Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Finding Angels

Last Sunday I watch a TV show called Finding Angels on NTV7. This is the first time I have seen this show, the language used in the show is Mandarin. I have been feeling below the weather for the past week. There is a lot of wind in my stomach and some “tingle” of pain on my chest area and now I am experiencing some headache. Hence I was on the bed flipping channels when I came across the show.

This episode of Finding Angels shows the story of a particular person name Sook Mei. She has been having illness after illness falls upon her. She is in a wheelchair and she has a hole on her side (not sure left or right) to help her pass urine. And recently she was diagnosed of having stage 1 stomach cancer. I cried when the show talks about her condition. I guess I could get emotional high when I heard such story.

When we are facing some problem, we always thought that we are the most unlucky person on earth. After watching the show, I realise we should not be comparing and complaining as there could be someone out there experiencing even worst condition. At least currently I could still pay my bills, buy most of the things I like, travel frequently to Thailand and a lot more other things. Although I could not eat what I like, I could not travel freely to other country due to my diet, waiting and hoping each medical check up turns up blank and etc but I am glad that I am still able to walk, see and eat properly.

I am going for my medical check up this Friday. I hope all the discomfort that I am feeling is due to my brain reacting to the uncertainty which could be mentally instead of physically. I hope the angel is still with me as in all my previous 2 visits. I hope the angel is still holding onto the counter, forbidding it to start clicking and counting down…..

Monday, June 27, 2005

Maintenance fees

I have lived in different types of house before I stayed in the current one which is a condominium. I have lived on top of a shop lot, in a flat and in a double storey low cost terrace house. Before I decide to switch to this current condominium I was enthralled by the possibilities of having a swimming pool, a gym, sauna facilities and upper deck garden right in my door steps. That is although I do not know how to swim but at least the facilities is there for me to use. As if some how in the middle of the night I will grow some fins and acquire swimming capabilities of a dolphin.

Hence my sister and I made the decision to buy a condominium in the hope of improving our lifestyles. The lifestyles that imitates living in a hotel or in a resort. We pay a monthly maintenance fee of RM150. Rain or shine, bonus or no bonus, Sick or healthy, we diligently make payment. We did not really make use of the facility so far. The equipment in the gym consists of a number of outdated and ready to be scrap equipments. The swimming pool, I have gone “floating” a few times, as I do not know how to swim. I do not know how long since the last maintenance is or cleaning process is.

The guard station in the guard house, recognise all vehicle that have 4 wheels as the resident vehicle. Although a touch and go system was implemented, the guard still allows those who do not have a card to enter. But they do it selectively, they only allows cars that has “Stars”, or starts with “B”, or bigger and expensive ones. Recently it seems cars have been mysteriously went missing. I guess some aliens has actually been doing some shopping for antique machinery or the guards could be visiting "Mr. Chow" so often in the night until they do not know what happens.

Recently the lift also seems to be suffering some kind of long terms sickness, it has not been its usual self. It has been stagnant for some time at 1st floor. I am not sure why. It could be that it has finally met something that it likes at 1st floor and forgot to do its job. No wonder there are over RM 1 million outstanding maintenance fees that has yet to be collected. I guess the occupant also has some how lose their memory.

When we, the paying residents ask the building management in regards to those sick lift, aliens shopping, scrap metal in gym, they always blames this bunch of non paying residents. When we ask the non paying residents, they say that they do not pay because the service is so bad, hence no point paying. I am not sure if other condominium user around the world experience the same problem or I am just plain unlucky...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Movie Baton

Received the movie baton from Lynne , so below is my answer to it...

Total Number of films I own on DVD/Video
I have around 18 folder full of DVDs. +- 25 Dvds per folder so its around 450 DVDs. This exclude the 20+ DVDs that is still laying around. Some said, that I am a DVD collector as out of this 450, there are around 6 folder which comes out to 150 DVDs that I have not seen. Why? hahaha I do not know. I guess its because my wife and me have only 2 weekends to see each other per month hence normally we will spend it by window shopping.

The Last Film I Bought
"the Pacifier" played by Vin Diesel.

Five Films I Watch A Lot/Mean a Lot to Me
1. "Forrest Gump" (1994).
This movie starred by Tom Hanks. A simple movie that brings to me hopes and joy and it reminds me that life is definitely like a box of chocolate. Life is full of surprises. There are times, it came with happiness and there are times it came with sadness. We are the one that will decide how we are going to face it. Just like Forrest Gump eating that box of chocolate, some taste like heaven and some taste like hell. For those that taste like hell, you either choose to eat it happily or otherwise. Same like life you either face it with a smile or frown or unhappiness, the choice is yours.

