Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wedding Bells

I dedicate this post to my colleague, Vison and his future wife Nova. They are going to wed on 28th May 2005 in Bogor, Jakarta. Vision is a gentleman from Thailand and his wife Nova is a gentle lady from Jakarta.

This reminds me of my own tales, of one about a beast that meets up with a sleeping beauty from another land. One that is still producing chapters of a diary daily that is fill with bliss. Our type of work actually produced headache and agony but we manage to find our other half. I wish Vison and Nova a happy wedding and may you guys have a bless life ever after, one that is fill with happiness and laughter.

This words is from the wedding card..

Surprise as it may seem, love has no boundary that lead
you and me to meet each other. Memory and Joy
we share together, love grow little by little each day.
Hand in hand we promise to cherish our love.

The wedding card..


Luigi said...

It is nice to ahve found your blog and I'd intend to visit back for more.


Celeste said...

hey there. thanks for visiting my site. returning the favour now. :)
congratulations to your friends getting married. :D such a wonderful day of life. hee.
i love the clock thingy following my cursor. tad bit annoying but hey, it's one of the cool things i have seen. ;)

prachin said...

that is a very pretty wedding card!

Rhea said...

that is such a beautiiful wedding card!!! congrats to ur friends!

Bennida said...

Thanks for visiting my site.
The clock thing really IS interesting. I'm having fun with my cursor. hehe...
To reply to your comment, I've only read one book by Dan Brown; The Da Vinci Code. I hear Angels and Demons (I think that's the title) is good though.

SooHK said...

angels demons is a good one...I will be reading the digital fortress soon also by dan brown

laypeng said...

eee ... is this the Nova who is the owner of the chinese food stall at our previous working place's food court? if yes ... wow, CONGRATULATION!! ... and i thought they are not together due to the distance problem.

-ms jumbled mind- said...

I oso want to marry :(

SooHK said...

Laypeng, she is the lady boss of the shop...

Ms Jumbled mind ,when...?

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