Monday, February 27, 2006

MeMe of Four

Shiaulin tagged me but I only knew about it when her hubby commented, guess too busy with my work.

4 jobs you've had in your life
*Trainee Draftsman/Land Surveyor
*Programmer in a software company that sell IT services which is a joint venture of a few big companies like IBM, PNB, MAS, KLM and etc.
*My current job as, I am not sure what position hahaha. I believe its application consultant.
*I have only 3 jobs so far, excluding one which I have for 2 weeks before I got an offer from my second company which I could not resists.

4 movies you could watch over and over
*Forrest Gump, for its simplicity and hope.
*Brave Heart, for its courage.
*Green Mile, for its humanity.
*ET, for something out of this world.

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch
*Iron Chef, for its cooking challenge.
*Mr Bean, for its weirdness and craziness.
*Malcom in the middle, for its family humour.
*Cheers, for its comedy.

4 places you've lived
*Kuala Lumpur, place I born.
*Bangkok, my wife country.
, Indonesia, my project assignment for few years.

*Singapore, my project assignment for few months.

4 places (preferably overseas, if not, anywhere else) you've been on vacation to
*All parts of Thailand, my second home.
*Hong Kong, my favourite place as cantonese could be heard everywhere.
*Switzerland, for its air and scenery.

*Singapore, for its pulse of its people.

4 places you would rather be
*At home with my family, enjoying each other company.
*Bangkok, in my house with my family.
*KLCC, for its great shopping variety.
*Low Yat, for its high tech gadgetry.

4 of your favourite foods
*Steam Cod Fish
*Fried Mee Hon
*Stir Fried Vegetables.
*A steam boat meal.

4 Websites you MUST visit daily
*All the blogs in my blog roll.
*Petaling Street.

4 tagged
*Umm, no one to tag.....

Sorry guys for the lack of updates....will make up when I am free.....


shiaulin said...

Forrest Gump and Brave Heart also my all time favorite movie before i became SAHM, now only cartoons, cartoons, and cartoons.... sigh

Thanks for doing the meme :)

Monica said...

i love malcom in the middle, they are so mean to each other on that show

I think Im the only person who never saw ET

SooHK said...

Shiaulin, good to do something as my brain is "dead" everytime comes back due to this new project.

Monica, oh you have never seen ET, I saw at least 2 times...

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