Monday, May 02, 2005

Nice Perks..

When I look at the way business is run nowadays, it makes me wonder how a country can survive. Where does it get all those money for it to survive? For us individuals we survive by working and getting our monthly salary. We have expenses like parkings, papers & magazine, haircuts, rentals, water bill, electric bill, clothes, quit rent access, tax and of course our daily meals. We knows how well one individual does when they drives a posh car, lives in a big house, rare a foreign bred dog and etc.

In business, profit and loss depends heavily on customer. For example like a mamak stalls, it depends on the customers from its surrounding environment to survive. For big corporation, they invest in big advertisement to entice customer to buy their product or services. We knows how well the company is doing when they starts to diversify and expand their business. How does a country do all this? How do we know a country is successful?

A country gets their funds from “businesses” that they do, that is creating a safe, peaceful, economically sounds and etc for their citizens to live in and to conduct theirs business. If all things are well, the satisfy citizens and corporations will be glad to pay their taxes and that’s where the government gets their funds.

With just the recently pass datelines of tax returns, the IRD CEO has said that they will goes after those who did not pay. He has taken a no nonsense stands, he will chase after companies, roadside stalls, individuals to get the governments its money. Last year he manages to collect RM 600 millions of outstanding taxes.

In yesterday paper, it has reported that the multi-million ringgit “exco village” in posh Section 7 which comes complete with swimming pool and meeting hall in Shah Alam is ready for occupation, and the keys to the houses were given to the 10 occupants’ yesterday afternoon at the gated community residential site. This news was posted by Lee Cheen Siong a while ago when it was raised by one of the states opposition’s leaders. State government sources said the 10 occupants were seven state executive councilors, state legal advisors, state finance officers and state assembly speakers. I am not sure when does the government has such nice perks for its staff. Refer to this article from Star for more details.

There is also the recent proposal to increase MPs Salaries, or some of you might remember my previous post curve that educates the mind in regards to a trip to Cairo. I guess the CEO of IRD is only looking at the collection sides, who is looking at the spending side. And of course the most recent diesel shortage that caused a lot of distress to a lot of good citizen who depends on it to earn their salary. Who will take responsibilities? I know it started off with someone's great ideas to stop illegal usages of diesel which is subsidize by the government. However now it has caused problems to the legal ones. Where is those people who are getting their salary and enjoying all the perks that is coming from our tax returns? Do stand up and take responsibilities and do something about it.


aGent X said...

sometimes, i think i am so 'suay' to be at the lower end of the man-food-chain. we work hard to fit the upper ends...

Mitze said...

thanks for the coment you posted for me...

SooHK said...

yeap all our blood money wrongfully used..

Jiameei said...

The "exco village" does not look posh, damn it.
Seen the picture in Star.
The houses are just crudely huge. So the 'kampung-ish'.
Well, maybe it's just me.
Maybe I'm just jealous, hehe.

I don't work; I still live off my parents money. So, I can't really comment, haha. I'm only 18 what.

SooHK said...

Yeap, when I was at 18, do not need to worries about tax, now its like a monster in a closet. It will comes out once a year to terrorize me..hahaha

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