Friday, April 22, 2005

Holy soil

Asians always believe in the super natural, whether in regards to the spirits world, faith healer, fortune teller, Feng Shui and etc. I have known some people who believe in horoscope also. I was hooked on it during my teens. I read the horoscope section from STAR with no fail, rain or shine, stomachache or no stomachache. You know lah guys love to read the paper in the toilet.

I am not sure why, but my interest at that time was more on the “love” thing. I guess the writer knows what interest people. Sometimes it will have predictions like “You will meet with someone that possibly could be the love of your life” Or “Today it’s your day, you will be notice by someone”. I guess it’s more like the anticipation and expectation of what lies ahead that got me hook.

I have since grown out of it. When I was born, my mom took me to a fortune teller that calculates my life destiny and fate, something called the “Pha Men”. The result of the calculation was written on a piece of paper. In has all the major and critical points in my life, for example, when will I get married, sick and die. Until today I still kept it but the problem is that I could not read it as it is Chinese Character. I have forgotten what was told by the fortune teller to me. The only thing I remember is that I will have 2 houses.

My cousin lends me a book called 365 Feng Shui Tips by Lillian Too. There is one tip in regards to borrowing Chi of holy place. Recently my cousin went to India for 13 days. It’s a tour headed by monks and the main itinerary is mainly on places that Buddha has once been. She bought back some soil from the place where Buddha got enlightenment. She gives me a bit of the soil. We were advice to scatter the soil in front of my house, at the balcony, through the windows in all the rooms and to put some in the plants. Look at the picture; you could see those little cubes of soil.

Maybe some of us are asking, what is actually Feng Shui? What is Chi? What is Yin Yang? Click on to this site to find out.


Wenny Baby said...

Thanks for the comment that you left on my site!!!

Debbie said...

I've always been skeptical about fortune telling. But all palm readers that I have come across has told me that I will be very wealthy. I'd like to believe that :D.
And yes, Norah Jones Rocks

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