Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Perfume, which one are you using?

Did you remember your first perfume? And when you start using one? I started using perfume after I reached 22 years old. I remember my first perfume is called Safari from polo. The bottle was quite normal, it’s transparent but there are some patterns on the surface that gives it a classy look. I bought it at Metro Jaya Bukit Bintang.

It took me weeks of careful thinking and multiple “scouting” trips before I plunged myself into the world of perfume. As my initial na├»ve thoughts is that guys should never use an artificial scent to cover up their natural ones as there is always a saying, that men radiates a kind of smell that actually attracts women, hahaha. I guess what pushes me into it, is a “new” girl in the office.

As you guys aware, based on my looks (look at my profile) I could only moves grasses and not mountains, hence I need to have some kind of “thing” to gives me the “Edge”. After weeks of reading girlie magazine like female and vogue, I have finally concluded that perfume is the “edge” that could actually propel me from a nobody to a “Valentino”.

Anyway it was a good start until it was the time to use it, how the hell am I going to use it? Where should I spray it onto? Which part of the body should be the ideal place? Armpit, ankle, neck, wrists, body, argh too many places to spray to, finally I decided to just spray in onto my shirt instead. 5 presses of the button in the front and 5 presses of the button on that back, that should do it, I thought. It proves to be a disaster that have actually imprinted one of the most embarrassing moment in my life.

On that day (on my first day of using it), I was rushing to work, hence I took a cab. At that time I was working somewhere near Subang. I remember I was at the vicinity area of Subang parade. After almost 30 minutes, I manage to wave down a cab that is willing to take me. It was refreshing to feel the cool air rushing out when I opened the cab door. I sat in the cab soaking up the cool air and DJ voice from the FM radio for around 10 minutes when I realise that the air in the cab seems to be getting warmer.

It was then that I get a glimpse at the driver window. It has been lower down, creating an influx of hot air springing from the tar pavement rushing it swallowing the cool air from the air condition. So I politely ask the driver “Could you close the window? It’s hot in here”. He turns his head to look at me, and he shouted “Cannot, your perfume is suffocating me…”. Argh…., he then goes on lecturing and advising me on the how to use, which brand to buy and etc. I spend the whole journey trying to ignore his yakking and I was covering my front hoping that it will block the smell reaching his nose.

I am not sure why I choose Safaris over others; I guess I could be too intoxicated by the dozen of perfume that I tried until it clouded my judgement. Anyway I guess is the way I used it and not the quality of the perfume itself that have created this embarrassing chapter in my life. I just bought a new perfume from Body Shop, it cost Rm80 after 10 percent discount, the smell is quite mild, it is called Kistna……

Monday, May 30, 2005

Hair Cut

As we grow older, we could feel that there are a lot changes to ourselves, from the type of meals we ate to fashion. When I was small I used to cut my hair at a place behind the flat that I stayed. The shop is a place that most of us look at it as a place that is fill with adventure. The path leading to it is full of grass that is as high as me, at that time I was around 5 feet tall. The place itself is a wooden shack; its walls and roof are made of wood.

It is advisable to go there on a sunny day. As the top looks like it has went through a hurricane. You could see lights of sunshine shinning in, creating an interesting array of shadows on the floor. There are times you could see that it has a life of itself, given by the greens that have engulfed it. As the winds blows, the leaf sways to a beat and it brought life to the shadows on the floor.

The grass on the outside itself is actually a sanctuary for frogs, lizards and snakes. There are times, I could see, lizards running around and occasionally snakes on the side wriggling its way to some holes. I am not sure why I went there to have my haircut. Maybe it’s the influence of my dad and some of my friends. The barber is a man in his forties. His hair itself is those that I called “high slope”. The back is “slope” up until you could see the flesh. The top remains with a handful of hairs.

Almost every one of us that walk away from the shop, share the same hairstyles as the barber. I guess it could be its trademark, like a stamp by its owner. We will also have white powder on our shoulder as it does not come with a wash, so normally the barber will slap some baby powder to dust off the hair that stuck around our neck and shoulder. I could still picture that old chair in the middle of the shack and the wooden box on the side which we will sit while waiting, reading magazine. Oh also there are those nice calendar with pretty and “expose” girls to look at.

I have stopped visiting the place when I reached secondary school. My mom took over as my barber and stylist. I kind of like it as it gives me the freedom of expressing my own style, there are times my mom manage to cut according to my “Specification” and also there are times not. It’s an adventure. I still remember when I was in form five; I have created one style that was quite interesting.

I am the type that goes against the norm and also the type that thinks that they are the fashion leaders. At that time the crowd are into a hairstyle that has a tail shape at the back. The surrounding hair was short but the tail is long, it’s like a Kite. So in one of those hair cut session I told my mom that I want to be different, so instead of having the tail at the back, I have it in front. My hair will be cut very short except for a few strands of hairs in front. I kept the style for almost a year, the few strands of hair grows until my chin, and it looks punky as I will comb it to the side when I was in school.

Those were the days, the era of punk. As I grow older and as my salary increases I went and have my hair cut in saloons. Sitting in a nice air condition place having my hair wash, listening to Kenny G at the background with a cup of tea served. I have just had my hair cut in a place called A Cut Above in Mid Valley. Somehow I still miss those shadows on the floor…..

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Colour hair

I realise something, when I walk along places like Sungai Wang or petaling street, I could see a lot of people having their hair colour in some striking colours like blonde, red, brown and some multiple colour. What makes someone colour their hair? Has it become a fashion thing? Or they are bored with their hair colour?

In the old days I have seen my mom colour her friend’s hair. She colour it black as she is having a lot of white hairs. In those days the only colour you could choose is black. I remember the stench from the colouring. According to my mother, the liquid is make of horse urine, I am not sure if that is true, hahaha but the smell is real bad. If it’s not horse urine it could be some other animal urine.

