Friday, March 11, 2005

Firefox and thunderbird

I am have actually downloaded a copy of Fire Fox into my office PC. I am using it now. The reason I do so it’s that I came to understand that it is the next best thing after IE and there has been more than 25 millions copy downloaded by user world wide. I would like to experience it and see the difference between it and IE.

So far my assessment is that Firefox is a bit slow in loading the graphics onto the screen. There are also instances that it is different from what IE display. I guess it needs additional plug-in. The good things about it so far that I like it’s that there are themes that we can download. These themes change the outlook, layout, button in the browser. So if you are feeling a bit “off”, you can just change to something more energetic and funky. I am currently using a theme called Pinball.

Of course as it is open-source there are also numerous extensions that you can download and addon to Firefox. If you want to try it out, click here . If you are one of the adventurous one, you can download the whole mozilla suite; it has the thunderbird email application as one of the components.

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