Thursday, May 12, 2005

Post wee wee hygienic practice. …

On my way to work today, I was lock on to 98.8 radio station. The DJ was talking about a topic which brings back quite a memory. It was in regards to the hygienic practice of individuals after visiting the loo. Some will visit it, let go whatever waste, big, small, black, brown, yellow or in streams of liquid. Some did precaution before even dumping/releasing by putting toilet paper around or wiping the area first or flush the bowl first. Some comes out without washing their hand.

According to research this category of individuals is most likely to be a man. Some blame it on genes, which were built for harsh condition and suppose to be able to withstand more hardship than the other gender. Some said they love the environment so much that they help to conserve water. They have a broader picture, they ignore their own health but they want to save the world.

One listener was saying that it’s because they have external parts as compare with the ladies which was built in. I was trying to figure out what he is trying to say and the rationale and key points about this external and internal. I realise he was referring to our “gadgets” that helps divert our liquid waste out from our bladder to the environment. However I still could not figure out the rationale how it helps the male gender. Maybe he is referring to the act of shaking after doing it. You know shake until its dry, hahaha. For those who do not what I mean just bring your mind back to the olden days. Remember when you went to see a doctor for fever. The nurse normally will shake the thermometer dry before putting it into your mouth. That how most of us do, the elvis way, shake baby shake…..

He continues to say that, as the lady gadget are internal; they need to wash their hand. I was shouting inside my head, “What logic is it”. The DJ has the same thinking and she counters and said that we should then wash our hand as we use the hand to shake; they use the paper to wipe, there is no direct contact. I guess the man that calls up never think properly, a bad representative.

After this I drift to an incidence that happens during my days in one of the company that I was seconded to. The company was still renovating the premises when we went there to work. It was a 2 storey shop lot that was located somewhere in Subang. Initially there is only one toilet shared by both genders. The company was quite small, the number of staff is less than 10 including the management, marketing, admin, accountant, technical staff, tea lady, my friend (a girl) and me. As we are a small group, normally its fun, we will normally chit chat after coming back from lunch.

There was this particular day, after lunch we came across a kacang or peanut sellers. I could not resist the temptation of eating those crunchy little things. I bought 2 packets, one for family and a bigger packet for everybody. There were a couple of us enjoying ourselves in the middle of the working area, eating the crunchy little things, until the boss walks pass us. He was heading back to his room. So as a kind soul I offered him some peanuts. He dips his huge right hand into the packet; his finger was like searching for diamonds, searching for the best one and then grabbing a handful. He said thank you and headed back to his room. My friend was just right behind him, so this kind soul again offer to her the precious thing.

Some of us have already starts dipping our hand into the packet and putting it into our mouth, until we notice that my friend was shaking her head so hard like she was in a trance and said “No Way”. She said she was waiting outside the toilet for almost 2 minutes and outcome the boss. So I said what is the problem then, she say “I did not hear any running water sound, how did he wash his hand”, we scream “Yuks!”………and everybody stops chewing.

So I console everybody and said “Maybe he did not use his hand at all, just open his zip with both of his hands on his waist and shu, shu and then again just shakes it off by moving his hips”, my colleagues scream “Yuk!” again and some of them headed towards the pantry to vomit out whatever peanuts that is still in their mouth. So I look at the remaining colleagues and said “Or maybe he used his saliva to do the job leh”, they scream “Yuk!” and same as the first group they headed towards the pantry, hands in their mouth.

For your information, I pour water onto the tap first, before washing my hand with soap and shove it under the blower…….


Lynne said...

Ohhhhh, how about ang mohs? They are even worse, they wear shoes in the house! Imagine where those shoes have been to and stepped on? Dirt, mud, trash, oil, bird poop, human poop (when they go to public gas station toilets) ... And then the ang mohs wear them straight into the house, on top of the coffee table, on the couch, on the bed ... yucks!!! And they claim that they dunno why most Asian households dun wear shoes in the house, duh!

SooHK said...

Ang mohs...always do things differrently

Loc Kee said...

Hi... its my 1st time dropping by.

ya, i heard that broadcast too that pagi.
according to their survey in HK, 30% of men and Only 4% of women do not wash their hands after toilet...
how is it in Malaysia leh..??
better don;t wanto know, because can tell from the public toilet here... yeaks!!

De Book Worm said...

Eww...girls also can shake mah! Ask your 'loh poh' ;)

SooHK said...

Loc Kee, thanks for dropping by..

De book worm, will ask my loh poh...kekeke..

here is a site for your guys to see how a girl wee wee like a boy...

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