Now I could see a lot of colours being offered in the store like Watson, Guardian and etc. It’s almost in the range of rainbow colour. I guess some wants to become David Beckham, so they have their hair dye blond. Or some, who follows the Hong Kong fashion scene, will look at Sammi cheng for her red hair as inspiration. My wife colour hers almost every 3 months or so. My sister also did hers maybe every 4 to 5 few months.

My sister is one those who likes to look east to Hong Kong for the latest fashion. My wife does it because of her stubborn hair that turns white quite often. So far I have yet to jump into this bandwagon of wanting to become someone else or because of my hair turning white. So far in my 37 years of human lives I have only come across less than 5 white hairs. I remember there is once that was a lone ranger white hair standing in the middle of my big head. It did manage to get some comments from some of the thai staff who then ask my wife, why I did not cut it off. I reply it’s for good luck, hahaha ………… So what inspire you guys to have it done.

This is my wife while she is cooking......Look at the colour, its brownish.

This is my sister, a bit umm red I guess....

Friday, May 27, 2005

Some more BKK photos..

Below is some photos of Bangkok that I have taken.

This shows the Chao Phraya river. You could see the BTS Saphan Taksin station. Its the last station on the silom line. You could also see some of the high end condos that is on the side of the river and also a glimpse of Shangrila hotel on the right corner. I love to look at the river, just like looking at the sea. It gives a calm feeling....

This shows the cargo ferry and also the tennis court in Shangrila hotel. This rivers also ferries a lot of passengers daily. Its one of the cheapest mode of transport. I used to take it to goes to places like the angkor wat, grand palace and sometimes china town.

A night scene...on a busy day..During my days in the projects when I was left alone (I goes back to malaysia only once a month), I used to walk along the streets at night to absord the night scene of bkk. It gives you a better idea of bkk occupants, slugging on the crowded streets and eating on the roadside stalls...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

What makes durian so irresistible?

I love durian although I could not eat it now. I was told is “poison” in terms of Chinese eating habit. It could cause pimples so it’s a no no to people like us. I used to love it so much I have once eaten until I was too full and vomit. At that time I was around 13 years old. My mom bought a whole basket and my family have only 4 people. I could not remember how many I have eaten; all I remember is that I spend around 15 minutes vomiting in the toilet.

I have yet to come across someone in Malaysia who does not like durian. If you are avid fans of Hong Kong movies or drama, you will notice that they mention that durian is for certain group of people, like the famous smelly tofu. I have been to Hong Kong twice but I have yet to try it, I guess its like durian, once you try it you will love it.

The durian business has since grown and matures to having numbers denoting its grades like the famous D24 or etc. I do not remember having such numbering system when I was young; all I remember is that my mom will actually choose by shaking, hearing and smelling the durian. It seems choosing good durian it’s an art by itself, some said you got to look at the thorn and also the shape. Any durian expert out there that wants to share their expertise?

Even eating durian, it’s an art. Some ate and suck until all the meat is gone and some left meat around the seeds. I remember I was told after eating durian; one should take an empty durian and pour some water in it and drank it. This they say will lessen the “heat”, some will eat mangosteen instead.

The best durian I ever eaten is thai durian, especially the muan thong which means golden pillow. It’s big and the seed is small. Thai loves their durian raw and hard, we Malaysian loves it soft. So when I was in Thailand I will usually buy those that is ready to be thrown away, it’s a lot cheaper. So what makes durian irresistible? To me it’s the feel of the meat melting away in my mouth and the sweet smell that comes with it, umm yummy…..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Back to Malaysia & some food pic...

I will be going back to Malaysia today after 4 days and 4 nights in Bangkok. I bought an air conditioner for my house which cost me around 28,000 baht and oversees a white ant treatment. This past few days we went to world trade and the mall near my house.

We have gone to 3 eateries and below are some food that my wife and I ate. I guess I will be back to my normal kind of posting instead of post fill with pictures. Actually what type of post is preferred? One fills with pictures or words?

The first day we were at Black Canyon, one of the famous eatery which has since expand to Malaysia. I saw this nice looking piece of round shape paper below my mineral water bottle. Umm it saids a drink from paradise, hahaha actually its refering to its famous coffee.

My wife ordered a chicken salad. It comes with 2 cute little tomatos, chicken nicely done and of course the lettuce. The restaurant has a cowboy feel with it. The chairs and tables is all made of wood even the wood.

The next day we were at S&P. My wife ordered a Green Chicken Curry with noodles. I used to love this dish, last time my mother in-law will cooked it for me each time when I was there. The dish also comes with salted egg.

I ordered a Caesar Salad that comes with cheese, bread crumbs, cut sausage and lettuce. I just took the lettuce. After eating it I still fill empty hence I ordered the egg, tomato sandwich.

There are a lot of other interesting and delicious thai food but too bad I am still on this special diet......

Monday, May 23, 2005

White Band

If you guys notice, my site has just "wear" the white band. The white band is for make proverty history. Click on if for more information....

Pictures of Bangkok clear sky

Yesterday when I woke up I was feeling a bit tired maybe because I arrived late the day before. When I opened the curtain, this is what greeted me, Bangkok clear skies. It was so clear until I could see the far end of Bangkok. Bangkok is known to be a city without mountain. Soo believe it or not?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Miss Universe at Intercontinental hotel

I was walking towards Central Chidlom when I saw a group of people was leaning over the divider looking rather excited. My first thought is that, could it be fire? When I look over and I saw the Miss Universe candidates was walking towards the Intercontinental Hotel entrance. I look at my wife and told her “photo opportunity”….so below is some photos I got, too bad the camera do not have a zoom function.