2. "The Instinct" (1999). This movie starred by Anthony Hopkins as Ethan Powell and Cuba Gooding Jr as Theo Caulder. This movie taught me that we are too caught up in the corporate world, a world that is like a black hole, sucking all our good side and instil the dark side to our character. We have forgotten what is right. All we could remember is that “goal post”. So for us to score, we will “tackle” hard, we will pull the shirts of our opponent; kick their legs and etc to score. When we score we could feel that we are on top of the world and we feel happy, all the other players come and hug us. After everything dies down, we look at our feet and body, along the way we also suffer some cuts and bruises. At that time, we are just alone feeling all the pain and loneliness. The best part of the movie is when “Theo” runs out and walks around in the dark, feeling the simple pleasure of rain pouring down from the sky. He was free, free from the dirty corporate world.

3."Brave Heart" (1995). The actor is Mel Gibson as William Wallace. This movie stirs up the hero side of me. It shows when someone was provoked they can tilt to the extreme side of their character. Just like an old Chinese saying “Do not force the tiger to jump the wall”. I cheer when they lines up against the enemy ready to fight, baring their buttock. I cried when he was executed, I actually wished someone will come out and save him. The last few breath he took show the glimpse of a new life; a life on the other side together with his wife.

4. "Shutter" (2005). Starred by Ananda Everingham. This is a Thai movie. I love it as it actually shows some amazing photo of spirit capture on films or photo. So far I have not captured any suspicion looking photo but I do believe that there are spirits that looms around. I believe they could be trapped in between “two” worlds. Maybe when its time for them to go, they did not as they still have something to settle back in this world. When the door closes, they are then trapped.

5. Shaolin Soccer (2001). Well this is one comedy that I laugh every time I see it. I love the scene, when Stephen Chow strumming his guitar and sang the “Shaolin KungFu” on stage with his partner “Iron Head” It sure makes me laugh. I love the way they play soccer too, I guess it’s a mixture of fantasy, comedy and life experience that makes this a great comedy movie.

I am passing the movie baton to LeeCS, Hui Ying, Agent X, Monica and Sin Jiun. Don't be mad at me guys.... hahaha

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Petaling Street and its surrounding buildings

When you walk around the area around Petaling Street, what does your eyes and mind apprehend first? The busy intersection? That contains throngs of cars that head towards a destination that the driver steer it to. The pollution? Caused by smoke emit from the cars and buses. The eatery? Rows of rows of shops that is selling mixed rice, curry rice, mcdonalds, KFC and etc. Shops? China town, with its parade of open air shops that sell anything from DVD, handbags, drinks, clothes, souvenirs and etc.

As for me, I am interested in the architecture of some of this building. Some is constructed way back in the early 1900’s. It has a very distinct and unique style. I am not an expert and I do not claim that I have knowledge in architecture but I am attracted to the aura that it project to its surrounding. Some carry the distinct style of our past government which was headed by the British. The current government has actually realised the value in maintaining this building as there are effort in progress or has implemented. Hence there are buildings which was torn down to its bare but the unique features found in the front of the building still remains. Below are some pictures that I have snapped up.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sex with the four legged

I was reading the newspaper and I found this interesting article. It is regarding a man in Nairobi caught having sex with a female sheep. It seems someone saw him doing the same thing with a dog 2 weeks before. I am not sure what actually got him so excited until he prefers the four legged animal than human. Is it because they have more nipples (that why he choose female sheep and not male)? Or he prefers the “Woh! Woh!” and “Meiii Meiii” sound than the “Moaning” sound from a human. He might get his “last kick” from this kind of sound, “Meiii Meiii” and then his “Oh! Oh!”, hahaha..

Maybe he is a man of honour (to human), he does not want to rape a human, he rather rapes a four legged animal. Who knows he might have been doing it with cows and cats and who knows if there is a tame tiger, he might try his luck. He uses condom, I guess he is afraid of impregnating the four legged animal and come out with a hybrid three legged humal. When he was caught, he blame it on the devil, he said “I was sent by the devil to do that”. Now the police chief is wondering if there are others that have been doing the same thing, as he has seen a lot of four legged animal walking around strangely.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Digital Camera

It’s a “bit late” to tell you guys but I have actually bought a digital camera. Actually I have been surfing the net and finding information in regards to the best compact 7 mega pixels camera. I have actually narrow down to 2 models. The first one is Canon Ixus 700 which cost around RM1899, 7.1 mega pixels and the second one it’s the Casio Ex-Z750 a 7.2 mega pixels cost around RM1799.

