Monday, April 11, 2005

The organic facts

World health day just passed. I am now 50 percent organic in terms of the food that I eat. The organic vegetables, fruits, mee hon, pastas and etc are a bit expensive and not widely available. I am currently buying it from Jusco. Recently I came across an article in Jusco Pearl magazine; it has an article called “The Organic Truth”. It has some interesting facts.

There are a few categories of organic product. If a food package has the word Organic it means the product contains only organically-produces raw or processed substances, excluding water or salt. A product that is label as organic means 95% to 100% organic. If the product is 70% to 95% organic then it is allowed to be label as made with organic ingredients or organically produced. If a product is less than 70% organic then it cannot have any organic word in the main label, it allows only to list its organic ingredients only.

This clear up a few confusing thoughts of mine, which has been in my tiny brain for quite sometime. There are a few “organic” brands in Jusco. I used to buy from a brand that is 15 percent cheaper than another. Both of these brands sell the same type of vegetable with almost the same weight but one brand actually has a 15 percent cheaper price tag. Now I know why, the reason is that its label is “organically produced”. Umm after 7 months, the truth is known.

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