Sunday, April 30, 2006

Iron Lady

I was walking around the shopping complex when I spotted somebody famous. She looks like the lady who has been in the limelight on and off this year. The lady in question is the Iron Lady of Malaysia, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz. I am not sure if it is really the Iron Lady herself or just somebody who looks likes her.

“She” was walking around at the lower ground and stops at one of the shoe counter. Something caught her attention, the saleslady walk over and a potential “Trade” conversation started. No matter how famous you are, you still need to shop around for the basic things like food, clothes, shoes and etc. I do really pity those high profile, famous people. There is no privacy at all.

I did not see any bodyguard or they are so good that they might be masquerading as another shopper or sales personnel. When I was saw her, she tilt her face slightly to my side and I sense that she was trying to avoid eye contact but was also trying to assess the situation to see if I pose any threat. I did not manage to “look her in the eyes” however this particular “little” act has actually stopped me from bringing out my camera and snap her pictures.

In the end, we just passed each other, both of us Malaysian in a foreign land; we were at Siam Paragon in Bangkok. I respect her privacy as I believe people as famous as her, could only have their peace of mind in somewhere in which they are not easily recognizable, why ruin her “holiday”………..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tun Ghafar Baba...

Woke up this morning and heard the news on TV. The former deputy prime minister passed away this morning after months of battling with his illness, my condolence, RIP....

News on The Star.

Who do you trusts?

There is a recent survey on Trusts and the result says that doctor has the highest level of integrity as compares to politicians, business leaders, government minister and etc. I am not sure if this survey is comprehensive enough however as reported there are some shock reaction especially the position of government ministers at 13 and politician at 15 and just imagine they are ranked lower than ordinary men/women in the street which means Malaysian trust the man on the street more than our leaders.

I remember in the old days when election times comes and when my parents saw repairs is being done on the road, they will say that it’s just for show. Actually I could not blame them, as you know tar roads are easily spoilt by big Lorries and trucks. And after fixing it up within a year or so, you could see potholes all over the place again. And you will not see any repairs being done until sometime near the next election. However over the pass few years there are some changes, repairs will be done within a month or so but however I believe it depends on location also.

Civil servant, for those who has come across them you will know. If you call them up and ask for some information, you will have the call being passed from one extension to another until the line cut off. So I am not sure if they have forgotten the right extension to pass to or ???. I have even encounter an incidence whereby wrong information was given to me which ended up causing me to go to the same place more than once.

I do believe majority of the distrust or trust on any profession is due to the experience of dealing or interfacing with them. Like me, if you asked me do I trust doctors? Not really……Click here for this news .

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hugs and Kisses from me....

In Malaysia we are a bit confused on what is considered as legal or decent hugging and kissing. Recent news was highlighting a case of a couple which were caught in KLCC for doing some hugging and kissing. In my recent trip to BKK at LCCT I saw some very intimate hugging and kissing of a couple, the lady looks and sounds like a Malaysian and the man is a foreigner. Both of them indulged in some very intimate hugging and kissing. If I am not in the airport I would have thought that I am on 18sx movie set. Both of them were exchanging fluid from each other mouth, some tongue crossing and some heavy breathing and giggling. I do believe we Malaysian could tolerate some hugging and kissing but not panting.

I am not sure what type of hugging and kissing were the couple doing when they were caught in KLCC but to me as long as just normal hugging and pecking on the checks it should be allowed. Even some kissing in the form of a quick touch on the lips is acceptable however I do not agree those that leads to heavy hugging where the arms were heavily locked and hands reaching and fondling each other. I have once seen a couple in Genting actually doing some heavy fondling whereby both of them is searching and fondling at each other “pearls” in a garden. I have also seen some heavy kissing and “rocking” in a car at Mid Valley car park. All of this is not confines to any religion or race, it just uncontrollable human lust.

To me all of this is acceptable if it is done in an enclose environment whereby it does not involve any other person. If these acts are done in front of somebody then this means that they are acting very rude and disrespect to those who are watching them as this act of lust is forced on to the viewer or bystander……in the mean time hug and kisses from me before my next post.

Threesome, handcuffs,

Got tagged by Consuela last week. I believe its the most difficult meme I have ever done...hahaha.

Instructions: Write a short story of not more than 200 words, based on the following words which can only be used once!

1. sleepover
2. whip
3. handcuffs
4. leather
5. sexy
6. threesome
7. hairy
8. shotgun
9. squeeze
10. explosion

Some say hairy man is sexy, some say man with leathers is into fetish but I say threesome is something that most of us fantasize. It’s a fantasy just like having handcuffs and whip as extra stimulants instead of our rather dull routine of take off, lie down and moan.

When Misty calls Piggy her husband of 10 years that their former class mate Sassy will sleepover the weekend at their place to finalize the plans for the class reunion, Piggy was quite excited as Sassy used to be Piggy main “squeeze”.

As Piggy walks to the front door, he felt something strange, as he opens the door, he saw Sassy and Misty waiting standing, both of them dressed in a see through lingerie, Misty was wearing white and Sassy was red.

