Sunday, January 16, 2005

Tiger Cup and That Feeling

I am now at my wife office, there is an implementation on trade finance system. I was browsing at the STAR for the result of yesterday match between Malaysia and Myanmar. Malaysia won the third place in tiger cup. I did not see the whole match as I was down shopping with my wife at the departmental store for my sister GL bag. At least we did win back some of the pride that we have lost during the semi-final match with Indonesia.

I did see the starting of the second half; Malaysia shows some of the style and game plan that gives them the win over Thailand. They close the opponents quite fast in their half, like bee smell honey for the first time. I think to be competitive in sport we need to have that feeling, the same feeling when we first hold hand with our girlfriend or boyfriend. The enthusiasm, to feel the bone out of their hand, hahaha. Does anyone of us still remember that feeling?

I think it’s the same in any thing we do, if we have that feeling, it will be like we are driving a car on gear 6 or 7. It provides the adrenalin that pushes us to the limits of our capability. If we lost that feeling, the things we do will be mundane; it will be a bore, just a daily chore that we need to do. Just like eating our daily meal, we eat to survive and not eat to enjoy.

Does anyone of us loves to search for food? Most of the time when we drives for almost an hour in search of the “Famous Ah Ching Bak Kut Teh” or the “Famous Minn Kee Grilled Sea Food”, we will always feel that the food taste good as compare with “Restaurant Ah Ming” across the street from the house. I think it’s the journey that allows us to feel the anticipation, the build up, the ride with our family or friends, the environment which is difference from our norm, that made the food taste much better. I think the people that stay somewhere near “Famous Ah Ching Bak Kut Teh” might find “Restaurant Ah Ming” food taste superb.

If we looked at things at different perspective everyday we will find our lives more enjoyable, instead of the now mundane task that we perform everyday. I know it’s easy to say than actually doing and feeling it. There is always one question that a lot of relatives, my sister, my friend ask, that is do I feel bored eating the same type of food everyday, steam fish and stir fry vegetables and occasionally some soup due to my medical condition. I do not actually always feel bored, there is some occasion that I miss my oily Hokkien Mee, Butter Prawn, Nasi Lemak, WanTon Mee and a lot of other dish but so far so good, today I will be eating Juraporn famous plain fried Rice with fish for lunch. Ummm, it taste good!

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