Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ikea SleepOver Party

There is an interesting contest or games organize by Ikea in Damansara. Its called SleepOver Party. I am not sure, if I am the type of person that will goes for such games. I guess the participant might need to sleep openly in the public or they will need to endure a night of games without any sleep. Whoever can withstand it without falling asleep is the winner. I wonder what the rules are, I know for sure participants gotta be couples and legally married. Those who knows the rules of the games, do comment.

If the couple is required to sleep openly then they should be a lot of fun but for those who cannot sleep in foreign bed like me then it will definitely be a big problem. Or those who snore loudly, then it will be a night of endless snores orchestra. Umm, maybe after the sleep over, a new album will be produced. I guess Ikea is hiring extra temp staff to wipe all those saliva generated. For those who is interested below is the details...

4th May
Spend A Night Of Fun & Games At IKEA To Get Your Desired Bed Frame And Mattress At 50% Off
Register at IKEA on 21st onwards
Mutiara Damansara

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Irene said...

Woohoo! sleep over party! sounds fun. Are you gonna join? Lemme know when you do, I'm curious!

Thanks for visiting my site. Take care :)

Irene -

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