Thursday, March 17, 2005

Does Love know no boundaries?

The majority of us in one part of our life will meet up and encounter something which we so profoundly enjoy and despise which we called Love. Either we are the one being loved or we love another person. What is love? It is something that all of us “think” that we have felt it, we have hold and embrace it before. The feeling of walking on clouds when you are in love, the feeling of “Leave me alone” when you are out of love. If all of us have one way or another felt it and knows about it, so its there a simple explanation on the meaning of Love?

Our parents love us no matter how we look and behave. When we seek love, do we look at how tall, how big is their eye, and how proportionate is their body. Or do we feel it, the feeling of a deep tender feeling and the vibes that we have when you are together with your “potential”. The feeling of “she or he is the one” that you will spend the rest of your life with. If it is the way we feel but how come there is phrase called love at first sight and not love at first feel. Does our eye tell us that we are in love or our heart tells us that we are in love? Will our brain ever interfere?

Our brain will actually intercept all the feeling, the sights and will then conclude. Will our brain conclude based on our experience like our past love that causes us pain and joy, our history, our origin, our race, potential pitfalls and etc? Eventually which part of our body will win, heart, eyes or brain? There is a movie called Sepet (just click on it), it is a love story, an inter-racial love. Does Love really know no boundaries? Is there a lot of Ah Loong and Orked around?

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