Sunday, May 07, 2006

In Bitterness you could taste sweetness

Sitting here on a Sunday morning, as I flipped through my email, my thoughts flicker through the old days when I used to sit at the market eating my favourite breakfast, nasi lemak with a cup of iced coffee, Malaysian style. The taste of the chilly in the tongue triggering all senses causing drop of sweat forming on my forehead, the thoughts of eating something spicy is like driving a Ferrari on a 100 meter stretch at 100 mph, something which is “dangerous” but enjoyable.

This morning, I ate my wholemeal bread, dipping it in my pure cocoa which my wife has bought for me from bangkok. If you are fortune teller, and you tell me about these 2 years ago, I could have burn your stores and I will say I rather die. The bitterness of the pure cocoa brings me back to my present state. This past 2 years taught me that even in bitterness you could taste sweetness. Some may ask, how long will I continue with this, 5 years? Honestly I have no answer to it now……..


Selba said...

If you ask me which one I prefer, nasi lemak or wholemeal bread then my answer will be: wholemeal bread with cocoa. I guess I prefer european style.

I love dark chocolate :)

osiruz said...

hmmm cacao is least, when u're not dipping the whole bread in :P

so long as you still enjoy doin it 5 years or 10 or more...i dont think u'll get weary of it :)

Anonymous said...

i love bittersweet myself.

everything tat glitters may not be gold, those which glitter, may be gold too.


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