Saturday, April 16, 2005

Someone’s dream is now part of everybody dreams.

Well I woke up quite early on Thursday maybe due to the anticipation of the excitement awaiting me in Genting. I even manage to post a link to rich white boy at 7 am. My personal views on Genting development over the years is the way it was being planned. The stories I heard was quite an interesting one which I could not really confirm.

The land or mountain was offered by the government at a very low price as they believe it’s quite near to impossible to build anything, let alone to reap any profit from it but Mr Lim (the owner) has his dream. His dream of a place, that offered a cool retreat to the city people. The initial challenge is to think of an attraction to entice the city folks to leave their cocoon and head up to his haven. Well everybody knows what is it now, it’s the casino. Genting was the first and it’s still the only legal casino in the country.

Well the plan was set in motion, a place and an attraction. What about a place to stay? A hotel was built to accommodate those people who come from far away to rest and to “recharge” their body energy before heading back. Now there are more than 5 hotels and the total rooms offered are 10,000.

Its already has an attraction, a hotel, what next? There is still this missing link, there is no road, the mountain was a jungle fill with trees and the challenge is to build one which is safe enough for everyone to use it. It started off with a road that fills with stones; gradually it becomes a tar road. Now Genting have 2 cable car systems, one it’s the longest in South East Asia. Buses is available in almost all the major bas station like Pudu Raya, KL Sentral, Gombak, duta and pasar rakyat in Imbi.

For this trip we took a bus from Pasar Rakyat in Imbi, it has been 2 years since the last time I visit Genting, things have not changed much since then. It is still bustling with construction. It started of with a person dream and now it has become a place whereby everyone has their own dream. The dream of coming down as a millionaire. Here is a quote from Genting website by Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the Founder, "Once the goals have been clearly defined, with the greatest amount of determination and hard work, one can conclusively realise one's goals."

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