Friday, May 19, 2006

Life is Fragile

Just heard a very sad news today and while I was eating my dinner after a stupid day that filled with work, I saw the same piece of news on one of my colleague blog. The word Life is Fragile came to my mind. The first question that flipped through my mind, is that how old is she? This follows by the question does age matters, my brain was running through question and answering it with more questions. A “stop” has been put to a life, a life that possibly was and could have filled with more happiness and occasional sadness but why a sudden stop.

What is her family feeling now? I believe is sadness and disbelieve, even my colleagues who has worked with her and knows her sparingly is in shock. What about her family? I remember the thoughts of my father passing away were a huge shock to me and my sister. The thought of losing a loved one in such “short notice” is a feeling that could not be described. Just a moment ago, you could see them lie on the bed and the next you were in the morgue identifying them, a lifeless body in which you wish to hold and hug and not identified.

A lot of friends and colleagues, said to me, I have been buying a lot of “toys” and things recently. I told them I wished to enjoy myself as much as possible before I can’t. As each day passes an extra day of memory is slowly etch into my mind, memories that was made from emotion, laughter, feelings, longings, touch and etc. All of which was generated by interacting with another human being. Although these memories could not be taken together to the next life but its something in which we could savour daily when we are alive. These memories will be “play” again and again in our mind in occasion such as this.

I do not know how one feels when they are about to go, possibly it could be a mixture of sadness and happiness filled with thoughts of not seeing and taking care of your loved one again. As he or she is hanging on to a world that is to be a past and drifting into another that would be the future, thought of hopelessness grips through the body that slowly comprehends that it is in a situation that it could no longer control.

I do not know her but I just wished to post and note down my thoughts at this moment. A link to my colleague blog

Rest in peace.


leecs said...

yes, pak.

life is short. play and enjoy every single day as long as we can...

as long as we can afford it..

any new toys recently? :)

SooHK said...

LeeCS, still thinking of a LCD TV for my house in Malaysia...Actually bought a Wireless Headphone which uses IR for my sister. As normally she will sleep later than me and she opens TV outside my room, hence with this headset it reduce the noise...or disturbance

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