Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bravian the new brand of mineral water

For the past few days, a word has come across my mind a few times, “Trust”. There are few instances whereby this thing called “Trust” comes across my mind. In all the things we do if there is no trust, there is no progress. We have only 2 hands we cannot do all the things by ourselves. There is a limit to all the things we do.

We trust our spouse. We trust our staff. We trust our doctors. We trust those people who donate goods in aid of tsunami to donate something useful but what I read from the newspaper makes my hair stands, my temperature boil and I feel shy being Malaysian. There are people who donate name cards, trophy, year book, torn bra and some totally unusable goods. It seems 20 percent of the goods donated cannot be used. Why there are some human behaves this way? What is in their mind?

I believe all humans are born pure and kind. Have you ever seen a baby behaving badly? I guess when they are growing up they see what other human does. They imitate, they absorb and they follow. I guess those who donate those rubbish might have absorb, imitate and follow someone. Your guess is good as mine who they follow.

Or they know something we do not know like the trophy used to collect rain water. The torn bra will be use to filter particles from the water. The name card and Year book could help to make the bon fire burn longer so that the filter water will boil. This will finally translate to torn bra filter boil water for the victim. Who knows they might start a trend like evian water. They could outsold evian one day and they might called it Bravian.......

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