Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Bangkok International Airport Transportation Guide (Suvannabhumi Airport)

This End of September I will be going to Bangkok and I am not sure if its fortunate or unfortunate I will be flying to the Bangkok new airport on the same day that it has its grand opening for international flights or full scale commercial service. My wife emails me a nice guide, which has information on public transport. I managed to find it also at

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Land of Zorro or Zorroine and Petrol price

We are in heaven. We walked among beings that float on cloud. Ah! This ain’t no cloud, this is haze. Yeap, we are again surrounding by dust particles. I guess the header “When to go” in lonely planet site could probably change to “To visit in the time of Aug to Sept, where you can walk inside ‘clouds’. You can pretend to be Zorro or Zorroine and nobody will care. You are require to wear mask at all times to truly reflect the Zorro Culture”

Since yesterday I have already use my old air filter and open it in full blast in my living area. I could feel my breathing becoming less smooth even I am with my nasal spray. My nasal passage is fill with “gold”, I guess I might need a “gold digger” to dig it out. For those who have no problem with breathing, I guess u might not understand. Each smooth breath is rare as hitting an oil field.

Talking about oil or petrol, I read an article recently; there is a possibility that the high price of petrol could be due to the manipulation of someone. If you do remember in 1997 financial crisis the economy of some South East Asia countries like Thailand. Indonesia and Malaysia almost got wipe out by the currency manipulator. Most countries are now more prudent and have put in place some risk management process in regards to currency fluctuation hence the manipulator would need to find another “item” to grow their money.

Petrol could be the “item” that they are now playing with. Petrol is a commodity hence it opens to manipulator. Hence we might seen or in the area of the “peak” price of petrol. And as always, everything goes up might comes down. Is there a possibility that oil countries will suffer the same fate as those countries during the 1997 financial crisis? There could be a 200x oil crisis…………….

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A belated post on World Cup…..

There are some who says watching football is wasting time as all we could see is 22 players kicking and chasing a round thing. When I was young I used to play football along the corridor of my flat. For those who have ever played football, getting the ball past the opponent goalkeeper and in between the post, is a feeling that you could not get from doing any other things. Even if the post is make of 2 tree trunks or slippers strategically position opposite each other, the ommh…you get cannot be describe.

9th July ended the month long of ball kicking. It was won by Italy. What have some of us got as souvenirs on this world cup? Some have panda eyes due to the late nights. Some got Brazil jersey. My wife bought for my sister a set of BTS (Thailand LRT card) of the 11 “pepsi” players.

Below is 2 of the famous one......

Should I? Should I?

3 weeks ago as my wife and I were walking around Mid Valley, we came across a road show on a particular “toy”. I have been dreaming of owning this toy for quite sometime. We have even bought one in Thailand recently. It’s not exactly the same type but its close. I guess before long I will be buying one for my Malaysia home but I have never guess that 3 weeks ago that day is the day that I would splurge my hard earned RM on one.

That day started off with an innocent “look see” altitude until I saw the road show. As I walked into the shop my brain has already started swirling with “should I? should I?”. I asked the particular salesgirl if there is any promotion. She said there is a cash voucher of Rm200. After touching it, viewing it, I walked out from the shop with more “should I? should I?”. As we walked around shopping for others things, my mind continues swirling. Guess what, after many round of “should I? should I?” finally this 32 inch black beauty (on the left) now resides in my bedroom.

What is the different between the 42 inch, 3 LCD projection TV (on the right) and the 32 inch LCD? So far the 32 inch is smaller but it’s sharper. Less “square” was seen when the action is fast. It’s still got the blur effect when you look at it in a close distance. I have hook it up to my notebook it seems quite ok. Hence my verdict is the 32 inch LCD TV is better in terms of picture quality, it just got the extra omph to it.
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