Friday, May 13, 2005

Adventure at KLCC

Today I went to KLCC, I do not have any specific destination and reason. I just want to walk around at least to burn away the boring feelings. If not I will be in the office looking at documents. When I reached there, the first place I passed by was Isetan, it is still having its sales but it looks like it’s quite deserted.

I was there during the members sales, it was mayhem then. It was like as though a troop of armies has descended and their mission is to buy everything at sight. I did not go in this time around maybe it’s lacking of people shuffling around, digging at the piles of clothes, fishing for the correct size like in a fishing competition that create a negative effect in my “window shopping” mind. The emptiness and lack of “competition” has created that effect, I guess when there is someone fighting for the same thing, it’s more fun.

I continue to walk along the main path until I reached the concourse. On the side there is a promotion on Nikon digital camera. Umm digital camera is my next dream toy, so I open my arms like a crab ready to pounce on the table that was filled with all the cute and colourful cameras. I hope this moves will scare away some of the people that is blocking my way. Umm this people still did not bulge, it’s like their feet is screw on the floor. I guess the camera has really mesmerized them to that extent. Oh maybe just get the price list first I thought, my hand was already on the way wiggling among bodies. I got it…looks at the price; Nikon D70s is around Rm4088, aiyah ok sayonara, maybe next time mate.

So what next? I was circling around the concourse when the red brick that was in my pocket, move left and right triggering my side of the brain that was music inclined. Which then control my feet to turn left, passing by KFC and towards a store with the red colour words that spell T O W E R r e c o r d s. I walk in and was immediately greeted by a very friendly malay gentlemen. I then proceed to the music CD area and a sign immediately caught my eyes. It said “CD, VCD, DVD at a price from RM 15.99 to Rm 49.90”. I was like aiyah it must be those old ones, maybe CDs that contains songs that was sang by some unknown singer. Anyway no harm browsing..and this is what I got, 5 CDs……aiyah next time better leave first once I saw the sale sign. I got Twins, Beyond, Sammi, A Mei and Visage (far right). I have been looking for Visage for some time; at last I manage to get it. It’s my kind of music, new wave….


Monica said...

Im a new waver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know some visage but thats my era!!!!!!!!!!

SooHK said...

Wow, we are from the same era.. I love it, I used to try to have my hair cut like Vince clark from Yazoo....

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