Saturday, March 05, 2005

My visit to my urologist

It looks like my fever has begun to subside. I could not said that I am back to my normal self but at least one “thorn” is out of the way. I hope it stay that way for a while, at the very least enough time for me to get something done. I went for my 2nd checkup in 6 months for recurrence; this is partly due to the fact that I was having fever, unusual color phlegm and etc which could be a bad sign for us, cancer patient.

This whole week I was practically around Gleneagles hospital for almost few days. I was at my primary doctor (urologist) on Monday 28th Feb. His clinic is actually one of those clinics that ooze with class. When you reach the door, you could sense that this is not your normal general physician that our mom took us to. The door is always electronically locked, you will need to ring a bell and if you look sick or pleasant looking or familiar, the nurse will let you in. If you look like some thugs that are ready to pounce on unsuspected nurse to buy your daily bread, then you might be standing out there for sometime or ended being screen by securities for illegal weapon or substance. As there is a Video Camera that records your every move and if the nurse is satisfy with your look you will be let in.

The waiting area although is shared with a gynecologist has quite a number of expensive dark brown leather seats. It’s quite spacious, and I dare say it might have been designed by an interior designer. Maureen the ever friendly nurse greets me, “Aiyah how come you did not come last week”, umm did my fever burn my brain cells as I did not recollect that I ever did booked any appointment, I replied, “There is no appointment, what..”. Out reach her friendly hand with a small little bottle, “As usual, half fill will do” she said. The bottle which is slightly 2 inches in height and one inches in diameter with its flamboyant yellow cover, is something which I have got accustom to when I am there.

I headed straight for the toilet, unbuckling my belt. After losing more than 35 pounds, my belt is the only resistance that is preventing my pants from falling down. Outgoes the water, which has been in my body for the past 2 hours into the bottle with the cute little yellow cover. According to my doctor, urine analysis should be in all the clinics as it’s a useful tool to determine sign of infection or blood in the urine. My results were all negative which is good.

As usual during my checkup, my doctor will also uses ultrasound to scan my bladder, right kidney, gall bladder and liver. Outgoes the blue gel into my body and there goes the scanner probing my pelvic and abdomen area. This time around he found that my gall bladder is a bit full. I am not sure what it meant but he said just wait for the MRI scan to confirm. He said this could probably cause the burning sensation on my back, right hand side. He also took a blood sample to check for my renal, liver function and also a full blood count. I spend almost 30 minutes in the doctor’s room. Next of course is the MRI and chest x-ray results.

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