Monday, April 18, 2005

Miss The Greenery

The journey up to Genting was what I expected; we leave Pasar Rakyat at 10:30 am and reaches there before noon, no delay at all. The temperature was around 21 Celsius. After checking in we wander off to breathe some fresh air.

I realize that the lake, that we used to be sitting around enjoying our morning breakfast has now turn to a theme park with roller coaster rides and other attraction. It is now resides in an enclosure, which you need to pay to enter it, some sort like sunway lagoon.

The air is still surprisingly quite fresh with a bit of haze. After briskly walking around the theme park parameter, I felt that Genting has been transformed to a place suitable for families and I guess partially it has actually isolated certain groups like us. We prefer the “walk in the park” and lazing around and just absorbing the negative ions to recharge our body.

I guess what we miss is the greenery. We do manage to find certain parts of Genting that still have some greenery which is at the back of theme park hotel and beside First world hotel. I hope Genting will expand “pocket” of empty areas around other hotel parameter to include small green lungs. This is to cater for city dwellers like us that does not really gamble but is merely there to enjoy the fresh air and admire the mountain views.


-ms jumbled mind- said...

they have a photography contest going have so many beautiful take part!!!!!!

SooHK said...

My photo so so only, thanks for the compliment anyway...hahaha

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