Friday, January 13, 2006

Khao Yai Part 1

After the second post I am still writing about other things instead of my actual reason for my trip to Bangkok last week. So I hope by the time I conclude this post it will also conclude my post on the trips.

After almost 2 hours on the road we are near our destination but before that we made a stop at a place for some fun and lunch. This place has a cowboy theme to it. As we near the place there is a very strong smell, I guess its the smell of horse shits. The caravan outside and the smells simulate my mind to visualize ourselves in a “Farang” or “White Man” Land. We are asked to sit on a “mechanical horse” driven by a dark skin cowboy who speaks a word of English or two, to a place where “Fun” is the only word you would say.

As the “Horse” drove pass the dusty road, we could see a land full of greens that have wild horses running around freely. It’s like a scene from the wild wild west. We reaches our “fun” destination and we were brief on the “Funs” that we could play, Go Kart, 4 wheels motorbike, a ride down a slope with a plastic looking car (without engine), a fun and short distance ride with on a 2 sitter cable “car”, hang glide down a slopes and etc. I choose the 4 wheels motorbike as the others I considered it “high” risk for a man with a single kidney. It was fun ride although it was on a very short course. It was very bumpy, dusty and fill with vroom-vroom sound. It was quite fun especially for a person like me who only sat on a motorbike only once. For your information I do not even know how to ride a bicycle.

After lunch, we were ready to go the resort. The main attraction of this trip is to go to a place called "Khao Yai" which means big mountain. It’s a national park, some sort like our Taman Negara (not that I have been to there). The resort is less than half hour drive to Khao Yai. The resort is quite unique; it consists of some small bungalows or huts. Some is constructed resembling a boat. In actual fact the resort name is Boat Villa. When we disembark from the bas, I could feel the heat surging and my body was immediately “warm up". A bit disappointed, although the resort is not on a very high ground but at least it should not be hot.

After settling down we went in search for some “activities”. It seems there is a hanging bridge somewhere. As we walk around we saw more “obstacle”, below is one of them and this photo shows me pulling all my muscle, trying to carry myself up to the top. After a while of pulling and sweating, I changed my mind and continue on my quest for the hanging bridge.
And we finally found it, blocked by some bushes somewhere north of the resort. It’s not as dangerous as I thought. It’s just around 10 feet plus from the ground. The bottom part is a 1 and half inch width ropes. I have a look at my foot, its width is more than 2 inches; I guess it should be safe, one big one small. I was wrong, it feels fun at the initial stage, as I inched myself across, the middle was a “Hair Standing” experience. If you are walking alone, it is just between the 1 and half inch ropes below & beside and your sole of your foot, it should be fine and "safe". But if you are walking with someone in front of you and someone at the back of you, it’s like walking on flat ground with King Kong in front of you and Godzilla at the back. Up and Down, Up and Down. Anyway I managed to cross it.

To be continue….


keatix said...

heard alot abt khao yai! more pics soon yeah? hehee! cool

SooHK said...

Keatix, there is more pics but there is not much of Khao Yai itself.....

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