Sunday, April 23, 2006

Who do you trusts?

There is a recent survey on Trusts and the result says that doctor has the highest level of integrity as compares to politicians, business leaders, government minister and etc. I am not sure if this survey is comprehensive enough however as reported there are some shock reaction especially the position of government ministers at 13 and politician at 15 and just imagine they are ranked lower than ordinary men/women in the street which means Malaysian trust the man on the street more than our leaders.

I remember in the old days when election times comes and when my parents saw repairs is being done on the road, they will say that it’s just for show. Actually I could not blame them, as you know tar roads are easily spoilt by big Lorries and trucks. And after fixing it up within a year or so, you could see potholes all over the place again. And you will not see any repairs being done until sometime near the next election. However over the pass few years there are some changes, repairs will be done within a month or so but however I believe it depends on location also.

Civil servant, for those who has come across them you will know. If you call them up and ask for some information, you will have the call being passed from one extension to another until the line cut off. So I am not sure if they have forgotten the right extension to pass to or ???. I have even encounter an incidence whereby wrong information was given to me which ended up causing me to go to the same place more than once.

I do believe majority of the distrust or trust on any profession is due to the experience of dealing or interfacing with them. Like me, if you asked me do I trust doctors? Not really……Click here for this news .


Monica said...

hmmmm, I trust my family and thats about it, none of those other people!!!!

SooHK said...

monica, are right..

dreaming-neko said...

i trust too much~ you can say i'm gullible :P

SooHK said...

Dreaming neko, hahaha maybe you are also a trustworthy guy and you have not been "cheated" by anyone..hence you treat others the same..

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