Monday, February 27, 2006

MeMe of Four

Shiaulin tagged me but I only knew about it when her hubby commented, guess too busy with my work.

4 jobs you've had in your life
*Trainee Draftsman/Land Surveyor
*Programmer in a software company that sell IT services which is a joint venture of a few big companies like IBM, PNB, MAS, KLM and etc.
*My current job as, I am not sure what position hahaha. I believe its application consultant.
*I have only 3 jobs so far, excluding one which I have for 2 weeks before I got an offer from my second company which I could not resists.

4 movies you could watch over and over
*Forrest Gump, for its simplicity and hope.
*Brave Heart, for its courage.
*Green Mile, for its humanity.
*ET, for something out of this world.

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch
*Iron Chef, for its cooking challenge.
*Mr Bean, for its weirdness and craziness.
*Malcom in the middle, for its family humour.
*Cheers, for its comedy.

4 places you've lived
*Kuala Lumpur, place I born.
*Bangkok, my wife country.
, Indonesia, my project assignment for few years.

*Singapore, my project assignment for few months.

4 places (preferably overseas, if not, anywhere else) you've been on vacation to
*All parts of Thailand, my second home.
*Hong Kong, my favourite place as cantonese could be heard everywhere.
*Switzerland, for its air and scenery.

*Singapore, for its pulse of its people.

4 places you would rather be
*At home with my family, enjoying each other company.
*Bangkok, in my house with my family.
*KLCC, for its great shopping variety.
*Low Yat, for its high tech gadgetry.

4 of your favourite foods
*Steam Cod Fish
*Fried Mee Hon
*Stir Fried Vegetables.
*A steam boat meal.

4 Websites you MUST visit daily
*All the blogs in my blog roll.
*Petaling Street.

4 tagged
*Umm, no one to tag.....

Sorry guys for the lack of updates....will make up when I am free.....

Sunday, February 26, 2006

What Am I doing Now? Tag

I got tagged by Selba, thank you as it allows me to post now really bore with work.

Current time: 11:00AM

What i am wearing: Shirtless and a blue house short pants, brand name is Bali Faces. I bought it when I was travelling together with some of my colleagues during my first company trip with my current company to Bali. That was 12 years ago. Under the blue house pants is a Byford mini brief, quite sexy.......and .....ummm....censor.

Something out of the ordinary on my desk: The same old thing, my short wave Sony radio, now listening to 988 Fm. Some DVD which I have bought from Low Yat (a mall famous for IT in KL). I am refering to the desk in my bedroom as now I am on my bed, punching away on my thinkpad.

Current fave song: This is difficult, I have been busy with work. I listen occasionally to some PodCast which is heavy on the tech side, management and some extreme comedy from UK. As for Songs, I believe it would be "Killing me Softly" by Fugees in which I have just bought last week.

Last thing consumed: 3 pieces of wholemeal bread with Milo this morning for my breakfast and some Hokkien Mee, umm the crunchy pork fat....oh the last part is just me dreaming...

Last phone call received: My wife, yesterday, talking mainly about thailand, you know lah the interesting and exciting changes in the highly volatile politics environment there. Today will be another street demonstration with the shouts of "Thaksin Ook Pai" from thousand of Sondhi Supporters.

Current annoyance: My work and the document that I need to do today. This is something which I really hate. "Mah Tham Urn"....."Lah Ook!"...

Plans for the day/evening: Need to complete that stupid document and of course will goes out to buy "A dream" in the form of ToTo, a type of lottery in Malaysia. Now the price is around 4.6 million.

Who will be next?
Nobody, anybody that would love to do this tag, just copy from here....and punch away...ya...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Silly little things that we do and of course EPF.

After the initial fighting, pushing, growling at my competitor and a long swim inside my mother womb, I have been on this earth for 39 years. For this past glorious 39 years I have seen and involved in if not hundreds or thousand arguments and in 1 or 2 fights. Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I look back to some of them, there are times I “Won” and there are times I “Loss” but there are times I do find that it was initiated by some silly things. When I look back I would ask, why leh? Does it justify the fuss we made? Have you ever fight with your siblings on things like control of the TV remote, things borrow not return, or return not in its original state or etc? Or fighting with your spouse over who pays this month bill, fetching the kids, throwing the waste and etc?

