Monday, May 15, 2006

Its not true.

It’s not true; I am still a plain old man who still needs to slog daily to have food put on my table. I still need to wait every month end for dough to come into my account, to enable me to pay my car loan, credit card bill and etc. I still need to look and smile at faces which I dislike. I guess I am those type of people where “lady luck” is not a word I know.

There is a saying in cantonese, “How many things you eat, wear, spend and work is fated.” No matter how you try to change it, its stays the same. If you are fated to have X amount of dollars for you to spend for this life time, you will not have more. Who knows if I strike lottery I might just fast forward and reduce the duration of my stay in this world, hahaha.

Here is the link, to generate the headlines, read the rules and have fun.

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