Saturday, January 15, 2005

Good morning Thailand

I am now in Thailand, it has been 3 months. I will be here over the weekend. This time around I felt different, physically. I felt tired, I think I am no longer the old me. I almost dose off in the airport, hahaha. This could also be due to the reason I have been rushing something for the office back in Jakarta. As Friday I need to goes off early to go to the airport, so I concentrated in completing my last assignment for the week.

This morning weather in Bangkok is a bit dull. The air is a bit cooling and a bit of misty, I am not sure if its the mist or dust. The sound from the busy streets below fills up the corridor. The heavy breathing churning out from the worn out bus, speeding tuk tuk, cab, pedestrian walking around doing their daily marketing. The photo below is taken from the apartment at 9 am.

As my wife is preparing my lunch, songs from Green Wave Radio are in the background, soothing thai sentimental songs. It will be fried organic fish meehoon and 0f course with organic vegetables. We will be going around the World trade area doing some window shopping.

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