Musical Baton

I got this from Agent X, according to him this baton should be passed when its hot, like food, we should eat it when its hot. So no choice lor, gotta used my wife IPOD instead of my Think Pad as I am in BKK.

Total volume of music files on my wife computer:
12.46 GB - 3203 songs, 9 days 0 hours 25 minutes and 10 seconds of music

The last CD I bought was:
The Best of Visage - Visage (English). (Actually I bought 5)

Song playing right now:
Every Breath You Take - The Police

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

1. Every Breath You Take by The Police
2. Come Away With Me by Norah Jones
3. Wait by Danny Chan (Cantonese)
4. Only You by Yazoo
5. Get The Balance Right by Depeche Modee

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:
Ms Jumbled Mind
Lay Peng
Lee Cheen Siong
Tan Chun Wei

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Clearest Sky I ever seen in BKK

Yesterday while I was on the plane to BKK, I saw the clearest sky ever in BKK. The plane was about to land and it was around 10:15 pm Malaysian and 9:15 pm Thailand time. I have been to Bkk countless time but yesterday was a sight that makes me think that I am in heaven. Too bad I could not share with you guys as I do not have a digital camera, my next dream toy. My wife has one though hahaha.

It was quite an amazing display of lights. It looks like blood veins lighted up (cause by x-ray dye) in a CT scan process. The lights from the lamp post were like dots in a big puzzle ready to be connected. It went on endlessly with thousands street lights converging into the end of the earth horizon. The “lights display” was enhanced with the occasionally lights coming from planes gliding slowly in the night sky and also by the lights from the vessels and sampans below near the port.

My wife told me it’s probably due to continuous pounding of rains drops for days that have also choked the city traffic. This morning was back to the dull bkk with the rain clouds building its ammunition ready to pound the ground again. Now I am in the apartment sitting in a comfy chair blogging using my wife fujitsu notebook. I will be going back to my house to wait for the white ants terminator. I just hope on our way there, we will not get wet. This white ant is really a pest sometimes, it kept coming and coming, I hope the mutant cells in my body are not like that.

Wabbit added to my blog roll

Aileen blog owner of where is the wabbit?, below is descriptions taken from her blog

"My name is Aileen and i go by the pseudonym Wabbit who is really my alter ego. I am a fresh Graduate (though i will hardly call myself 'fresh' if i remain in a state of idleness any longer!!) seeking my life's calling...
Nevertheless, i believe i will be able to regale you with stories of my 'adventures', which can be anything from a trip to the toilet to my encounter with death....
ok! ok! i have not been near death as yet but my dad assures me i will soon know the feeling if i do not start 'putting my education to use, if any!!!' Alas, I reckon i'll just blog myself silly to shut him out...
speak to the wabbit if u must! "

Thursday, May 19, 2005


I am off to Bangkok again for a few days. Sawadee Krap! My notebook will be packed neatly in my cupboard..


In KL city centre there are a lot of historical buildings or shops that are still operating. Within them, there are numerous small little streets that were meant for pedestrian. There lies a hidden trail that are filled with small little food shops. The best way to know KL city is to goes down to this area, to get a feel of the city pulse.

During lunch time, most of the shops are filled with customer feasting on some mamak fried mee or rice, special fried chicken, fried fish, numerous types of curries accompany with plain rice. This is of course is eat together with their favourite teh tarik, black coffee or sometimes Chinese tea with ice or merely plain boil water. Normally the waiter is some foul mouthed old man that clad the famous pagoda tees, baggy shorts and Japanese slippers.

Most of the customers were from the surrounding offices, they are there to fill up their stomach after spending the first half of the day maybe crammed in some small office space working. Across the street, whereby a much newer ultra modern building stands there are numerous food stores that are air conditioned, that probably serves water from a green bottle that was overly priced and you are most likely serve by a smartly dressed black and white waiters or waitress that looks like is ready for a ball. The shops might be offering some thai fried rice in pineapple or some steaks or food that was so nicely decorated that by eating them is a sin.

Within these 2 highly contrast shops there lies a 2 groups of customer, one that is enjoying its food accompany by the sound of taxis and bus honking and probably the food comes along with some dust. And another that is sitting in nice comfy environment with Kenny G playing from the piped in speakers. Both of these groups make different choices. Their choices might be due to the “restriction” of their income but they are there to do one thing that is to fill up their stomach, feeding their body with enough energy to last them for the other half of the day.

All of us are heading towards the same ending, but some chooses to stop a while on the side to smell the flowers and some chooses to speed across without looking around. All of us arrive at the same finish line; we choose to arrive by different routes and way. I am not sure how long the distance that I have to go, it might be short or it might be long but “A” or Sis if you read this, I choose to spend it wisely with you guys although sometimes I might be a bit hot headed and stubborn but I am still learning to choose and live wisely. My mom and dad has reached there first they are waiting for us but I am choosing a path that is filled with flowers for me to smell, so they might be waiting a bit longer but I think they do not mind.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Do you want Rm12 Million?

We worked and slog hard for only one thing. One thing that starts with the letter M, money. What is the attraction about this piece of paper or coins? What causes us to do what we do to get it? Sometimes it even causes us sleepless nights thinking about ways to increase it.

Figures in the bank are just 0123456789, nothing more but it has the attraction and the power to make us do things that contradict our principle and beliefs. If we are talking about living, most of us have enough to buy ourselves a decent meal but we wants more. We want meal with shark fin, abalone, crabs, and prawns. There are tines the food on the table is more than twice enough.

There is this joke; this incidence happens in a resort that is situated near a fishing village. It’s about a friend asking this up and coming executive on what drives him to push forward, to perform day in and day out and sometimes sacrificing family time. He and this person was sitting beside the jetty, there are a lot of fisherman returning from their daily trips bringing their catch. Their families were there to welcome them back.

