Monday, March 07, 2005

Life is like a nonstop musical chair

We have bought an IPOD photo; it is the 40 GB model. What prompt us to buy? Well I guess it’s something that I have personally looked forward to. My wife and me loves music, I guess a lot of us loves music. IPOD represent the future of music, it’s a convergence of lifestyles and music. It behaves like a fashion accessory. Projecting forward, I foresee it will be a multimedia gadget, I guess it will progress to be able to screen movies, consists of FM tuner, act as remote, able to load photo directly via SD, MMC card slot and etc. We were crisscrossing our mind whether to buy the basic IPOD which has a gray colour screen as compare to an IPOD photo which has a colour screen. In the end colour screen is the deciding factor.

The IPOD that we bought come with a free CD of Jacky Cheung. I am currently listening to it now. When we listen to music that we are familiar, it will bring back a lot of memories, good or bad. Along the path to our adulthood, we will definitely experience our first love, first kiss, the first time holding hands with the opposite sex, our love one departure, all of this directly or indirectly is accompany by music. When we are sad, we listen to music with the hope that it will lift our spirit. Our life is like one big musical chair play going on and on, we are just players. There are times, we will sit down, there are times we will stand up and walk around happily or sad and of course each of us will be foul out, finally. Occasionally new players will join in. In the mean time I will continue to listen to the soothing sound from Jacky Cheung which is filling up the air waves now, it reminds me the first time I feel “Love and Freedom”.

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