Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bone Cracking 2 saturdays'

The condominium that I am currently living in has been my house for more than 8 years. It has witness a few major episodes in my life, me from a lone ranger to a married man, my father pass away; my left kidney removed and etc.

What I dislike in this house it’s the workmanship. The outer layer of the building looks like a flat, the paint has started to peel off. We have urged the management to repaint it but as usual some tenants did not actually pay their maintenance fees, the amount total to a staggering one millions plus, with some tenants owing more than 30,000.

In the kitchen, the tiles are dropping off. It started with a single tile, slowly and gradually almost half of the wall has since lay bare. The quality of the previous contractor that did it might have been sleeping while doing it or they might have been cutting corners to earn extra profit.

So the whole of last Saturday from 10 am till 5.30 pm we were watching the contactor retiling the kitchen. The most tiring part is the cleaning up. The dust generated was 1 cm thick; it was as if my house was stuck by a dust storm. The dust came from the removal of the old tiles and cement that comes with it and cutting of new tiles to fit corners. It was a bone cracking experience wiping the kitchen cabinet, floors, chairs and etc.

And yesterday, I spend my whole afternoon watching the air-cond in my room being cleaned. I have requested a chemical service, it involves the air-cond being dismantle into its bare part and it was subjected with sprays of a pinkish liquid which actually takes off the dirt in the air-cond coiling and compressor system. Again I ended cleaning my room and the living room. Umm, I guess next Saturday I planned for a bed laying, remote pressing, TV goggling and filter water drinking activities.


aGent X said...

it's always no fun when there's some works to be done at the house :)

Anonymous said...

hi! don't know you but thanx for leaving a comment on my blog. btw, how did you ever come across it??? Cheers! Caroline (

SooHK said...

I was doing some blog surfing and I came across a site in bloggers which has moved to xanga. Your site is part of the linked.

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