Thursday, May 19, 2005


In KL city centre there are a lot of historical buildings or shops that are still operating. Within them, there are numerous small little streets that were meant for pedestrian. There lies a hidden trail that are filled with small little food shops. The best way to know KL city is to goes down to this area, to get a feel of the city pulse.

During lunch time, most of the shops are filled with customer feasting on some mamak fried mee or rice, special fried chicken, fried fish, numerous types of curries accompany with plain rice. This is of course is eat together with their favourite teh tarik, black coffee or sometimes Chinese tea with ice or merely plain boil water. Normally the waiter is some foul mouthed old man that clad the famous pagoda tees, baggy shorts and Japanese slippers.

Most of the customers were from the surrounding offices, they are there to fill up their stomach after spending the first half of the day maybe crammed in some small office space working. Across the street, whereby a much newer ultra modern building stands there are numerous food stores that are air conditioned, that probably serves water from a green bottle that was overly priced and you are most likely serve by a smartly dressed black and white waiters or waitress that looks like is ready for a ball. The shops might be offering some thai fried rice in pineapple or some steaks or food that was so nicely decorated that by eating them is a sin.

Within these 2 highly contrast shops there lies a 2 groups of customer, one that is enjoying its food accompany by the sound of taxis and bus honking and probably the food comes along with some dust. And another that is sitting in nice comfy environment with Kenny G playing from the piped in speakers. Both of these groups make different choices. Their choices might be due to the “restriction” of their income but they are there to do one thing that is to fill up their stomach, feeding their body with enough energy to last them for the other half of the day.

All of us are heading towards the same ending, but some chooses to stop a while on the side to smell the flowers and some chooses to speed across without looking around. All of us arrive at the same finish line; we choose to arrive by different routes and way. I am not sure how long the distance that I have to go, it might be short or it might be long but “A” or Sis if you read this, I choose to spend it wisely with you guys although sometimes I might be a bit hot headed and stubborn but I am still learning to choose and live wisely. My mom and dad has reached there first they are waiting for us but I am choosing a path that is filled with flowers for me to smell, so they might be waiting a bit longer but I think they do not mind.

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