Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Malaysia Lost

Malaysia lost 1 to 4 to Indonesia. I watched the match Live at NTV7. Malaysia plays football for first 50 minutes before they decide to play watch the ball. At least it got me chanting “Malaysia Boleh” for 50 minutes. And Indonesia plays foot more than football.

The match has similar scripts as Singapore and Myanmar second leg. The difference is the ending. Singapore plays football and Myanmar plays foot. Singapore won and Malaysia lost. Myanmar players get red cards and indonesia players gets high five from the referee.

Anyway congratulate to the Malaysia team for coming so far in the tournament. Let’s hope Malaysia will play football for 90 minutes in the next match and keep the spectator longer in the stadium. Yesterday you could see the crowd start to leave the stadium when the score line tells them that it needs a few “Siu lam juk kau” or shaolin football team players to comes in for a come back. I guess its human nature to support the winner and leave the loser.

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