Canon is a more established brand which has a good range of lens. I have a cannon SLR rebel XT which I have bought 4 to 5 years ago, its still working fine. I have a few friends which uses Canon Digital camera and they have not much complains. My wife uses the Casio Exilim 3.2 mega pixels which we have bought 2 to 3 years ago. It’s quite a robust slim little machine. My wife has dropped it once and it’s still working. Quality wise it’s acceptable but nothing to shout about.

On last Saturday morning, I actually woke up a bit early to surf the net to do the last minute survey. I have visited quite a number digital camera sites. Most sites actually lean towards Casio Ex-Z750, although most did not actually put it down explicitly except for one site. Most sites pointed out that there are 2 weaknesses. The first is the flash, it’s a weak flash it has less than 40 percent of the canon Ixus 700 range. The second is that the colour is too sharp and saturated. This could be rectified by adjusting the default settings.

In the afternoon, my wife and I went to Low Yat as there is a fair on digital camera. We went straight to the Casio counter and get hold of the Z750 and we ask them how much they can lower their price. As usual they say cannot as they have actually bundled in the 512 Mb SD card and other free gifts. If I choose not to take the 512 Mb, then they can lower it down to RM1650. They bundle in a screen protector and a mini tripod also. So I used my normal way of bargaining, I said “If you could give me Rm50 discount including the SD card and all the freebies, I would immediately take out my card and swipe”.

I went back to my house with the Casio Ex-Z750 and below are some photos that I took using it. I have yet to adjust the settings.

This is the camera box together with all the free gifts.

This is the view from my house, evening view ready for sunset.

This is the morning view.
Twin Tower.

Star LRT Station.


High Court, I find this a bit unreal. I guess really need to adjust the saturation settings.

Another angle of the high court.

I love this angle, with the clouds...

The biggest flag.....

Monday, June 20, 2005

Sleep or not to sleep

MJ was finally acquitted after many months. There are a lot of comments, guilty or not guilty? The law has decided that his is not guilty but I bet you it will be some time before the talk in the water cooler, tea tarik session, toilet stopped. What got him into trouble? Is it his habit of sleeping on the same bed with children or some might say due to his kindness or friendliness?

Do you find it “natural” to sleep together with someone beside your spouse? I slept once on the same bed with a male colleague during a trip to another colleague house in Hua Hin Thailand. I find it a bit odd, 2 males sleeping together. Luckily both of us loves female. Both of us have our face facing else where. I guess both of us have the same thought, which are we do not want our colleague to see us in one of those moments when our saliva was dripping from our mouth. Or we do not want to see each other having a hard on if we dreamt about some encounter with some beautiful girls, hahaha or worse still unknowingly or unwillingly “crossing swords”….

Oh, yeap, I remember I have even slept in the same room with 2 female colleagues in a trip to Genting. It was one of those trips that was organised with the sole purpose of getting to know each other. Actually I guess my colleague actually took pity in me. I and another colleague were forced to sleep outside in the living room as someone makes a blunder during booking. We booked an apartment. We were told that there are 3 rooms but actually one of the rooms is actually so small that it can fit only a bed. So the gentlemen in me offered to sleep in the living room.

I am not sure why but I guess they are kind to let me (not the other colleague) in to their room. I guess I look more like a little puppy thrown out into the winter night, shivering in the cold. One of the girls came out after midnight and asks me to sleep in their room, not in the same bed (I wished) but on the floor. Actually they did offer to share the same bed but hahaha I mind as I afraid the plug will accidentally get plugged. After that night I was sick for a week. I was around 23 years old then.

Is it alright for us to sleep with another person beside our spouse? Sleep or not to sleep?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The forgotten

We go through everyday lives with a lot of mundane task. We woke up, brush our teeth, shit off few ounces of waste, dressed ourselves and prepare to face the world, work, eat, reach home, eat, TV, radio, newspaper, cleanse of the dirt from our body and then sleep. We know there is someone above us that watch over us. Our lives is just a pre arrange script of life. Did anyone of us see the movie starred by Jim Carey called Truman?

What if one day, you realise that your life is actually a show, there is a script that was written way before you were born. Inside the scripts there were chapters after chapters of stories that were actually written by someone. That someone has actually picked the type of life that you are living in now. Even the first cut that left a 2 inch scars in your thigh cause by a dog that ran amok. Your very first breath, your first wet dreams, your first kiss, your first tears, your first girlfriend, your first passionate sexual encounter, all nicely thought of by that someone.

