Friday, April 01, 2005

Leslie Cheung - 2nd anniversary & Happy April Fools Day

Those who is in their late twenties and thirties will surely knows who is Leslie Cheung. Today is the 2nd anniversary of his death . He who has all the fame and fortune plunges to death from the Mandarin Oriental hotel, he was 46 years old then. There is a lot news circulating about the reason why he takes this way to end his life. Some said it’s due to his depression or his breakup with his lover.

I was very surprised when I heard the news, I grows up listening to songs from him, Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung and others. I used to stay in a 16 storey flat when I was in my teens. Each year there is at least an incident of someone taking their lives by jumping from the highest floor. I have seen once such case. The unit that I stayed in is near the lift. Its quite small, its layout it’s a single room, single living and single bath. Hence once you open the door you could see the living and dining straight away.

On one particular rainy day, I was watching a TV drama series. I was sitting comfortably when suddenly on the right corner of my eyes I sense that something was rushing down from upwards and it was followed by a loud “Thud” sound. I rushed to the corridor and to my horror I saw a body lying on the bottom of the concourse. I could see that there is a trail of blood which gives me the impression that when the body hit the ground it actually bounce and slides a few feet from the ground during impact. There are also splatters of solid looking things near the body which looks like brain tissue or internal organs. It’s not a sight that I wish to see again.

I am not sure what pushes Leslie to jump but I am sure when he reached the edge of the building, definitely there are a lot of things circulating through his mind. When his thoughts reaches to that particular memory that he cannot forgo or that is bothering and upsetting him, it could be the “Trigger” that makes him takes his foot off the edge and jump to oblivion and into another world.

Of all days he chooses April fool day to end this life. Is he trying to send a message that life is nothing but a joke? We came into this world with nothing. We study hard, we fall in love, we fall out of love, we work hard, we neglect our family, we becomes a parents, we save money, we falls sick and finally when its time for us to go, we go empty handed just as we come into this world. Rest in Peace, Leslie and Happy April fools day everyone.


leecs said...

Leslie forever....

Soo, something wrong with your time setting in the computer...check again...arelady 8 something at night there? kekekeke

SooHK said...

Most of my article I did it in the house after work. In most cases, I will post it in the morning and change the date only, I leave the time as it is. Hahahah

-ms jumbled mind- said...

Leslie's very handsome. Anyway, I saw the place he committed suicide when I was in Hong Kong. Not that I went there for that, but our guide just pointed it out..yeah I was shocked too..he was a great actor..

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