Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hazy Retreat and Highland Resort

Yesterday the haze has made a retreat. Let’s hope it stay hiding for at least some time. This picture was taken almost at the same time and location. You could see the Maybank building and KL tower is quite visible although it was drizzling at that point and my ever not so clear windscreen, hahaha. I thought of posting a follow up to the haze condition to ensure that if there are non-Malaysian that drop by at this blog they will at least know that the haze is a once in a while incident and not the norm in Malaysia.

It seems during the recent F1 at sepang the commentator was also talking about the Haze. Tourism is not the main income for Malaysia but we still need the additional flow of “leisure and pleasure money” from tourist. Malaysia do have a quite a number of interesting place to visit. I personally love Genting Highlands, I have been there a lot of times. It’s the only place in Malaysia that has a legal casino. It’s situated on top of the hill; it’s about 5,000 plus feet above sea level which made it quite a “cool” place to be in.

My family is not known to have spare money to travel to anywhere except within Malaysia. Malaysia is at the equator, so the weather is quite hot. Genting highland provides us the option to at least have the feeling of being in another country with the “cold” weather as attraction and of course the casino. We used to take the earliest bus up, its road was winding and quite dangerous during those days but the mist cough up by the trees that situated beside the road draws away our fear and provides us the perfect background for our 1.5 plus hours journey.

When we reached there, we will head straight to the lake and indulge ourselves on Malaysia best culinary discovery which is nasi lemak, bought from the market (near our house) by my mom. The Nasi Lemak is a bit spicy but with the temperature at somewhere 18-20 degrees Celsius, it’s a fusion of hot and cold. Umm, yummy!

I manage to find a photo of me and my sister posing beside the lake. Do you guys remember my posting called my cowboy suits. Those high boots that I was wearing is the same one that I was referring to in that post. Isn’t it retro?

Now after so many years it has the longest cable cars rides around South East Asia, if not Asia and its still one of the few highland resorts that has a theme park and casino. Click on to Genting Highlands.

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