Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup matches Live on Net....

I did not subscribe to Astro Sport channel and there is some matches which is not shown live in TV1 or TV2, hence I could not see some World Cup matches live. But now I heard there is a site in which you could see. Try it guys, I am trying but you need to download their player or something as I do not understand Mandarin….click this link. which will bring you to the site. Is it possible? Try! Try! Try!

*Updates at 9:30 pm* Give up half way on the above link as the download is very slow...

Or for those who is not from Malaysia and their country do not have live broadcast at all then you can also look at my previous post on Live TV1 and TV2 from Malaysia TV channel which broadcast some matches need to download anything.

*Updates at 9:30 pm*
Or you could click on this site and find some live TV from other countries which shows it live. I did not try the first link which is a bit confusing as I do not know mandarin. In this site I manage to find Live Thai TV on this site, now watching live in Thai and no downloads is needed... hahaha, Equador now 1 - 0 against Costa Rica. Oh for your information Thai TV broadcast live in differrent channel everyday or for differrent matches, which means if now is TV5, the next match could be TV9....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Simple Pleasures Tag.

I got tagged by Consuela. First I would like to say sorry for doing this late, as in Bangkok there are a few days without internet access.


1. Name ten (10) of life's simple pleasures that you like the most;
2. Then pick ten (10) people to do the same; I will skip this part.
3. And try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

Consuela did a very good job in doing this with photos, I will do mine the basic way with just text.

1. Taking Photos, I love taking photos, nothing excite me more than capturing the moment in photos. Photos of food, scenery, faces and etc, I am hoping to buy a good camera with a good zoom as I am a bit shy to take photos of human hence I need a good zoom lens to help me bring the object nearer. I believe photos are our extended memory.

2. Eating lunch or dinner with families, nowadays we spend more time with our colleague, our PC and our work, dinner is the only time we could really sits down with the family. That’s where we could really have some quality time.

3. Walking and laze around in shopping complex, I love spending time in shopping complex; it could be that I am intrigue by human activities in their act of shopping for things. I love watching them walking pass by with their best outfits as it’s like an open catwalk.

4. Travelling, this is where we are exposed to another world. A world that is different from us. We humans are born explorer, we love to seek and try something new, and we do not like idling away. Hence travelling is for us to seek adventure and to learn new things of how another human being live in another part of the world.

5. Watching DVD or movies, the 4th dimension of our 3 dimension world where we could die and alive another day. A world that is fill with glitter. A world that that is created by thoughts and imagination.

6. Surfing the net, a place where almost a major population of the world converge. A world where knowledge is layout in bits and bytes, allowing us to search for it. A channel for us to explore, find, verify and research.

7. Watching Cooking shows, my favourite cooking shows now is Iron Chef. I am not sure why but by watching shows such as this I believe it gives my some kinda of pleasure, although I might not be able to taste the cooking but knowing how it was cooked gives me a high.

8. Buying things, this is my ultimate therapy, a reason for me to continue working. I believe this increases my endorphins level. If I have the money I could imagine shopping non-stop for the whole day.

9. Writing, believe it or not I love writing. I am a man of few words hence I used writing to pour my thoughts out. When words were written and express the way I wants, I feel fulfil.

10. Listening to radio, the music and chats by the Deejay pulls me into another dimension. It brings excitement out of my morning and evening drive to and from work.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Fireworks in photo

Some of the good Fireworks photos taken, the high resolution is found in my photo blog.

Fireworks in Video

This video was taken in front of my house.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Four Face Buddha (New) Picture update

First post on it being destroyed and second post, with the pictures in its place. And below is the picture updates on the new fours face buddha.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Who cut my Cord?

My eyes were tightly shut. I guess I have yet to get accustom to a bright environment, the light were piercing in via my eye lid. I am not sure why I need to be outside here instead in my cocoon. Those lights were tempting but I prefer the darkness and stability of my cocoon. All I need to do is to wait for my food to come. Now I need to do my part, suck it up, what a dog eat dog world. Yeap, now I need to suck to feed myself. The cocoon were warm and it remains in a stable temperature as compare to out here, sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold. I wished I am back in my cocoon.

I heard footsteps again, its sounds unfamiliar, sounds like its walking towards my direction. Lets hope it not one of those gigantic creature again if not I will need to defend myself again. Hey! Don’t touch me; I am not a toy you know. Keep your hands off me. Hey! Don’t pinch me, stop it else you will regret it. Poot! Poot!, there you go, you asked for it. My defense system is on full alert. This is just a warning, I have more. You touch or pinch me again; I will give more to you.