Piggy has been in the arm force for 20 years, he has handled numerous firearms from shotguns to bazooka and has even in the middle of an explosion before but now...”Honey” Misty says, “I know you have thought of it before, you know the 3 of us and since today is your birthday…” before she could complete her sentence, Piggy is already on top of Sassy…..
The End

Anyone wants to try to do this meme.....

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A ferra, some Lambo

Having back pain, as yesteday sat too long, hence posting some pictures of I took in my last trip to Siam Paragon.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

My wife’s new toy, the atom.

After much persuasion from me, the devil, my wife bought the O2 Atom. I used it for a day; the screen resolution is good, smaller in size as compare to my wife P900. The weight is almost the same. The good things is that it has a FM radio, tried it, not bad, it’s just that you will need to insert the stereo headset in order to use it. I guess the headset is the antenna. Once the radio is on you could open up its stereo speaker that resides near the button, the quality is not bad.

The 2 mega pixel camera looks good, it has a flashlight. Its not auto, you will need to set it to on manually. The picture looks good slightly better than P900 within the phone itself however I have not upload it to the PC so it’s quite difficult to compare. All the other features are like any other PDA.

The battery life last around 2 days (the max) with it on 24 hours. I believe the battery is still new hence it has not reached it "true" potential. The Wifi is not as good as I wants it to be. I have tried to connect to the existing connection that we have but its quite difficult. I only managed to connect once when I am there. It could be the signal is not strong or its antenna is not as good as those found in notebook.

It cost 31,900 baht with 512 Megabyte. We managed to get VATs refund of about 1,950 baht. So far there is no complaint from my wife yet or is there??? ….

Friday, April 07, 2006

LCCT Terminal and Bangkok night sky on video

I took Air Asia during my flight to Bangkok last week. It was my first time at the LCCT
terminal. The terminal is meant for no frills airline such as Air Asia. I was looking forward to it. I was actually contemplating whether should I take the bus directly from Sentral which cost RM9 or shall I take the express rail instead which needs a connecting bus to LCCT. Finally I decided to take the express rail from sentral.

It was the usual 28 minutes journey from KL Sentral to KLIA. When I walk out from the train, I still have no idea where and how to go the bus terminal that will take me to LCCT. Instead of taking the lift, I took the escalator that where I saw this sign at the second floor.

Lucky me, so I just turn left and then I reach another sign near the stairs.

After going down the escalator, I reach the bus terminal; I headed straight to platform 8 which is actually on the right. You do not need to buy any ticket, its on sale on the bus itself. Here is a picture of the bus. From the picture you could see the console that prints out the ticket. The cost is Rm1.50 one way to LCCT.

The complain I have its that it has a waiting time of around 15 minutes and the ride itself also takes 15 minutes, in total its around 30 minutes which is longer than the ride from Sentral to KLIA.

Below is the entrance to the LCCT. On the left is our favourite restaurant McDonald and on the right is Asian Kitchen which serves typical Malaysia cuisine like nasi lemak, fried mee hoon, noodles and etc.

Inside the terminal.

An interesting banner on LCCT, just under the arrival and departure board.

The entrance to immigration.

Inside the waiting area cum gate, there are only 3 shops, one a coffee bean look alike called Cafe espresso, a small duty free shop and one health shoppe. I guess low cost means everything will be at a smaller scale, even the shop. I believe a lot of us do not mind if the shop is smaller in size as long as the services provided is accordance to the price. I have no complain with the services provided, I sat at the café for almost 45 minutes.

However I do have one complain. It’s the attitude of the staff that checks me in. Although we are at a Low Cost terminal but services should not suffer, there is no smile, just him rudely punching in the keyboard with such might it as though he is throwing a tantrum. And there is no mention of where should I go, just he circling the boarding time for himself to see and “thud” my passport and the boarding pass was dropped on the top of table with such might that I thought I murdered his parents and he was the judge. If Mr Fernandez, if you are reading this, ask them to buck up or Air Asia will be in the red in a very near future.

I believe when you walk out from the waiting area, you will immediately complain if you are the type of passengers (like me) who actually took Air Asia (buying tickets in 2 weeks time frame) to save Rm150 as oppose to taking MAS. As once pass the gate, if you are lucky, your plane could be just a 5 minutes walk, if you are not then it will be slightly below 10 minutes of dragging your luggage and some sweating.

A shot of the plane, while walking....

And bangkok night sky while I am landing on video.

News from my dining table

Sorry for not posting any updates as I have been sick for almost a week or so. I got the type of cold and sore throat that does not seems to go away.

Hence this is a bit outdated but could be the most interesting news that I have ever read, RM45 for a curry fish head. The seller claimed that it’s reasonable. What type of fish head, one that cost so much? Well it seems it’s just a Tuna Fish Head. In some countries maybe you could get a raw tuna fish head for free, some will say who will eat a fish head, well us Malaysian loves fish head cook in curry. We love it so much that we pay Rm45 for one. Honestly I have not paid that much for a fish head before, not even for a whole curry chicken or a whole curry fish. I guess it could be the way the seller cooks it with all her heart. Will you pay that much for one? News from the star.
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