He said he dreams of a life whereby he would sit down daily and enjoy the sea side, to feel the breeze blowing to his face, pushing his hair back. As they spoke, the sea breeze carries the warm air from the sea splashing onto their face. The executive adds “Like now”. He continues his story; he said he would like to wake up to the sunshine, to go out to the sea to catch some fish when he feels hungry. He would then play with his children and enjoy hearing them laughing until the sunset. His friend thinks for a while and look at the distance and he saw the fisherman playing around with his children. He thinks about what the executive has said and comparing it with what the fisherman is doing now and daily. He ask his friends this question “Is it like that?” pointing towards the fisherman that was laughing together with their families. The executive was speechless….

For those poor people like me, now you could have the chance. Go out and visit the nearest Toto booth and tell the cashier “one lucky pick for 49”. Now the Jackpot price has reached Rm12 million. It’s either you or me……. Dream on….

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Is our water safe?

I passed by the Klang river daily, which flows across the city centre. The colour of the river is quite brownish. I am not sure in the olden days, where does the city dweller get their water supply. Maybe by collecting via rain or from river? I guess in those days the river is quite clean and usable for daily usage.

In Thailand, there are some rural areas that are still using rivers as their main source. They will pump the water from the river and let it resides in a container. They will not use it immediately; they will wait for a time to let the particles to slowly float down to the bottom of the container. These waters are used to wash plates, bath and etc. For drinking, it is taken from a well. I am not sure this scenario exists in Malaysia as I do not really goes to any rural areas.

When I was young, my family has been using the water straight from the tap for our daily usage. We boiled it and drank it. We used it to cook and also to bath. In those days there are no additional charges for water treatments. Now we have such charges billed to us on a half yearly or yearly basis. Now we have water filters, with numerous filtration or cleansing system like carbon, ceramic, reverse osmosis, distilled, ultraviolet and etc. Basically this is to ensure that whatever we consume is clean of harmful materials like chlorine, bacteria, viruses and etc.

Some of these filter cost above Rm2,000 and some below. The basic one is at least around Rm100 to Rm200. Some of us who stays in a landed area might install 2 systems. One is outside immediately from the water source with the objective of making all the water “clean” including water used for washing, bathing, brushing and etc. It is also used to protect the filter inside which is meant for the water source that is used for cooking.

My house has only one filtration system installed at the water source that is meant for cooking. Every week, I will spend around 15 minutes cleaning it. Mine is a 6 ways filtration system and only one filter is cleanable. It is suppose to be one of those that could drink directly after it was filtered without boiling. However I have tried but I have encounter numerous problem like “wind” in the stomach and etc.

We are not heavy users as most of the time we are working and we have only 2 “permanent” occupants and one on weekend. Every week without fail the filter looks like it has filter some drain water. I was told that it is chlorine. We are a third world country moving towards the status of a developed country. I hope one day our water system is clean enough for us to drink from the tap.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I usually eat dinner at my cousin place on weekdays. They are kind enough to cook for me without asking for any money. I did offer paying them certain amount of money as sometimes it’s not nice and I am a bit shy as I am still working. They always gives the reason that we are relatives and my family is the one and only cousin. I have been going there regularly and today I was there quite early as it was drizzling when I left the office.

When I reached there, I saw a lot of people gazing at an apartment located on the third floor. After stopping my car, I walk out and take a peep. To my horror, I saw that the unit looks like it has just gone through a terrorist attack. The window and the grilles were missing. The curtain was falling all over. There were no longer a balcony; it seems the wall was also blown off. It was pitch black inside.

My cousin were one of the onlookers, she relate to me a tales of suicide. It seems the lady that was renting the place has tried to blown herself up by making use of the cooking gas cylinder. It was in the morning. According to her, it was quite loud just like a bomb blast. There were dark smokes billowing all over the place, fires were spitting out from all the windows, luckily it was managed to be controlled within a few minutes. It was like a war zone. Glasses were flying all over the place, my cousin car got smashed on the windscreen and it was dented all over. The car was at the ground floor and it was 30 feet away. According to my cousin the glasses were from the window that was shatter due to the explosion. Luckily there were no passers by.

It seems the lady got 70 percent burnt on her body, someone saw her sitting down and crying after the explosion. My sister was quite curious why someone uses this way to commit suicide as its quite painful. My thought is nobody will understand what is going on someone mind when they reached a stage whereby to them there is no solution, there is no point of return, just like facing a wall in front of you and you cannot do anything about it and it was crashing down on you and suffocating you. I have posted this in one of my earlier posting in regards to Leslie Cheung suicide.

However I am still a bit sceptical, it’s not a way, that someone should take their lives. I guess it could be an accident. She might have tried to cook herself some food, she might have opened the gas switch and ready to light the fire when maybe the phone rang. She must have talked for some time before she went back and then when she clicked the fire button, it exploded. Anyway I hope she will be alright…….

Sunday, May 15, 2005

How To Start Your Day With Positive Outlook

I got this one from a fellow MOL...

1. Open a new file in your PC.
2. Name it "Housework."
3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN
4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN
5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?"
6. Answer calmly, "Yes," and press the mouse button firmly....
7. Feel better?

I guess we could changed it to Dateline, Sickness, stress, pimples and the list goes on....

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Q & A continue to wiggle...

The Q and A continue its way, wiggling across blocks of notebook and computer, it has so far wiggle to Tan Chun Wei, Lay Peng and now it has been answered by SimTan, who has passed on to Hui Ying who has also answered it.