As I was looking at this little creature on the make shift bed on the floor, he looks innocent, just 3 days old. I am not sure why they pass out slimy yellowish and sometimes greenish liquid so often. Maybe their little stomach is still weak and still adjusting to the food. I do pity them though, with this constant disturbance from visitors, how do they rest. As he was resting on his mum strong and caring arm, sucking onto the nipple for his food, I wonder how does he knows that he needs to suck for his food after spending 9 months nestle in his mummy stomach?

My sister in law, 3 days old son……

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Souvenirs from an unforgettable weekend

Last Sunday was one weekend filled with uncertainty and frightening thoughts, one which I do not like to repeat. Its actually reflects on my previous post Life is Fragile. On any typical Sunday in Malaysia, I will normally wake up and have my morning pee and then roll back into my “bunker” and watch the morning TV until, my bun is burnt by the morning sun.

Last Sunday was on the way to be a typical Sunday morning that is until, I woke up after my usual tussle with Rocky impersonating as my bolster, leaning heavily on the bed, with my surroundings spinning fast. It was like I was just KO by Rocky. I have lost my sense of balance. My first thought is that aiyah I am hit by Vertigo again. An illness I first experienced about 8 years ago while I was implementing an integrated IT solution for one of the leading Islamic bank in Malaysia. After a continuous month of late nights station at the bank IT center, I was experiencing spell of uncontrolled dizziness which could not be subdue by just swallowing panadols. My family doctor told me that I have Vertigo, which sounds like a name of a colour just like blue and purple.

However this time around, I felt different, not only the wall around me spinning and dancing around but I was perspiring, breathless and after a while I felt limb. Am I experiencing a heart attack? Is my time up? I shouted for my sister and I tried to reach for the phone to call my wife. I tried and tried but my hands and legs were hijacked from me. I could not command it to reach over and get the phone from the other side of the bed. I shouted again for my sister. I lay back down on the bed. My palm and hands were cold, felt like I have been stuck in a fridge for a long time. Sweats were emerging from my forehead like a tap has just been turned on.

My sister finally woke up, dragging her feet out from her room. I shouted at her that something is wrong with me. I asked for my phone. I called my wife, telling her that I am not feeling well. After a few calls, she decided to take the first flight back here. I slowly muster enough energy to change with the help of my sister, with one side of my head tilted to my right, not sure why it felt better in that position, I slowly make my way to the lift with my sister. We reached the outside of Gleneagles Accident and Emergency entrance in less than 15 minutes. My head is still tilted to my right as I staggered in.

The Medical officer on duty, point me to the nearest bed available. I told him what had happened and my worry of having a heart attack. I was then hooked up to the ECG machine and sounds of my heart translated to beeping sound were heard. I could hear that my heart beats was a bit abnormal, beep, beep, beep and then a stop and then it continues again beep, beep, beep and then it stops for a while and continues again. After my Blood Pressure (BP), pulse, total oxygen and ECG was taken, I could sense the attending nurses were slightly relaxed after the initial urgency. I felt reassure as this could be a good sign. I asked for my BP readings it was 127 and 83. Its normal and then I asked for my ECG readings. I was told that the doctor will talked to me about it later.

I was then pushed to the doctor’s room. I was told that I could have suffered from food reaction. I frowned; I told him that it felts more like Vertigo or heart attack as I have not taken anything since yesterday night. He told me all my vital signs are normal except that my ECG shows some breathing problem in which it was reported as marked with Sinus arrhythmia. I was then being injected with something to reduce my dizziness and my blood was also taken for counts of cardiac arrest enzyme. I was wheeled to a partition and was put onto a bed, waiting for the blood result.

After an hour plus, I was backed in the doctor room, he told me everything was fine for now and I could go back and he will write a letter of reference to see an ENT. I saw the ENT on Wednesday and was diagnosed with having Deviated Nasal Septum and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. That is after some lectures of how the brain got disoriented by having mix input from my senses and some gadgets thrust into my nostril. Details of RM is RM302 at the Accident and Emergency (Plus) RM190 at the ENT (Plus) RM1800 for my wife ticket back here with a total of RM2292 for a weekend Fun. Below are the souvenirs. Oh BTW I am on medical leave today.....

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