Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stubborn cold

I have been having this cold for the past 4 days. I guess I caught it at the customer site. On Wednesday when I walked into the place everybody around me was sneezing and wheezing like they have a pact to have a “cold” party. I will be surprised if I stay “untouched” by the virus. True enough on Thursday morning the tap water in my nose was opened, it was pouring mucus uncontrollably and to make it worst it was a holiday, what a waste (sounds as if I will paint the town red if I am well, hahaha).

I immediately took a cold pill and slept almost for the whole day. I was already feeling much better on Thursday evening until I was caught in the rain on Friday evening. Yesterday the mucus dam was opened again until today. I guess I might be on the bed and resting and hope the flu bug flew away. Aiyah then I could not be surfing all those interesting blog…..ummm itchy hand of mine is already reaching for my thinkpad….


Anonymous said...

I hope u feel better!!!!!! Yes, sleep always works!!! U should get more rest!!!!This flu thats going around is evil!!!!! there any way to stop it? NO! Just prevent urself...or cure, thanks for ur comments and concerns! Later~


leecs said... now ended surfing net loh? kekekeke

dreaming-neko said...

nyquil that bad-boy, man! :)

cindy said...

yep, pretty dangerous thing to be sleeping and cooking. Feel better.

jettykey said...

hope you're feeling better now.

moschikat said...

Wow! Thanks for the compliment! I never thought anybody read through my stories on here! And - speaking of Thailand, i'm super glad to hear you're a big fan of our artists! :)

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