Along the way it has gathered information, information about its author that allows us to understand them more. As in most “intelligent” Q & A there are some hidden question which if it’s answered truly will actually provide enough information for us to paint a logical picture of them, connecting the dots which will finally create a logical profile of the author characters.

Some of the question which may sounds silly but in actual fact, it helps to bring out the “true” side of the author, which will “direct” them to answer the actual question which was hidden among the long list. Am I making this up? Hahaha, this is how I feel when I was answering it, a flicker of imaginary thoughts and ideas, or is it true.

Do you know the colours you like actually helps people in the FBI or CIA to profile a person characters? I heard someone screaming at the back, this guy seen too many cops’ stories until he has gone insane. There are questions in between the long list which is used to cross check the answers provided for the actual questions. Look carefully at the question, guys. Do you notice any questions that do that? Open your eyes and put on your FBI cap. Just use the answer as a basis, like colours, place, foods and etc. Does some question although it looks different but the answer is always referring to the same thing?

Fiction or facts, is for me to know and for you to find out. In the mean time you guys just treat this as just another post by an insane guy who has crossed the line of reality to fiction. Who has made a post out of Q & A, who read too many Dan Brown books. Or you could picture me cracking my notebook keyboards writing notes on each individual who answer the question and coming out with a profile. Hahaha I am actually a representative from a bank in the city trying to promote their credit card who instead of relying on their CRM system has actually comes out with a Q & A to profile their customer. Do you guys have a similarity, like the same credit card from the same bank?

Again fiction or facts…………….you guys decide, I am just an insane blogger.

New additions to my blog roll

I have added Lynne to my blog roll. Her recent post on panties caught my attention, an interesting story.

I have also added Hu Ying an ex colleague who is from Port Diskson, a place that we used to go for its beaches.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Adventure at KLCC

Today I went to KLCC, I do not have any specific destination and reason. I just want to walk around at least to burn away the boring feelings. If not I will be in the office looking at documents. When I reached there, the first place I passed by was Isetan, it is still having its sales but it looks like it’s quite deserted.

I was there during the members sales, it was mayhem then. It was like as though a troop of armies has descended and their mission is to buy everything at sight. I did not go in this time around maybe it’s lacking of people shuffling around, digging at the piles of clothes, fishing for the correct size like in a fishing competition that create a negative effect in my “window shopping” mind. The emptiness and lack of “competition” has created that effect, I guess when there is someone fighting for the same thing, it’s more fun.

I continue to walk along the main path until I reached the concourse. On the side there is a promotion on Nikon digital camera. Umm digital camera is my next dream toy, so I open my arms like a crab ready to pounce on the table that was filled with all the cute and colourful cameras. I hope this moves will scare away some of the people that is blocking my way. Umm this people still did not bulge, it’s like their feet is screw on the floor. I guess the camera has really mesmerized them to that extent. Oh maybe just get the price list first I thought, my hand was already on the way wiggling among bodies. I got it…looks at the price; Nikon D70s is around Rm4088, aiyah ok sayonara, maybe next time mate.

So what next? I was circling around the concourse when the red brick that was in my pocket, move left and right triggering my side of the brain that was music inclined. Which then control my feet to turn left, passing by KFC and towards a store with the red colour words that spell T O W E R r e c o r d s. I walk in and was immediately greeted by a very friendly malay gentlemen. I then proceed to the music CD area and a sign immediately caught my eyes. It said “CD, VCD, DVD at a price from RM 15.99 to Rm 49.90”. I was like aiyah it must be those old ones, maybe CDs that contains songs that was sang by some unknown singer. Anyway no harm browsing..and this is what I got, 5 CDs……aiyah next time better leave first once I saw the sale sign. I got Twins, Beyond, Sammi, A Mei and Visage (far right). I have been looking for Visage for some time; at last I manage to get it. It’s my kind of music, new wave….

Friday 13th

I was writing my post and suddenly I realize today is Friday the 13th…….booo hooo…..any incident happen, accident, got scolded, fell down, anything…there is none for me except that my wallet is lighter after my shopping spree. Click here to find out why a lot of people dislike Friday 13th..

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Post wee wee hygienic practice. …

On my way to work today, I was lock on to 98.8 radio station. The DJ was talking about a topic which brings back quite a memory. It was in regards to the hygienic practice of individuals after visiting the loo. Some will visit it, let go whatever waste, big, small, black, brown, yellow or in streams of liquid. Some did precaution before even dumping/releasing by putting toilet paper around or wiping the area first or flush the bowl first. Some comes out without washing their hand.

According to research this category of individuals is most likely to be a man. Some blame it on genes, which were built for harsh condition and suppose to be able to withstand more hardship than the other gender. Some said they love the environment so much that they help to conserve water. They have a broader picture, they ignore their own health but they want to save the world.

One listener was saying that it’s because they have external parts as compare with the ladies which was built in. I was trying to figure out what he is trying to say and the rationale and key points about this external and internal. I realise he was referring to our “gadgets” that helps divert our liquid waste out from our bladder to the environment. However I still could not figure out the rationale how it helps the male gender. Maybe he is referring to the act of shaking after doing it. You know shake until its dry, hahaha. For those who do not what I mean just bring your mind back to the olden days. Remember when you went to see a doctor for fever. The nurse normally will shake the thermometer dry before putting it into your mouth. That how most of us do, the elvis way, shake baby shake…..

He continues to say that, as the lady gadget are internal; they need to wash their hand. I was shouting inside my head, “What logic is it”. The DJ has the same thinking and she counters and said that we should then wash our hand as we use the hand to shake; they use the paper to wipe, there is no direct contact. I guess the man that calls up never think properly, a bad representative.