Have we ever talked to that someone? Have we ever met that someone? All of us know that someone but have we ever really make an effort to communicate and talk with that someone. That someone has think of almost every thing, he create a nice place called earth for us to live in, pure water for us to drink, fresh air for us to breath and etc. Along the way we the creation has forgotten our creator. We have caused that thing that we called earth in a bad condition.

That someone even know that we are of various cultures, spoke various languages, behave differently, hence he has created various spokesman that some of us called, Buddha, Jesus, Allah and etc. We have forgotten our creator that is until we are at rock bottom when we face challenges in life in the shape of illness, death and loss. We then realise that it has been a while that you have actually talked to that someone. That someone called GOD.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cheaper items anyone..

I was walking through Masjid India area and I came across a shop which has a sign that said “Textile at Wholesale price”. It looks familiar as during my days at a customer site near the area, I will eat lunch in some of the lanes beside it and I will then prowl around the surrounding shops to “burn” away the fats. It’s quite funny as although they have a sign that hangs outside that gives the impression that they are selling textile but in actual fact you could find electrical, consumable goods like chocolate and etc, luggage, shoes and etc.

I went in to explore the shop and hopefully I could find some interesting things. As I walk in, I could see on the left there are rows of chocolate on sale. On the right, I could see a big round shape glass counter that is filled with watches. I guess chocolate is not something that I want to see when I am on a special diet, so I moves towards the right to look at the watch on display. I could see there are numerouse types of watch which cost around Rm60 to Rm300. There is no Tag Hueur or Rolex or Mount Blanc but there are plenty of casio, weststar, citizen and etc. Some with diamond shape and colours stone decorating the face of the watch. Some digital watch were below Rm60. I am not sure how long can the watch last, one year maybe.

After ten minutes, I was tired admiring “diamond” and “Ruby” on the watches, I headed straight to the electronic floors by passing the luggage floors. I was quite surprise to find some new model although they do not have plasma or LCD TV but there are some 29 inch Sony, Panasonic TVs flat screen TV. The price looks like a bit cheaper as compare to Sony Wings or other electrical shops. I am not sure if it’s the same model or it’s just have the same exterior but internally all the parts is from another or unknown brand. Umm, anyway I am not going to buy any TV, so I was looking around to see if there is anything that is of interest to me. At the far end corner, it looks there is a counter selling digital cameras.

When I reach the counter, there is one thing that caught my attention, the price tag of the latest Sony T7. It has been labelled the slimmest and the lightest 5 mega pixels digital camera. Sony Wings is selling it at RM1899 and there are shops which is selling it around RM1799 but…. I blinked my eyes to focus again on the pink colour price tag. It reads RM1644. The first thing that comes to my mind again, is this shop selling genuine goods or they are selling goods that are sub-standard or reject items. I have never come across reject items on electrical goods, have I? Or they swap the internal parts with another.

I went back and tell my colleague regarding the price as she is also on the look out for a digital camera. The first thing she said is “Maybe they got it from some kinda of illegal trading or maybe like the APs for car, some importer could get a import car for the price of RM11k, as rumours in the paper. So maybe they can get the T7 for Rm300, hahaha”. Anyway does price difference influence your decision to buy? Will you buy an item if the price looks suspiciously low than normal? It makes me think twice as I afraid it’s either a defect good or it came from some illegal source or means.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New addition to my blog roll.

I have added the following blogs to my blog roll.
**Lrong Lim. He had been interviewed by "The Star", description from his site, "Born, raised, and initially educated in Kedah, Malaysia. Resident in Japan since April 1987."

**De Book Worm, description from her site, "Life begins at 40, they say! And you bet it's true. I have arrived but still going on 14 at heart, love reading and enjoying catching up with friends over a cuppa on a nice Saturday afternoon! Still long for a night out partying occasionally but a good night's sleep wins the argument each time."

**Crystal Anne, description from her site, "Points 2 decribe bout myzelf, 1.friendly, 2.socialble, 3.very the pampered, 4.Outdoor Person, 5.Love Syah Iskandar a lot, 6.Spendthift, HYPERRACTIVE!"

**Jaxon S, description from his site, "This is a blog about me going places and the things that I do in between. I may not be travelling much but even going to the backyard is a travel between points, hence the blog title."

**Lexandria , there is no description but I love the picture with a cute little monster which looks like throwing a tantrum.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My BKK house new furnitures have arrived..

The furniture that I bought arrived yesterday and my wife took some photos. Below is the sideboard that cost around Rm850. I bought 2; this is at the master bedroom. It is now sitting there waiting for its relatives, name Panasonic 100ghz 29 inch TV. My wife just bought it last week, it cost around Rm1900.

