be generated by a machine.

      A machine that could gives hope or also sadness to its users. Everybody walks in the room, praying and guessing. All the what if question running around their head, amplifier by the confuse answer and explanation given by the doctors which are the one recommended them to have their body probe and expose to radiation and radio waves. Whatever result it brings it will definitely change a portion of their life.

      My discomforts such as wind in the stomach, headache and tingle of pain on my chest have not really been answered but I guess it’s a result my family, relative, friends and me would like to hear. The blood result will only be available on Monday. I guess I would need to monitor my situation, if it becomes worse, it will be another round of check up. Let’s hope whatever discomfort I am feeling will goes away. The waiting games continues…

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