Monday, April 04, 2005

Societe – A cafe at Lot 10

Yesterday I was at the vicinity area of Sungai Wang and LOT 10. My wife and I were there to exchange some RM to Thai baht. We were caught stranded at LOT 10 due to the rain, it was quite heavy. We were walking around the area of Isetan, when we decided to eat some salad to burn some time. We were contemplating between Deli France and a shop that we have not tried before by the name of Societe. We finally decided to goes for Societe.

We flipped through the menu to order our drinks and we notice that they sell a lot of Malaysian food, like Asam Mee, Curry Mee, Chicken Rice, Ais Kacang and etc. What caught our attention is the Satay. After translating the word into images in our mind, the smells of the chicken meat, the aroma of the sauce, my wife changes her mind. So we order the chicken satay instead.

My wife said the satay taste not bad. It cost around Rm12 and it consists of 10 pieces of chicken satay, sauce (that made of crunch peanuts and chili), cut ketupat and cucumber. My wife did not manage to finish it though; it was quite big a piece. We actually ask for a doggy bag and packed it back. Over all the place is decent looking, clean but the service is a bit slow but tolerable. We might drop by again if we are caught in the rain near that area to try out some other Malaysian delicacy.


leecs said...

soo, you bad man!!!!
u know i missed malaysia food so much yet u still post this type of satay photos!!!!


SooHK said...

Umm maybe will post some nasi lemak, hokkien mee, Bak Kut Teh, Roti Canai.....

letti said...

hi there. thanks for dropping by...i was in the process of resizing the pictures when you dropped by my should load faster now :)


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