Saturday, April 09, 2005

Who is this handsome?

A lot of people are asking me when they can see Soo’s Junior. The most recent was raised by my cousin as my nephew (who is a lot younger than me) is expecting his first born end of this year. My colleague also has been asking me this question. My answer to them is that I am a bit reluctant to initiate a process which is a life time commitment unlike a car or a house loans.

Some said it will complete one’s life. Some said it will make us work harder as we know that there are someone who is now depends on us, what they eat, wear, study and etc. Some said when you grow old they will take care of you. These are the plus side. The negative side is baby’s pooh, baby natural alarm which will wakes you up every 2 hours. If the baby is a girl, then as parents we got to worry of predator. If a boy got to worry about him being a “Tai Koo”. There are endless positive and negative.

Actually my main problem is my current health condition, there are numerous what if scenario running around my brain. So I am not sure is it right to embark on such a long journey and put my stamp on a long term commitment, I do not want my defect genes to be pass along to my children, to have them having the same problem.

The handsome man here is not my son but he is the son of my colleague Chat and his wife Pom (also my colleague), this is their second child, and their first is a daughter. So when is my turn, umm lets flip the coin to decide, head to initiate the process, tail to wait and see, “Swosh, Flip Flap, Flip Flap” Oh! I will let you guys knows the result in 9 months. I guess some of my colleague and friends who is reading this will shout and said “Aiyah, Just do it”.

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sweetspirit said...

Well i have 5 children ,and nothing in life compares to them ,but yeah think it through as lots of sleepless nights,but lots of laughter too.
btw thanks for logging by and commenting on my blog :)

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