Sunday, January 08, 2006

To fellow kind bloggers

I have a colleague of mine who is an Indonesia, residing in Jakarta that needs funds as he is diagnosed with chronic Kidney failure. I am posting this hoping that more kind individuals like you will see this, not only within my company but any Malaysian that have access to Maybank2u that drops by here. A Maybank account has been created for the sole purpose of collecting donation to help ease his sickness and get a transplant soon.

For fellow bloggers who has a few bucks extra, do donate. I know is quite difficult to verify the authenticity of this as we are only connected by a tiny space in the cyber world. We surf each other blogs daily or weekly or monthly hence we only knows each other by reading posts that have been put up. Most of us pour and write from our heart, we only know the ABC(s) alphabets that we wrote, we built and envision each other character via blog posting but we have yet to meet each other to have enough trust to part our hard earned money for something which could not really be verify. However personally I have donated money to some bloggers before hence I do think that there are some of you out there that is willing to donate.

To me if this post could raise a dollar or 2, it means my colleague will have less a dollar or 2 to worry about. The Maybank account no that you could donate to is 114721017710. For those who wants to donate via cheque do email me, I could provide more information. My email address is

Below is the email that is currently being circulated within my company, I have “x” some personal information but I have left the name of my colleague that is currently needs help.

Dear Friends,

Wendy (our colleague from XX xxxxx who worked with us on the Bank xxxxx) is recently diagnosed with chronic kidney failure (both kidneys). He has to rely on dialysis (which costs a lot of money) to live normally for the rest of his life unless he is able to get a kidney transplant.

Wendy has fully utilised his insurance coverage in view of his recent hospitalization for his kidney condition, and now relies on his own savngs for dialysis treatments (refer to Wendy's email below). A long term measure for him is to have a kidney transplant.

As colleagues and friends of Wendy, we are organising a donation drive to help Wendy achieve the long term goal of a kidney transplant.

We have setup a special account at Maybank Account No: 114721017710 whereby monetary donations can be made via Maybank2u.

Cheque donation can also be made to "xxx" and sent to "xxx".

If you require further details, please call xxx xxx (+xxxxx/ +xxxx) or xxx xx (xxxxx).

Thanking you in advance for your generous contribution.

From: Wendy Sipahutar
Dear xxx and xxx,

I have touched in my deep heart when xxx inform me that my friends are gathering some donation for kidney transplant. May God blessed all of you.
xxx inform that need some information of my current condition include of my kidney condition, and how much the cost for dialysis per session at the center.

1) Generally, my health condition right now is good, better than before when first time dialysis at hospital. I just take care on foods, fruits and water. I can't take fruits that contain the water (like apple, grape, orange). For water, only can take max 800 ml per day.

2) According my doctors, my kidney is shrunken and only 15% left for function. My blood test shown an abnormal Ureum level (Normal 10 – 50mg/dl) which is 281 while Creatinin level (Normal 0.6 – 1.1 mg/dl) is 18.2.

3) For dialysis, now dialysis is twice a week with 5 hours per session. Cost per session is Rp. 550,000.- for dialysis + (Rp. 173,000.- x 2) for "Hemapo" Hormone Injection. So total cost per session is Rp.896,000.

Total cost per week is Rp. 1,792,000.-
Total cost per month is Rp. 7,168,000.-

And for your information, "Eka Life" Insurance will not cover dialysis. "Eka Life" only cover hospitalization. So, after check out from hospital, all cost is from my saving.

I realy realy need this support, because my saving is not much and now is being empty (going to).

Again, I almost cried eventhough in deep in my heart when I heart a lot of friends outside there will give some donation. For your information, cost for kidney transplant at China (Guang Zou city) is around US$ 25,000 - 30,000. I have got this information from doctors at hospital who has the channel at Guang Zou hospital.

May GOD blessed all of you.


PS. I don't have fixed line at my home to download xxx email. But I can download my email at centrin through my communicator. Please also send / reply my email to as long as I'm not at the office. Thank you.


leecs said...

hi all, i received the same email from colleague last week. and i personally email with Wendy for detail and i am waiting for his detail information for the hospital in guang zhou for the transplant. i will serve as another channel to get more detail on the procedure for the operation (his doctor at jakarta will help him on this too).
i knew him for more than 6 years but came to same project about 4 years back. a hardworking and persistent guy...

hope you all really can help. TQ

keatix said...

i'l c what i can do...

wendy's a guy?

SooHK said...

LeeCS, yeap I felt sad when I hear it....

Keatix, yeap he is a guy...

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