Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A belated post on World Cup…..

There are some who says watching football is wasting time as all we could see is 22 players kicking and chasing a round thing. When I was young I used to play football along the corridor of my flat. For those who have ever played football, getting the ball past the opponent goalkeeper and in between the post, is a feeling that you could not get from doing any other things. Even if the post is make of 2 tree trunks or slippers strategically position opposite each other, the ommh…you get cannot be describe.

9th July ended the month long of ball kicking. It was won by Italy. What have some of us got as souvenirs on this world cup? Some have panda eyes due to the late nights. Some got Brazil jersey. My wife bought for my sister a set of BTS (Thailand LRT card) of the 11 “pepsi” players.

Below is 2 of the famous one......


dreaming-neko said...

my worldcup days are not as fun now in the us... it was crazy in bangkok back int he day, though.


SooHK said...

Dreaming Neko, never actually experience World cup in Bkk..the best world cup days is when I am still in my Teens watching it in Port Dickson during the holidays..

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