Below is the Sofa we bought that cost around Rm2300, it supposed to be able to accommodate 3 adults and a couple of insects, flies and occasionally load full of dust. Some will asked, how come so “white”, I also not sure, hahaha maybe shop until my rationale mind is clouded by “beautiful” items rather than practical. When you look at it, it has those inviting looks, that say, “Come Baby, sit on me, caress me with your ass and then step on me and leave some foot prints, baby…” . Anyway is washable.

This shows the sofa and partially the dining table that is hiding in the corner, which cost around RM2300 with 6 chairs. The top is man made "rock", I am not sure what is it but it looks like marble to me. We did not choose those that has glass as top as we afraid our guest will accidentally break it and its not nice if we ask them to pay us back, hahaha....

This angle shows the sideboard that is a duplicate of the one in the master bedroom. It is also waiting for a 21 inch TV, which is gratis (from the fridge).

Those who has not seen how empty my BKK house is without furniture, look at my previous post.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Don’t bully the big quiet one....

When we are young, we like to explore new things. However I am the type who does not really like to goes out. I am always around the same group of friends. I love normality, some say it’s boring but I love it. I am not the adventurous type, I am more the timid and quiet type. I have not been too many places when I am young. The only place that I go is from and to school. My family is not the rich type who can afford nice holidays. My mom is quite a straight forward lady and a bit bad temper, my dad is one of the most honest and simple guy.

I am also an honest guy, hahaha and I dislike people telling lies, especially lies that incriminate me. I remember back in the secondary school days, I spend a lot of times sitting down at a place “lepaking” below my flat. Me and my fellow buddies loves to sit around a place which has rows of rows of motorcycle and bicycle parked. We always love to sit on bikes that are big and fanciful pretending to be Evil Knievel preparing for his stunts. We will then sit and chat for hours. We will of course indulge in our favourite past time, that is watching people passing by and of course we tend to concentrate more on the fairer type of people, the girls. We are not that type that will whistle and disturb them so the only things left to do is ogling, hahaha.

On one such night, we were sitting and of course ogling, a bunch of guys from the school opposite ours drops by. They were sitting opposite us and having their own private chats and even smoking. My friend knows one of them and then soon after we were chatting together and doing some male bonding. We talks about everything under the skies and once in a while talks about the "interesting" fairer sex that were walking pass us, that is until we heard something drop from one of the bicycles that was near us. It was a bell, it seems it fell off from the bicycle, so as a civic minded citizen I went and take it up and try to fix it.

Then this guy, who is from another group, actually starts saying that I am the one that broke the bell and he said that the bicycle belongs to his friend. His 10 fingers were actually pointing towards me. He continues to yap and yap non-stop and I was having a tough time trying my best to fix it, sweat covering my head hence I yelled back at him “It could be you who spoilt it!”. My mind was flashing back to 10 minutes ago when he was sitting there for quite some time until he went and made a call at one of the public phone near the side of the street.

All of a sudden I could feel something hitting my head and within split seconds an “Aiyoh” sound was heard. The guy lay sprawling on the ground with his hand covering his bare eyes which was once covered by a fanciful ala “Alan Tam” spectacle. He was the one that yells “Aiyoh”. I scan the area surrounding him; the spectacle was almost 3 feet away. What had happened? I felt a slight pain on the left side of my head, my brain signal my right hand to move to feel the pain. Then I realise that my hand was clutching in a fist formation. Oops!

It seems the guy lurch at me, hitting my head and I retaliate by punching him twice, once on the chest and the next one on his eyes. I am not sure why but I guess it’s my natural reflexes that did it. After a few more “Aiyoh” he stands up and demands me to follow him to rhe dustbin area to continue with the fight. With my Rambo voice I said “If you want to fight, do it here”. He continues to yap and yap, I manage to hear some of his yapping, and especially the part that mentions his brother is one of the Tai Ko in the area.

In the end nothing happens after just a few more “want to fight” glances as he went off still holding his chest and eyes. My friends and I stayed there until almost past 11 pm, although in my mind I wanted to leave the place as fast as possible although I have fast reflexes but I am not the Bruce Lee type that can beat 10 or 20’s people at one time. So if you are friends or family members or colleagues of mine, do not lie to me or incriminate me with things that are not true. I might retaliate twice or “repay” back twice ….Hahaha…

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Some food photos from BKK part 2

There is another type of Thai food I like which is desserts. I love the dessert that contains water chest nut and sago in it. They called it Thub Thim Krob. I love it as it’s crunchy. The water chest nut is quite different from those found in Malaysia. It’s sweet, not too sweet. In Malaysia it’s difficult to find one that tastes good. Most of the time, I found the Malaysia one bland in taste, I could not find a trace of sweetness in it. Normally when you are at food court you could indulge yourself in the world of dessert. The dessert stores will normally parade all the cut fruits in the counter. You could also find cendol, red beans, gingko and lots more. You get to customize your own type of dessert. You could actually mix and match. Normally they will allow 3 types to be selected. You could also choose the type of syrup you wants to mix it together with ice like eating Ais Kacang or Cendol.

