Monday, January 03, 2005

Tiger Cup and Malaysia Boleh?

When I was in Primary, I love to watch football. That was the time whereby Mokthar Dahari, rules the penalty area of an opposition and Soh Chin Aun rules ours. Back then the merdeka cup is the much awaited tournament. That was the time whereby you could actually watch team from South Korea, Iraq, Singapore, Thailand and sometimes China.

I am one of those who actually went and watch the match live in merdeka stadium together with my father. In most matches when Malaysia was in, the stadium will be full. Back then there is no “Malaysia Boleh” but you can feel the magic and the pull of the eleven yellow shirt players on the field. You would want to shout “Malaysia!” on top of the lungs to lift their spirit.

For the past 10 years, even with the birth of the slogan “Malaysia Boleh”, our football is not much to shout about. Even if we have 4 big JBL or Bose speaker blaring “Malaysia Boleh” in the stadium it cannot lift the players spirit, it just lifts their shoot above or past the goal post and not in between.

Recently I was hooked back to cheer the Malaysia team by the displayed of the current batch of players that represent Malaysia in the tiger cup. I think it’s that feeling, the real feeling of “Malaysia Boleh”.

Tonight is the second leg of the semi final match between Malaysia and Indonesia at Bukit Jalil. Will the “Malaysia Boleh”, really “Boleh” this time? I will definitely watch it on TV.


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