Saturday, June 25, 2005

Movie Baton

Received the movie baton from Lynne , so below is my answer to it...

Total Number of films I own on DVD/Video
I have around 18 folder full of DVDs. +- 25 Dvds per folder so its around 450 DVDs. This exclude the 20+ DVDs that is still laying around. Some said, that I am a DVD collector as out of this 450, there are around 6 folder which comes out to 150 DVDs that I have not seen. Why? hahaha I do not know. I guess its because my wife and me have only 2 weekends to see each other per month hence normally we will spend it by window shopping.

The Last Film I Bought
"the Pacifier" played by Vin Diesel.

Five Films I Watch A Lot/Mean a Lot to Me
1. "Forrest Gump" (1994).
This movie starred by Tom Hanks. A simple movie that brings to me hopes and joy and it reminds me that life is definitely like a box of chocolate. Life is full of surprises. There are times, it came with happiness and there are times it came with sadness. We are the one that will decide how we are going to face it. Just like Forrest Gump eating that box of chocolate, some taste like heaven and some taste like hell. For those that taste like hell, you either choose to eat it happily or otherwise. Same like life you either face it with a smile or frown or unhappiness, the choice is yours.

2. "The Instinct" (1999). This movie starred by Anthony Hopkins as Ethan Powell and Cuba Gooding Jr as Theo Caulder. This movie taught me that we are too caught up in the corporate world, a world that is like a black hole, sucking all our good side and instil the dark side to our character. We have forgotten what is right. All we could remember is that “goal post”. So for us to score, we will “tackle” hard, we will pull the shirts of our opponent; kick their legs and etc to score. When we score we could feel that we are on top of the world and we feel happy, all the other players come and hug us. After everything dies down, we look at our feet and body, along the way we also suffer some cuts and bruises. At that time, we are just alone feeling all the pain and loneliness. The best part of the movie is when “Theo” runs out and walks around in the dark, feeling the simple pleasure of rain pouring down from the sky. He was free, free from the dirty corporate world.

3."Brave Heart" (1995). The actor is Mel Gibson as William Wallace. This movie stirs up the hero side of me. It shows when someone was provoked they can tilt to the extreme side of their character. Just like an old Chinese saying “Do not force the tiger to jump the wall”. I cheer when they lines up against the enemy ready to fight, baring their buttock. I cried when he was executed, I actually wished someone will come out and save him. The last few breath he took show the glimpse of a new life; a life on the other side together with his wife.

4. "Shutter" (2005). Starred by Ananda Everingham. This is a Thai movie. I love it as it actually shows some amazing photo of spirit capture on films or photo. So far I have not captured any suspicion looking photo but I do believe that there are spirits that looms around. I believe they could be trapped in between “two” worlds. Maybe when its time for them to go, they did not as they still have something to settle back in this world. When the door closes, they are then trapped.

5. Shaolin Soccer (2001). Well this is one comedy that I laugh every time I see it. I love the scene, when Stephen Chow strumming his guitar and sang the “Shaolin KungFu” on stage with his partner “Iron Head” It sure makes me laugh. I love the way they play soccer too, I guess it’s a mixture of fantasy, comedy and life experience that makes this a great comedy movie.

I am passing the movie baton to LeeCS, Hui Ying, Agent X, Monica and Sin Jiun. Don't be mad at me guys.... hahaha


ice messenger said...

ehem... All original one or wat? Hehe

Monica said...

thanks I will do it!!!!

Jaxon S said...

those are good movies...

SooHK said...

Ice messenger, Most is consumer favourite type and some commercial favourite type.

Monica, thanks ya...

Jaxon s, yeap good movies

PaT said...

Wah Seh... HaHaHa

Shutter.. gosh lah. That's one helluva horror flick. Everytime my shoulders feel heavy hor.. I would think of that show leh!! Damn scary...


richwhiteboy said...

Soohk, I continue to enjoy your blog so much. You have very good insights. (That's an English word that means you can think and analyze.)

Yesterday my sister and brother and I started the process of going through my recently deceased father's household belongings.

He owned hundreds of DVD's and videotapes. He didn't believe in renting things. If he wanted to see a movie he bought it.

So now I have all these movies to watch, if I can ever find the time.

It's terrible that you and your wife have so little time together. Is that because of work?

Over here the big corporations are now beginning to take people's personal lives into consideration as part of their human resources programs.

People are more productive if they have a happy home life.

Have you seen any signs of this in Asia?

aGent X said... sabotaged!

Dunno if i wanna declare as most are 'consumer favourite type' :D

SooHK said...

PaT, everytime my sister weight goes up she suspect something is on her shoulders...hahaha.

RichWhiteboy, yeap its because of work and my employer is not as understanding as it used to be. So far I think this has not changed much in Malaysia... They still care about the bottom line...

Agent X, hahaha sorry mate.. umm Mine almost 3 quarter...

AdieJin said...

U should go out and find "Debbie Does Dallas" and "deepthroat" a long time classic...wink wink.

Den said...

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Come and have a look if you get time :-)

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