Look at the array of fruits and dessert items. Its colorful and this is one of the smaller shops.....

My wife loves a type of dessert that could not be found in this kind of dessert stores. Normally it will only be on sale in certain period of the year as its season dependent. It is mango with sticky rice or in thai Khao Nui Muang Muang. I remember there is once my colleague (now ex colleague) missed it so much that they actually tried in one of the restaurant at KLCC. The restaurant is near the escalator. They are 4 of them so they ordered 4 plates, as they thought the most is double the price as compare with BKK. When the bill comes, it cost them a bomb, its above Rm15 per plate. In BKK, you get it for less than 20 baht.

This shops sells it with redbeans also. Normally you will get it served together with cooked cocunut syrup or santan which is milky in color garnish on top of it.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Some food photos from BKK part 1

I love thai food. I really like it a lot. I have a nephew now who travels quite frequently to Bangkok for the past few months and he said that the food is sour and sweet but I said there is not much difference with Chinese food. My sister said the same thing. I guess it depends where you go and what you eat. There are some non-halal foods pictures below; I would like to say sorry if there is muslim viewer.

One thing I love most is the Siew Yok or Barbecue Pork. Thailand’s has the most crispy barbecue pork I have ever taste. It’s like eating crackers. I love it when they cook it together with a vegetables called “kana” and oyster sauce, I am not sure I got it correct as I do not have the English equivalent. It’s like food from heaven, the crunchiness mixing together with the leafy and fresh taste frm the sauce. My saliva is dripping.

I do not have any picture on that dish but I got a picture of Barbecue Pork itself with black sauce below.

In Thailand I have also tried one interesting dish, which I think originated from German, which is pork knuckles. They cook it with a type of sauce I am not sure what but its brownish in colour. I have tried it in 2 places in Bangkok. The first one is at this German Pub in Sukhumit (have a wooden barrel in the middle of the pub) and the other in Silom Plaza, both of this place has since closed down. Anyway the taste of both of this dish still lingers around my head. I remember the first time I tried I could not finish it. I packed it back to my house and cook pork porridge for breakfast. Below is the pork knuckles that I yap about minus the sauce. Its being sold in the Mall near my house. It still open up my saliva gland. Umm Yummy...

Friday, June 10, 2005

National Anthem Sang from the Golden/Durian mouth

For the past week, I have seen a lot of news in regards to singing or broadcasting the national anthem in events, in cinema and etc. I remember during school days, we will start of the day by flying the flag and singing the national anthem at the start of the assembly. There are students who sang or shall I say shout and there are some who sang as though there are going for Malaysia idol. And of course there are some who just move their lips ala Milli Vanilli and some who will just does not open the mouth at all (like me).

Its not that I am not proud to be a Malaysian, I am just not that kind who will open the mouth to sing. I remember even during those days when Karaoke was like everyday life and the “in thing, I still did not really went to any session. A lot of session were organize, some during annual dinner, some during gathering between school friends but I have not really actively participate in one. Most of the time I will be just sitting there and maybe once in a while I will “Hoo Hoo”, “Wah Wah” joining in the chorus.

I was told by my mom that I am a bit slow to start talking. I am not sure at what age but my mom said that she almost seeks professional help as she thought that I might be mute. HaHaHa. In my family circle I was known to be the quiet type. I am the type that will prefer to listen than talk. I was known as the golden or durian mouth. You know the type that once open the mouth something remarkable will comes out or for some that try to coax me for reaction is like trying to open a durian. Even now after 18 years of working I prefer to write rather than call or talk. I guess I am still an old shy goat.

In Thailand they will actually broadcast the national anthem before the actual movie starts, after all the advertisement. The audience are required to stand up and sing it. The non-resident is also required to stand up to show respect. My wife will actually sang it and I notice most of the audience do. At the end of the anthem most of the audience will also bow. I remember during my younger days, our cinema practises the same thing but somehow it was abolished.