Is it because of the pride or is it the principal thing or belief? What trigger us to yell at someone, throw things or even kill someone? Yesterday there is a report about a guy who killed his Russian Lover. What prompt him to do so? Is it the fear of losing someone you love? How does he feel now? Regret or ?? When you open the newspaper today you could see there are a lot of killings and even “wars”, it could be for love, countries, belief, religion, faith, principal but fundamentally is all this leads back to the same thing?

Some of us actually declared our love to someone in different way. Some of us goes through the “chicken” way by signing off as “secret admirer” when we send gifts through third parties and some of us actually walks up and hand the gifts and declare our love on the spot. There are a lot of us who shares the same belief, principal, loves, etc but there are some who are discreet about it but there are some who are bold and also there is some who uses force and there are some who uses other "Legal" means but most of them share one common goal.

On a lighter note, we Malaysian are expecting a better dividend in our Employee Provident Fund (EPF) than last year. Its reported that it could reach a figure of 4.75% to 5%. I remember last year I read the same thing, a range was given and when it was declared the figure was at the lower range. Let’s hope we will get 5% instead of 4.75%. Actually I do wonder how does EPF actually invest all the $$$. Not sure do they have any documents published about it, I believe EPF should have as they are using our dear old $$$. Anyone knows where we can get a copy? Or does EPF have one? As honestly my dear old brain tells me that 4.75% is lesser than a lot of other Financial Institution that provides investment management/services. Anyway I will be crossing my legs, fingers and hairs hoping for a higher dividend as poor people like me depends on EPF to provide a safety net when its time for me to hang my boots and shake my leg.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

News from my dinning table

If you went though hell and survive, what will you do? If you almost got fired, do you be thankful and behave better. When you publicly sound corky and declare that you are in control and the next day, Wham! Your boss says no, what will you do? It’s either that you do not know your job description or your boss do not trust you. Have you ever felt that?

When I open the newspaper one day I saw the “red” lady who has made headlines for a number of times last year was again showing her cockiness by declaring that she is still in control. It was on the front page. That particular news actually not only shows ungratefulness and disrespect to the boss but it shows that she never learn the lesson. She shown disrespect to her former boss and now to her current boss.

No doubt, I believe she is the minority in the government who has some intelligence but the first lesson you should learn is that never, never publicly announce something which contradict your boss previous direction. You can do that at the mamak stores, your own dining table but on paper? Unless you are like me who do not mind staying put at where I am.

Who want to guess, the first minister to go out next time? The boss has a few years to find a replacement or train up one…Today News from Star

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine Day

Tomorrow will be a day whereby the “dark side” will come out into the open. The once a year affair whereby the last year chicken become this year hero or will they continue to become chicken? A day whereby Darth Vader will comes out to declare their love which will finally pull them out from the dark side and join the force. The chicken that ran back to the den will again come out and tries their luck.

Do we need a specific day to declare our love? Or it’s a day whereby based on numerology, feng shui, tarots and other new age method has calculated that its going to be an easy day to score whereby the moon will be full, all odds will turns up positive and the pursuer will get what they want and their wallet emptied by clever and business geniuses who has again device a plan to take all their money.

So what is going to be tomorrow for you love birds? A dozen roses, or 2 or hundreds roses, for the materialistic, they prefer cash and for the rest that still believe in the old true love, what better than the twinkle in the love one eyes. Actually I shall say “New” love whereby there is still excitement and smell of freshness. The old ones has gone through the diapers age, the going back to in-laws, you hurt me I hurt your phase so what is they show some more.

I believe, its all human nature, no matter how new and old the love is, when someone beside you get something from someone, you will start to feel the needs, the longing of the old days. I guess if everybody starts to look at tomorrow as just a normal day, everybody will be happy. Or does giving a gift really means I appreciate/love you? Some may say yes and some may say no. I guess everyone would love to be pamper once in a while. Ideally we should show we love each other every now and then. We do not need some smart ass business man to tell us, so to everybody Happy Valentine Day, lets true love prevail, still have true love in this century ah…????

Maybe got goes, to my lovely wife, thanking you for being around me through my fat days, skinny days, healthy days, sick days….and now handsome days, hahaha… Happy Valentine days 2006 from this moo of yours.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Medical Record of Wendy

**Start of Update 18/02/2006 **
A total of RM 39,220 was raised.
For bloggers who donated my sincere thank you for your kind donation.
As its still short of the target amount, we are trying to raise more within our company and finding other means to do so else where...
Any suggestions???
**End of Update 18/02/2006 **

This post will be on top until after CNY. For normal post, page down.

