Saturday, January 15, 2005

80's and IPOD

I did not manage to buy anything at World Trade Center. However I was quite interested in IPOD, it is around 18,000 baht. It is the 40 GB version. It looks cute, hahaha. I was thinking well since I do not carry my notebook to the office hence it was quite troublesome sometimes to work on documents in 2 places. So the idea of using it as a storage device crop up. Of course primarily is the sweet sound of music that got me interested. Anyway I did not buy it as it still expensive, with the VAT refunds is still around 17,000 baht. I think it’s cheaper than Malaysia; in Malaysia it should be in the range of 1,900 RM.

When I was in my teens, I am addicted to music or songs. During those days there are shops around KL that provide service in recording singles into cassette. I think it is illegal in duping the singles and the shop is at the back of my school. I used to drop by the shop every day and check out the top 40 UK hits. I take the list as a guide for me to record the singles. The higher the song is in the list, the young mind of mine will get more interested. I was into UK hits only, I am not interested in the US hits. It was in the 80’s whereby groups and artiste such as U2, Spandau ballet, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Visage, Queen, Hair cut One hundred, Hot chocolate, Yazoo, kraftwerk and etc rules the airwaves.

That was also the time I was hooked into short wave radio, as listening to songs from UK is like drinking an expensive wine. It’s very rare to have UK songs broadcast in the local radios. I am not sure why, it could be that the tunes are a bit “abnormal” than the US hits. It’s the era of new wave and Punk. I even have quite a punk and spiky hairstyle. Overall my hair is short but there is a few strand of hair in front, that is around 8 inches long. Hahaha. I used to borrow Video Tape to just watch the Top of The Pops, just imagine that. Sometimes across the straits, Singapore there is a weekly broadcast of Top Of the Pops, so I used the short wave radio for this purpose.

Until now I still love the 80’s and its music.

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