Monday, January 31, 2005

Wonder Years

I just saw the news of the coming PS2 or I am not sure will they call it PS3 and it’s a very expensive toy. Society is moving forward, the previous generation works hard to give a better future to the next generation. In the olden days, the toys for kids is those plastic toys. I still remember I have a box full of them, it was my price possession. I think those who are my generation could remember it. It is the soldier figurine. It is always in green colour. I have over hundred of them and it is in various positions. There are also some tanks to go along with it.

During my generation, these are the things that kept me occupy. I have simulated the "World War 1 and 2", “Dessert Storm”, the “Falklands War” in some interesting place. I use the blanket, pillows and bolster to make up the mountains, the lake, and the terrain for my soldiers to fight in. The only thing I could not simulate it’s the rain, the sand, the blood and the water hahahaha. It kept me happy when outside is raining and when my parents is not around.

There are also playing cards that we play, card games that involve cars, football players and etc. It is quite interesting; you actually play it like normal cards and distribute it among the players. Everyone will throw a card out in the center and if the players that throw the “cars” that has the higher CC will take all the cards and keep it. The player who has the most cards in the end is the winner. I miss those wonder years…….

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