There are some kind bloggers who would like to help Wendy and they request if possible to provide documents to authenticate Wendy's condition, i.e. blood tests and medical reports, medication, treatments. I have gotten some, do click to get a bigger picture. For those who wonders what is this about do refer to my previous post. If you have some Rm to spare donate to Maybank account 114721017710, the account holder name is Aw Peng Mei the cordinator on Malaysia side.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

A old but "young" photo of myself

Following Selba and Crazy Cat footsteps, above is a picture of me when I was very very young....So come on join along and post one good old photos of yourself...

Want to cook some thai food?

I was surfing around when I found this via my blog roll.

Its consist of some video on how to cook some favourite thai hawker food....enjoy.

Thai blog - Cooking Thai Hawker food video

Friday, February 10, 2006

The "How Old Are You" Tag

I got this from Ms Jumbled Mind

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed the most
***Lee Majors who starred in Six Million Dollar Man...I believe if there is such show now it should be call Six Billion Dollar Man.

2. Name a cartoon of the old old days
***Mighty Mouse, friends used to called me that when I play football.

3. Name a singer/group of the old days
***David Bowie, man of many disguise

4. Band of the old days
***Yazoo, consists of Vince Clark and Alison Moyet.

5.TV Series of the old days
***Combat, its about war.

6. Actress of Old Days
***Farah Fawcet, who can forget her. I believe the first actress who I deem "sex symbol".

7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most
***Punk, which has gone a full cycle a I believe now its back again...

8. Movie of Old Days
***800 strong men, a chinese war movie.

9. Music Video of Old Days
***Master and Servant by Depeche Mode.

10. Coolest Song of Old Days
***Only You by Yazoo.

And now, more importantly, *rubs hands*

WHO are the 5 people who will go through the same torture?

*Drum Roll*

Lee Cheen Siong, Kok Kuen, Keatix, Wong Chee Sum and Selba.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Very Very some photos on Toyota Yaris and Porsche first

Just started on a new project. With the looks of it, I will be tied up, I believe from top to bottom, left and right kinda of tied up. Anyway I will try to post as and when I manage to steal some spare time. I will also try to slow things down a bit as if its too fast, it will translate to "stress" which for me is like adding oil in a fish tank, slowly killing it....

Here is some picture of Toyota Yaris. I am not sure when will it be introduce in Malaysia but its is now on sales in Thailand.

I have also to manage to get 2 pics of Porsche....

Friday, February 03, 2006

When Jesus Meets Kuan Yin

I was on the way back after fetching my father in-law to his home; when we decided to stop at a place called Puttamonthon, a place that is fill with greenery and the main attraction is a big Buddha. It’s nothing spectacular but it’s just huge, huge enough to have the place divided into segments. Each of this segments is maintain and upkeep by a sponsors.

As we were driving around we could see a lot of just “graduates” wearing their white color graduation attire scouting around for nice spots to have their photos taken. Surprisingly most of this graduate is in their mid thirties as we could see their kids and wife tagging along. I actually “salute” and envy them as the thoughts of en”riching” myself by studying further has since disappeared after passing my mid thirties, along with my boyish looks, my memory, my intellect and etc.

We reached the big Buddha after half and hour of sight seeing and photo taking. It was a sunny evening. We were reminded of it when we took our shoes off, the floor itself were like hot coal. The sun were too bright, this makes it difficult to capture a decent photo of the Buddha as the statue itself is black in color.

However the most interesting is a temple that we visited after being “tanned” by the hot sun in Puttamonthon. I believe this is the weirdest temple I have visited. There are all kinds of statue which I could not say if it is of Buddhist or Taoist or Christian or Indian faith. There are even wax figures of monk. I have seen this before in a wax museum outside of Bangkok but I have not seen it in a temple before. And the most interesting is this picture I took below, I called it “When Jesus Meets Kuan Yin…" , I also overheard a whisper, "I told you so, you should have follow me....".

and some more...

and some more...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Weird Vege

I have posted this on my photo blog. I was walking by the supermarket in Siam Paragon in Bangkok, when I came across this vege. I do not know what it is? Lilian drops a comment and say it could be a broccoli. I guess so. It could be a type of broccoli. Anyone knows what is this???

My first thought is that its "skin" is build with a thorn like structures like cactus. It could be grow in some kind of desert. Umm but the problem is, its soft not sharp like cactus. It could be some kind of fruit instead of vege. But it was actually located at the vege section along the normal looking broccoli...umm...anyone....

Updates *** Info given by Dani, this vege is called Romanesco broccoli and is a Italian variety.
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