Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Simple Pleasures Tag.

I got tagged by Consuela. First I would like to say sorry for doing this late, as in Bangkok there are a few days without internet access.


1. Name ten (10) of life's simple pleasures that you like the most;
2. Then pick ten (10) people to do the same; I will skip this part.
3. And try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

Consuela did a very good job in doing this with photos, I will do mine the basic way with just text.

1. Taking Photos, I love taking photos, nothing excite me more than capturing the moment in photos. Photos of food, scenery, faces and etc, I am hoping to buy a good camera with a good zoom as I am a bit shy to take photos of human hence I need a good zoom lens to help me bring the object nearer. I believe photos are our extended memory.

2. Eating lunch or dinner with families, nowadays we spend more time with our colleague, our PC and our work, dinner is the only time we could really sits down with the family. That’s where we could really have some quality time.

3. Walking and laze around in shopping complex, I love spending time in shopping complex; it could be that I am intrigue by human activities in their act of shopping for things. I love watching them walking pass by with their best outfits as it’s like an open catwalk.

4. Travelling, this is where we are exposed to another world. A world that is different from us. We humans are born explorer, we love to seek and try something new, and we do not like idling away. Hence travelling is for us to seek adventure and to learn new things of how another human being live in another part of the world.

5. Watching DVD or movies, the 4th dimension of our 3 dimension world where we could die and alive another day. A world that is fill with glitter. A world that that is created by thoughts and imagination.

6. Surfing the net, a place where almost a major population of the world converge. A world where knowledge is layout in bits and bytes, allowing us to search for it. A channel for us to explore, find, verify and research.

7. Watching Cooking shows, my favourite cooking shows now is Iron Chef. I am not sure why but by watching shows such as this I believe it gives my some kinda of pleasure, although I might not be able to taste the cooking but knowing how it was cooked gives me a high.

8. Buying things, this is my ultimate therapy, a reason for me to continue working. I believe this increases my endorphins level. If I have the money I could imagine shopping non-stop for the whole day.

9. Writing, believe it or not I love writing. I am a man of few words hence I used writing to pour my thoughts out. When words were written and express the way I wants, I feel fulfil.

10. Listening to radio, the music and chats by the Deejay pulls me into another dimension. It brings excitement out of my morning and evening drive to and from work.


leecs said...

pak soo,
i do most of the activities in your list leh :)

c o n s u e l a said...

nice list ~ we share a lot of similarities :)

thank you very much for playing along!!

SooHK said...

LeeCS, oh is it...

consuela, Thanks passing to me also..I love writing this post ya...

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