After this I drift to an incidence that happens during my days in one of the company that I was seconded to. The company was still renovating the premises when we went there to work. It was a 2 storey shop lot that was located somewhere in Subang. Initially there is only one toilet shared by both genders. The company was quite small, the number of staff is less than 10 including the management, marketing, admin, accountant, technical staff, tea lady, my friend (a girl) and me. As we are a small group, normally its fun, we will normally chit chat after coming back from lunch.

There was this particular day, after lunch we came across a kacang or peanut sellers. I could not resist the temptation of eating those crunchy little things. I bought 2 packets, one for family and a bigger packet for everybody. There were a couple of us enjoying ourselves in the middle of the working area, eating the crunchy little things, until the boss walks pass us. He was heading back to his room. So as a kind soul I offered him some peanuts. He dips his huge right hand into the packet; his finger was like searching for diamonds, searching for the best one and then grabbing a handful. He said thank you and headed back to his room. My friend was just right behind him, so this kind soul again offer to her the precious thing.

Some of us have already starts dipping our hand into the packet and putting it into our mouth, until we notice that my friend was shaking her head so hard like she was in a trance and said “No Way”. She said she was waiting outside the toilet for almost 2 minutes and outcome the boss. So I said what is the problem then, she say “I did not hear any running water sound, how did he wash his hand”, we scream “Yuks!”………and everybody stops chewing.

So I console everybody and said “Maybe he did not use his hand at all, just open his zip with both of his hands on his waist and shu, shu and then again just shakes it off by moving his hips”, my colleagues scream “Yuk!” again and some of them headed towards the pantry to vomit out whatever peanuts that is still in their mouth. So I look at the remaining colleagues and said “Or maybe he used his saliva to do the job leh”, they scream “Yuk!” and same as the first group they headed towards the pantry, hands in their mouth.

For your information, I pour water onto the tap first, before washing my hand with soap and shove it under the blower…….

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Red Brick

Today my endorphin is at a high level, feeling euphoria a bit. During lunch hour today, I make my first move. I quickly finished off my stir fry compost Choy Sum and headed down and took the LRT rides until Hang Tuah. I walk off as quickly as my legs could carry me. I took the escalator and wait in line to buy my monorail ticket. I said “Berjaya return”. I was handed with 2 red colour tickets. I put it in my pocket together with my star LRT card.

This is the second time that I have taken monorail and each time I will grumble, why they do not integrate the transport system. If I make use of the 3 transport system which is monorail, star LRT and Putra, I will have 3 separate cards. Recently they have introduced touch n go card for star LRT and Putra. This helps a bit but it does not solve the problem, anyway back to my current post.

I went up to the platform and there are already quite a number of passengers waiting for monorail. I was thinking umm at this hour, still a lot of people going somewhere, to the same place and intend to do the same thing, umm impossible, what the heck I have waited for 2 weeks. The train arrives within 5 minutes; I went in pushing other "competitor" a bit , tighten my belt and was positioning myself in a comfortable position, when suddenly “Imbi Station” the speaker on top of me blares out, wow so fast.

It was a bit hot, I went out, straight down the stair case and walk straight for 100 meters and then make a left turn; I am already reach the side door, my hand reaching out pushing the door open, a strong cold wind gush forward cooling my face and body. I walk straight and headed straight for that person and I said “I want that thing”. He look up, his eyes a bit sleepy, umm probably still digesting his lunch, “Huh”, I said “The zen, how much? And got discount?”, the rest is history.

I am still charging my zen now, I have listen to the radio, its quite ok but not so clear. I will wait for it to fully charge before I upload my CD collection. I guess I will be staying up late tonight..playing with my new toy, my red brick.

My brick pumping the juice and with its accessory like earphone, adapter (ala IPOD) and remote control.

My brick switch off and switch on with glowing blue...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Very shui.. yesterday

Yesterday was not my day, coffee spilled all over the place. It also drips into my lunch bag, a bit on my pants and a bit on my shirt. I spend an hours or so wiping the floor, washing my lunch bag and etc. Have you come across a day whereby everything seems to be in disarray? Almost the whole day, nothing goes my way. If I wore red underwear I will be running around the house driving away the bad spirits with my pants down.

Early in the morning I got some news in regards to my wife (working) status in Thailand. I wanted to blog about it but after thinking about it I did not. I think I will stick to my original principle that is to avoid and minimize from posting article that is related to my working life. I do not want to sounds like a disgruntle employee talking behind the employers back. Posting on the nets does it consider ...hahaha if I want to, I will talk right in their face. When I was thinking back and forth regarding it, something happens again.

Plak!..sounds of glass shattering, it seems the clock that was hanging on the living room fell down, glass splinter was spread across the floor. My sister has just put it up slightly around 20 minutes ago, it looks like someone or something is angry and not happy about us. Aiyah, better keep quiet and stop blogging for a day, hence yesterday there were no post, afraid of upsetting someone or something. Today so far everything seems to be back to normal except for the slight problem on bloggers, touching the wooden chair and my finger cross now….

Why I do not know

When I opened my blog today, to my horror it turns up to be a blank page. My initial reaction, is aiyah all my post, down the drain or net or wires or ? Sweats start to builds up on my forehead closing on my pores ready to drip. Almost 5 months of post gone. What should I do? I quickly goes to blogger.com, went in, a bit slow but umm it looks alright. All my post is still around which is since end of Dec 2004.

My brain scans for possible answer to this dilemma. Send an SOS email to bloggers and ask for help? After going through numerous rounds of solution findings, I decided to try to republish an existing post and published the whole blog again. Click ..my blog is back to its original states. This episode makes me think, am I addicted to blogging. What if all my post is gone and cannot be retrieve back? Its just pieces of thoughts, thrown out into the cyber world, what is the big deal? Why so upsets? Why I do not know….

I hope bloggers will have a backup icon. To download all the post into words or text file, wouldn't it be great.....

