Thursday, April 07, 2005

Eyes In the sky

I have heard from a friend that we could use the mobile phone network to track the whereabouts of a friend or spouse or anyone. As long as the other parties grant you the rights by accepting an “invitation”, you could virtually track the other party whereabouts by just a sms. Well this could be useful for someone who needs to do that like a wife who suspects that the husband was having a candlelight dinner instead of working late in the office. Well if the husband is smart he will said that he is having dinner with an old classmate or neighbor. Well the wife can track the location but she cannot track the person(s) having dinner with her husband.

There is a show called Enemy of the state starring Will Smith. It shows the capability of a tracking system that uses satellite, the resolution is so fine that it can see him running across streets and etc. If this capability is open to the public with live feed, then the suspecting wife could tells who her husband was walking with into the posh restaurant. Even the paparazzi can use it to track movie stars whereabouts. Parents could use it to track their children, employers tracking their marketing staff whereabouts and etc.

Actually we have seen such application put to use in today modern warfare. Like in Iraq it was use to track the movement of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Although none could be found, hahaha but we are aware of this capability by the daily broadcast provided by CNN and other cable news network.

I visit thai blog daily (link in my blog roll), I came across this post which shown such capability but not to the extent of seeing someone faces and it's not live. Its good enough to see houses clearly, those who are interested could click from there, the post date was on 2nd April 2005. It shows some interesting details pictures of thailand. And to top it off the software that was used is available for download for a trial period of 7 days. Anyone interested click on to keyhole or try google map (USA only). Umm I think I will be buying a big hat, big enough to cover my body, in case there is a system which shows live feed as I afraid my wife could be monitoring me…….. hahaha….

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