Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bangkok and Switzerland

I just came back from the World Trade Center. We took BTS until chidlom station and then we walk. Today the weather is quite cold, I have checked the temperature from the net it’s around 21 Celsius. I am a frequent visitor to Bangkok and I used to work here for few years. This is the first time, I felt cold and this is around 3 pm.

It makes me think of the vacation I have in Switzerland, it was fun. The difference is the quality of the air. In Bangkok you could still smell a bit of petrol that is emitted from the tons of cars that are crawling in the streets. The air in Switzerland was like having a big air filter, it was cold and fresh. I was staying in the mountain areas near one of the ski resort. It was fun. I think the only foul smell you can smell is the cow dung that litters the mountain. I remember there is one time the temperature dips below 5 Celsius. It was quite sunny in the morning but when we reach the city, it was raining; hence the temperature was dipping way below the morning temperature.

Once I step out from the train station, I felt the chill from the winds that blows towards us. It was like having the fridge open up and there is big fan blowing. It was dead cold. I ended up going into one shop and bought a sweater and wear it immediately. It was one of those moments that you will not forget.

I think the temperature will drop below 20 Celsius in Bangkok tonight. I even suggested my wife to goes out tonight and enjoy the cold weather, I have never thought of saying that in a place like Bangkok.

This photo is taken outside of world trade.

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