In Thailand, they will also normally broadcast the national anthem at 6pm on the TV and also in public place. I remember the first time I was caught by surprise when I was in a food court. All of a sudden most of the people around me seem to slow down what they are doing and some stops. I realise that the national anthem was playing on the public speaker. Actually it does not make any difference whether the cinema plays the anthem or not, I am still a Malaysian, I am proud to be one.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Shopping "Trophies"

My wife managed to download and send to me the photos that I have taken in BKK. Below are some photos of the shopping “Trophies”. I start off with the Fridge as so far it’s the most expensive items. It cost 31,900 baht which is almost Rm3K. The brand is LG. It’s quite big. The capacity is around 20 Q. It’s the type of fridge that I love to look at as it allows me to dump all the vegetables and meat and still looks empty. The temperature inside the fridge is digitally control unlike the one that I have in KL which is control by turning the knob. This is control by pressing a button and you could hear “Tit Tit” sound. It will also alert you if you did not close the door properly, again by “Tit Tit” sound. I guess the whole fridge is program to give “Tit Tit” sound. The whole compartment on the left is actually the freezer and the right is the normal one whereby you could keep vegetable and other dry items. There is also a specific place to keep wine. I love this “Tit Tit” fridge. It comes with a complimentary 21 inch LG Flat screen Tv also, hahaha

The next most expensive item is the air condition in my room. It cost around 28,000 baht, around Rm2.8K. It’s Daikin and it has the power of 1,400 BTU. I am not sure if this brand is found else where but I was told that this is one of the top brands around in Thailand. So far I did not really play around with any function as I guess Air Cond does not have much. It’s just the start button, Temperature up and down button, fan speed, mode, automatic moving up and down, "powerful" mode and others. I wish human have a remote like this, if you wish them to be “hotter” press the “Too Cool” button and you wish them to be more “powerful” press the button that has a picture that is almost similar to Hulk. I guess a lot of women wish to have this button for their BF and husband, hahaha. Sigh! I wish. I wish.

The water filter from Amway which cost around 24,000 baht, it has a big carbon filter on the left and the ultraviolet lamp on the right. I have tasted the filter water. It tastes better than the drinking water like Singha in Thailand. Anyway I do not really trust water filter, I have a bad experience with the one in my Malaysia house, and it causes “air” in my stomach, hence I will still boil it before I drank it.

The last item in this post is the washing machine from Samsung which cost 17,000 baht. It allows to load 9kg of filthy clothes. My wife likes it a lot as it has a timer. It allows you to just throw the clothes inside overnight and set it to be ready at maybe somewhere in the morning hence you could just wake up and ready to hang the clothes. It has a lot of functions which I have yet to explore. I am not sure if my next trip will again end up with a load of shopping “trophies”, I guess I will need to find a way to grow money, hahaha…..

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hectic last weekend..

It was quite a hectic weekend in Thailand. It was like a shopping spree, buy and buy. Credit card swipe like nobody business, swipe swipe, another purchase and money notes flowing out from wallet as fast as you could say “cheers”. My sister in law accompany us in all our shopping activities and she said my wife and me behaves as though as we are in a market buying vegetables, once we look at the item we will buy. Actually she did not notice my hand and forehead is fill with sweats each time the card goes through the machine. Its like blood being squeeze out of my body, hahaha.

Actually we have gone and did an initial ground work during my last trip. We spent almost 2 days scouting for potential brands and items to buy. So this trip is more like just point, signed, booked delivery date and continue shopping. The last trip we have bought an air condition for our own room. This trip we bought one for my parent in-law room as my father in-law decided to stay in the house to accompany my wife.

Nowadays the air-condition itself comes with a lot of new features. In those days all you need to do is to decide the air-condition capacity and that’s it. Now you will need to think if you need those special filter function or ioniser or features that will save the electricity, less vibration, less noise, continuous and etc. In Thailand when you buy any electrical goods like air-condition, fridge, it will comes with a seal. It will denote the amount of electricity save, it has number 1 to 5. If the label shows 5 (or in thai, Bur Ha) it means it saves the most electricity.

This trip alone we have bought an air-condition for my parents in-law room, washing machine, Amway Water filter, 2 stainless steel plate, 1 stainless steel plate dryer, 2 dustbins in the house, 1 big dustbin for the outside, fridge, dining table, 3 seater sofa in the living room, 2 sideboard (1 for living and the other for my room), 1 shower curtain and the rod, 1 water heater for my room and a lot more miscellaneous items. In total it’s more than Rm10k. There are more to come. I took some pictures on the item but it’s in my wife camera. Once I got hold of it I will post it up, in the mean time I will need to work somemore to get the "blood" from my employer to replenish the loss one in my "body" or wallet....

