Thursday, January 12, 2006

I choose Us.

Continue on my story of my previous Bangkok trip….

As we made our way out from the parking, the notorious morning Bangkok Traffic has already started. As the bus crawls its way out from the city choked arteries, most of us has started to doze off. One of them is this pretty young thing or PYT who is the sister of the Handsome Man that I blogged about. While some of us entertain ourselves by admiring the colorful buses that was speeding pass us, the bas driver decided to plug in a movie to keep us from dozing off.

The movie is starred by Nicolas cage and Tea Leoni, it is called “Family Man”. I have seen it before but I do not have much recollection of it. I only remember that is one of those shows that I quite like. A show that has a “What If” theme to it. It actually starts by showing Nicholas Cage enjoying his high profile works in New York City who thoughts that he has everything thats it until someone up there decided to show him the things that he did not have. The story begins a day before Christmas Eve.

What profoundly moves me is the way the story is trying to tell us. Nicholas Cage actually forgoes a relationship in which the show portrays as one of the reason in which he is at where he is now, a very successful person. As the show continues to progress it show the “What If” he did not do so, in which he chooses the relationship instead of his career. As he was thrown suddenly to a time in which he lives in the country side, working as a tire salesman married with 2 children and driving a pickup van/truck as compares to his New York Penthouse, high profile job, single & having a fling now & then, and of course his Ferrari.

As he starts to live this could have been “life”, he initially hated it but as the shows progresses, he starts to love this other family life that he is now living in. He loves the warmth that he feels through “his family”, his lovely wife and children instead of empty Christmas Eve in his “real life”. As he tries to understand the reason of his decision that he has made in which it adversely changes his life, he asks his wife the same question, why she forego her high profile life and chooses a life that is limited, that fills with financial constraints and work as a Non profit lawyer. Her answer is “I Choose Us”. This is a good choice of words, same as Tom Cruise says in the famous movie, “You complete Me”.

As we struggles, we slog, we worked hard, we always said is for the family. But personally after watching this show in which I shed a tear or two, I felt it’s more of a selfish reason to shows to ourselves that “I can do it”, “I can be on top”, “I can juggle both career and family”. My dear, how many of us can do it, for most of us, it’s either this or that only, there is no both…………..

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