Saturday, January 01, 2005

Love and Meet Joe Black

Yesterday was New Year Eve, it’s the same time when we reflect the past year events. The ups and downs, the sad and happy. Most TV channels show the sad faces of those who lose their love ones in tsunami.

I have come across an interesting thoughts in one of the movies or drama. Do we ever notice the photos that we have taken? It always shows happiness. The happiness that we felt during vacation, parties, gathering and etc. Have we ever come across a photo which shows sadness? Seldom or not at all. Even farewell photos show our faces grinning.

Yesterday night on TV3 there is a show called “Meet Joe Black”. I was tired but I stay awake to catch the ending. It was almost 12:30 am 1st Jan 2005, when the show restart after the news. This is my interpretation of the shows. It shows Anthony Hopkins or Bill Parish was in a way “bidding farewell” to his family as Brad Pit or Mr Death is ready to take his life.

Brad Pitt asks Anthony Hopkins, do you have any regrets in life? Anthony Hopkins said no, as he has the time to do the things he need to do. There is an interesting conversation between him and his daughter before that.

He has 2 daughters. As in most family, normally there is favoritism show towards one child as compare with others. The daughters, who did not get much attention from Anthony Hopkins, actually told her father that she knew that her father actually do love her.

We are sometimes good in presenting or putting our thoughts forward in meeting, demo and etc. Do we realize most of us fail to present or tell our love ones that we love them?

Do start today by telling your parents or children or spouse that you love them.

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