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Digital hunting

I am in the midst of hunting for an MP3 player. I am still having my brain cells colliding against each other. I have yet to make up my mind. First of course is the money factor against the look and feel factor. Of course of all the current model, in my mind IPOD is still ahead with the look factor. It looks nice and upbeat. My wife is using IPOD photo, it stands out with its white color but I do not think I want to splash Rm1700k for it.

I am looking at specification which is almost the same as IPOD mini which cost around Rm1200K with a 6 GB model. It has a lot of vibrant colors to choose from, green, blue, pink and etc. However it lacks one thing, an FM tuner. I think this could be a deciding factor. After a while you tend to feel bored with the sets of music you have, you will then prefer to listen to some on the radio. On top of it, if the deejay is good enough it will provide you with some interesting views on current issues affecting the country.

My brain cells is definitely colliding very hard, think, weigh the advantages, think and decide, Oh! no, I have yet to decide. It’s still running around. I am now looking at Iriver and Creative. There is one new model introduce by Iriver which I think has finally reach the “look & feel” standard of IPOD. Today I was at Mid-Valley and I was at the IT floors and it catches my attention with its slick look. I tried it out and it was amazing. It’s small, it’s light, it has a color screen, a very good one and the sound was very clear. I am not sure if it’s due to the high volume or it’s the player. I read in one reviews, the reviewer says that its sound better than his portable CD player.

My head is burning, which one is the best? Creative came out with the Zen Model, it too has an interesting outlook. It almost has the same range of colors as Mini IPOD. It also has the small factor and it has a FM tuner. Think! Think!....Anyone has any comments….do help me…

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wedding Bells

I dedicate this post to my colleague, Vison and his future wife Nova. They are going to wed on 28th May 2005 in Bogor, Jakarta. Vision is a gentleman from Thailand and his wife Nova is a gentle lady from Jakarta.

This reminds me of my own tales, of one about a beast that meets up with a sleeping beauty from another land. One that is still producing chapters of a diary daily that is fill with bliss. Our type of work actually produced headache and agony but we manage to find our other half. I wish Vison and Nova a happy wedding and may you guys have a bless life ever after, one that is fill with happiness and laughter.

This words is from the wedding card..

Surprise as it may seem, love has no boundary that lead
you and me to meet each other. Memory and Joy
we share together, love grow little by little each day.
Hand in hand we promise to cherish our love.

The wedding card..

Friday, May 06, 2005


I got this interesting and funny things from a fellow MOL...

In these times of stress and anxiety try something different

1. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down.
2. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice.
3. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with that.
4. Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In."
5. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks, Once Everyone Has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch To Espresso.
6. In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write "For Sexual Favors"
7. Finish All Your Sentences With; "In Accordance With The Prophecy."
8. Don't Use Any Punctuation.
9. As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk.
10. Ask People What Sex They Are. Laugh Hysterically After They Answer.
11. Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is "To Go."
12. Sing Along At The Opera.
13. Go To A Poetry Recital And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme
14. Put Mosquito Netting Around Your Work Area And Play Tropical Sounds All Day.
15. Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can't Attend their Party because You're Not In The Mood.
16. Have Your Coworkers Address You by Your Wrestling Name, Rock-Hard.
17. When The Money Comes Out Of The ATM, Scream "I Won! I Won!"
18. When Leaving The Zoo, Start Running Towards The Parking Lot, Yelling "Run For Your Lives, They're Loose!!" (Not too funny in TX, I know... sorry)
19. Tell Your Children Over Dinner, "Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go."
And The Final Way To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity.......
20. Send This E-mail To Someone To Make Them Smile....It's Called Therapy...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Increase, increase, what about salary?

Yesterday I was eating my dinner when I received an SMS from a friend. The SMS says petrol will increase 10 cents and diesel 20 cents. My first reaction is that oh, quite small increase my car is a small car and nowadays I do not travel much on it. As my mind was flipping through the various scenarios, the impact of this increase could spiral into a bigger “increase” which eventually makes everything that we use increases.

For example, Transport Company will definitely increase its price. Taxis already increase theirs. All businesses that depend on transportation that uses petrol will follow and increase their price. Airlines, trains, cruise, buses and bla bla the list goes on. I guess our dear old newspaper might see a round of price increase. In fact come to think of it almost everything is dependent on petrol or diesel. That why some countries goes to war because of it.

Just imagine a product like rice, which probably harvest using machine that uses diesels. The pump that provides water to the rice fields also uses diesel. The rice will need to goes through numerous processes until it reaches the shops. Each and every process might be done by different individuals or companies that depend on diesel or petrol. If each of this process increases their fees, it means the rice which used to cost Rm30 will now become RM33 or so.

I used to eat nasi lemak bungkus at a cost of 50 cents per packet. It contains peanuts, Ikan bilis, a small piece of fried egg, sambal and of course rice. Now you will be lucky if you could get it for Rm1. I guess in years to come nasi lemak bungkus will increase its price to Rm1.50. What should we do?

Our expenses could be increasing proportionately. When consumer like us have our yearly salary increment (mine not yearly), we will definitely raise it up to our bosses. How many bosses are that kind hearted and understanding that they will increase our salary accordingly, raise their hands? Oh! I think I could only see one or two raising their hands up among thousands. I hope my boss is one of them….

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Occasionally my cousin will cook some kind of soup that includes a type of mushroom called Cordycep. It seems it’s even more expensive than birdnest, very expensive, few times more expensive. Sometimes they will boil together with birdnest as its a heaty food. So that bowl of dessert cost hundreds ringgit. It could not be eaten often as it could cause nose bleed. Rumors are saying that it will become extinct soon as a lot of people are hunting for it. There is a nickname for it, its called summer plant winter worm.