Monday, June 06, 2005

Interesting thing that a fellow MOL ponders on

An interesting email from a fellow MOL, in regards to....

"Things I ponder. "
* Save the whales. Collect the whole set.
* A day without sunshine is like, night.
* On the other hand, you have different fingers.
* I just got lost in thought. It wasn't familiar territory.
* Honk if you love peace and quiet.
* He who laughs last thinks slowest.
* Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
* The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
* I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.
* Support bacteria. they're the only culture some people have.
* A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
* Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.
* If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments.
* How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand.
* .. ok, so what's the speed of dark?
* How do you tell when you're out of invisible ink?
* If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
* How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?
* Eagles may soar, but weasels do not get sucked into jet engines.
* What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
* I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.
* Just remember - if the world did not suck, we would all fall off.
* Light travels faster than sound, which is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Is bottle water safe?

My wife almost finished packing all the stuff and luckily yesterday my wife brother in law came and shifts the heavy stuff. Today I will only shift the clothing and this notebook..hahaha.

A short one (before I continue packing), the next time when you open a bottle mineral, drink it carefully. Yesterday I was at deli france in the airport, I order my usual plain Baguette and a mineral water. After finishing the bread, I went for my normal “window” shopping and I brought along the still half full mineral water. As I was ogling at the latest digital camera and sipping my supposedly healthy and clean mineral water, I felt something at the bottom of my tongue.

I thought it could be the bread that got stuck somewhere in the mouth. I gulped another mouthful to gurgle it off and this time I felt something sharp, the first thing that came through my mind, is that the water got some kinda of broken glass. I quickly take the “thing” from my mouth and it’s a small particle, a bit like glass. Oh my gosh! I thought, did I swallow any? I pressed the thing harder. Ummm, a bit soft for glass, it looks like plastic but whatever is it, it should not be there. So next time, when you drink do it slowly and “feel” the water. My wife is babbling in thai, I guess it means back to packing…..oh my backache…

Thursday, June 02, 2005

New Additions to my blog roll

I have added Adiejin to my blog roll. Below is the description from his site.

"I now live amongst the peculiarities of life that turns the unexpected to reality. Face it and I burn. Run away and I suffer. Either way we continue living..... Global Warning - do not use this blog for more than 12 not use with electrical not submerge in water.use precautions when not apply to children.not to be swallowed.please sit while not have sex 6 days in a row but pass this blog to friends."

I have also added Crazy Cat aka Kelly and Keatix.

Off to thailand again..

This week I am going to thailand again. There are still a lot of things to buy before my wife could shift into the house. Money2, I hopes it drop from the sky, too bad it does not, it still comes via my maybank savings account....

So depending on the situation, I might be on a blog hiatus until Monday. Sawadee Krap to you guys again.....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Arm Pit...

I was riding on the Putra LRT towards KLCC when this man and his girlfriend boarded at one of the stops. The guy was dressed in sleeveless T-Shirts and the girl was dressed amicably in pink Tees and baggy white pants. The place was already quite packed. So they just squeeze it. As it was too pack, the only way to stabilise himself, the guy hands was stretching (he was quite short) and holding the upper rail. The girl was grabbing at his the other hand.

This scenario is not weird and funny and there is nothing that I could blog on. This is until I spotted the “bush” under his arm. It was rather bushy like tress in an Amazon jungle. It is alright for a guy to have bushy armpit hairs? I guess it should be alright if you do not go around parading it. What if in this same situation, the guy is “hairless”? So far I have not come across any guys who shave their armpit hairs.

As for girls I know they are some who just leave it as it is ala natural. Do you remember the case of Julia Roberts? Hers was quite bushy and if I am not wrong it’s red in colour and she was caught “red armded” in an award presentation event while waving at her fans. I know most girls will shave it with a blade or razor like the way a man shave his moustache. There are some who actually plucks it like the way a chicken is being pluck off its feathers.

Whatever is it, is it ok for a girl to leave it ala natural or its better to have it shave? What about guys? We are talking about gender equality here…hahaha… I still have mine ala natural however it’s not bushy like amazon jungle but its enough to hide some flies. Personally I think for those girls who love sleeveless shirts, its better for them to cut or shave it off. As for guys I guess its ok to have it the natural way, uncut and uncensored the raw deal. I think whether if a guy or a girl as long as its not shave or cut, it’s better to conceal it. It’s a dangerous weapon it could poke someone eyes especially you are tall, wearing sleeveless and riding in a crowded public transport. Umm is there some kind of moisturizer for armpit hair…

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