Saturday, January 29, 2005

My Cowboy Suits

10 more days to go before Chinese New Year (CNY), most of us will have start to prepare for this once a year celebration. Now when you open the radio you could already start to hear the CNY songs blaring away, “Gong Xi, Gong Xi” “Dong Chang Dong Chang”. It lifts the spirit; it builds up the holiday mood in most of us.

I think a lot of people have started its CNY house cleaning. It’s quite a chore. All the usual rubbish that has been around for past year will need to be thrown away. During my days, we will need to take out all the cups and plates that was store in the cupboard and clean it. I am not sure why as after cleaning it will goes back to the cupboard and be kept for a year waiting for it to be clean again. I think it’s the ritual, that at least once a year cleaning, the atmosphere that everybody sits around the table, cleaning and chit chatting.

We will also start to clear our clothes cupboard, the old clothes or not so fit trousers will be given away. This will ensure new clothes will be bought for us, hahaha. I still remember that there is one year my most unique shirts or shall I say cowboy suit. It was one of those suits that have like string or stray of clothes on both shoulders. The material is the shining type. I have also bought a tall boots to complete the cowboy image. I have actually persuaded my mother to buy it for me although my mother said it will not be worn often as it is the shining type which is hot. I am not sure what makes me decide to choose it for my CNY.

After I came out to work which is my early 20’s, I have actually tailored my pants. During those days, there are a lot of tailor stores that operates at 3rd floor or the cinema floor in sungai wang. A month before CNY, we will put in our order and it will be ready a week before CNY. Normally I will make at least 4 to 5 pairs of pants which will last for a year.

When I reach end of 20’s and now, I no longer tailor my pants. I will normally buy from departmental stores when there is a sale and if it’s nice I will keep it for CNY. However I could not remember any of the CNY clothes except my cowboy suit which I wore for a few times only.

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