It grows by infecting insect larvae or mature insects with spores that germinate, often before the cocoon is formed. The fruiting body of the Cordycep grows from the dead host. It’s very good for our immune system as it has certain material that will attack free radicals. And it seems it helps the libido. Click on this link to find out how its look like.

Q & A answered by Lay Peng

The Q and A was picked up and answered by Lay Peng.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Interesting ways for better health and some it’s expensive also.

Since my medical diagnosis and operation, a lot of kind people including my relatives, friends and colleague has giving me a lot of suggestion on what food to eat to prevent, subdue or to ensure that I will be “healthy” enough to live longer like what has been published in regards to the general mortality of a young Malaysian Male.

A colleague of mine even gives me a book that was published by an expert in Taiwan by the name of Dr Luke Lin which generally encourage the general population to eat sweet potato. He has sold books (a lot of them) which taught and shown the type of food to eat (beside sweet potato) to cleanse our body of harmful substance.

I could not really read the book as it is written in Chinese but luckily it came with 2 CDs which contains his talks given in a university. His talk is in mandarin, I do understand some mandarin as I saw a lot of old mandarin love movies back in the 80’s. You know lah when you are teenage you tend to get attracted with anything that talks about love, hahaha.

The talk contains his views in regards to the types of food to avoid and how to choose certain foods, eat certain types of food and etc. The type of food to avoid is of course fried and fast foods like KFC, burger, French fries and etc. One interesting recommendations is to eat banana together with its skin. I have not tried but some colleagues of mine did try. They said it taste ok. I got 2 of his books, both was given by my caring colleague.

I have also been eating bird nest regularly. This product which generally is a bird nest makes by bird saliva is one product that my cousin recommended to me highly. It is known to help in the fight of cancer and of course the most famous known reason is that it helps to keep one person youthful. It was rumors that most hongkong actresses and actors depend on it for their flawless skin. Although this stuff is made by a humbly creature but is expensive, the bird nest shown here cost me Rm2K plus.

My sister, my wife and me has been eating it since last years. Almost every fortnight my sister will starts the process of cooking it. First she will soak it in the water for a day then she wills starts to pick out bird hairs that are still stuck to it. She will then boil it in the slow cocker for almost 7 to 8 hours. Normally the Rm2K plus of bird nest will last us for 2 months plus as sometimes my sis is tired and it’s expensive. I hope it do helps me one way or another....

Monday, May 02, 2005

Nice Perks..

When I look at the way business is run nowadays, it makes me wonder how a country can survive. Where does it get all those money for it to survive? For us individuals we survive by working and getting our monthly salary. We have expenses like parkings, papers & magazine, haircuts, rentals, water bill, electric bill, clothes, quit rent access, tax and of course our daily meals. We knows how well one individual does when they drives a posh car, lives in a big house, rare a foreign bred dog and etc.

In business, profit and loss depends heavily on customer. For example like a mamak stalls, it depends on the customers from its surrounding environment to survive. For big corporation, they invest in big advertisement to entice customer to buy their product or services. We knows how well the company is doing when they starts to diversify and expand their business. How does a country do all this? How do we know a country is successful?

A country gets their funds from “businesses” that they do, that is creating a safe, peaceful, economically sounds and etc for their citizens to live in and to conduct theirs business. If all things are well, the satisfy citizens and corporations will be glad to pay their taxes and that’s where the government gets their funds.

With just the recently pass datelines of tax returns, the IRD CEO has said that they will goes after those who did not pay. He has taken a no nonsense stands, he will chase after companies, roadside stalls, individuals to get the governments its money. Last year he manages to collect RM 600 millions of outstanding taxes.

In yesterday paper, it has reported that the multi-million ringgit “exco village” in posh Section 7 which comes complete with swimming pool and meeting hall in Shah Alam is ready for occupation, and the keys to the houses were given to the 10 occupants’ yesterday afternoon at the gated community residential site. This news was posted by Lee Cheen Siong a while ago when it was raised by one of the states opposition’s leaders. State government sources said the 10 occupants were seven state executive councilors, state legal advisors, state finance officers and state assembly speakers. I am not sure when does the government has such nice perks for its staff. Refer to this article from Star for more details.

There is also the recent proposal to increase MPs Salaries, or some of you might remember my previous post curve that educates the mind in regards to a trip to Cairo. I guess the CEO of IRD is only looking at the collection sides, who is looking at the spending side. And of course the most recent diesel shortage that caused a lot of distress to a lot of good citizen who depends on it to earn their salary. Who will take responsibilities? I know it started off with someone's great ideas to stop illegal usages of diesel which is subsidize by the government. However now it has caused problems to the legal ones. Where is those people who are getting their salary and enjoying all the perks that is coming from our tax returns? Do stand up and take responsibilities and do something about it.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wow! I won I won

I received this particular interesting email with the title “Award Wining Notification”, below is an extract of that email.

Your email address attached to the ticket number:57698 that drew the lucky winning number, which consequently won the EURO LOTTERY first category.
You have been approved for a payment of 400,000.00Euros(FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS.) in cash credited to file
reference number:IPL/529985709/EUL.This is from a total cash prize ofTWO MILLION EUROS Shared among the five international winners in first categories.


Yeh! Yeh! I am rich I am a millionaire, that is until I went into the toilet and peek at my own face from the urine that I just pass out. I do look rather dashing, hahaha, but that lucky and 400 k euro for me. Umm, yellow water, yellow water on the bowl am I millionaire after all? If it can reply it will said, “Yeah as long as you finish drinking me and pooh out diamonds then you are a millionaire”.

I went and search and found out this link.. Fraud Aid and the company was in the list, aiyah almost went out and buy E90 already...
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